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One Tribe Apparel Supports The Elephant Park

Trends + Products 06.26.2018
By Jill Caren
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One Tribe Apparel Logo

When One Tribe Apparel reached out to me – I was not sure what to think since I had never heard of them.

On occasion I will scour the web to look for new retailers doing great things for animals, but somehow this one slipped past me so I am really thrilled they reached out because they seem like an awesome group of people trying to do great things.

Disclaimer: One Tribe Apparel did send me a sample pair of their harem pants and agreed to sponsor a contest to give away a pair to one of our readers for this sponsored post.

About One Tribe Apparel

In essence, One Tribe Apparel is part love story – part entrepreneur story!

Mitchell and Fai fell in love and started a hostel in a mountain village named PAI in Thailand. The journey into fashion started because so many of their customers showed an interest in the local Thai boho fashion that was commonly seen in the area.

After doing their research they noticed that this style was not very prevalent in other areas of the world – so they began their next journey and One Tribe Apparel was born.

They work with local artisans to create the bright and creative line of apparel that represents the traditional clothing of northern Thailand. They are committed to paying the artisans a fair working wage as well as comfortable working conditions to the locals they employ.

One of the things on their website we love is how they created a crowdsourced lookbook for their product line. The took in pictures from women in over 40 different countries and used those instead of traditional models. This is a cool way to promote their products and shows their desire to build a worldwide community.

The harem pants are just a small part of a large collection of apparel they offer.

From dresses to bags to jewelry – there is a full collection of clothing and accessories for anyone on your list who loves the Bohemian look!

One Tribe Apparel Helps Elephants

The Elephant Nature Park

One Tribe Apparel began their relationship with The Elephant Nature Park in 2017 – and they now donate $1.00 of every item they sell to the park for the care of the elephants. On occasion they will also promote products that offer a 100% of proceeds donation.

The Elephant Nature Park opened in the 1990’s and is a rescue and rehabilitation center located in Thailand that allows visitors to come visit and volunteer to help care for the rescued animals in their care. Although they do primarily work with elephants, the park also is home to a variety of animals including cats, dogs, buffaloes and more.

They really promote the visitor aspect of what they do and encourage tourists to come and spend time with the animals and to learn more about the elephants in their care. This park is highly recommended due to the care the elephants receive – they are free to roam naturally and are never forced to do anything to “entertain” people unlike elephants in most tourist attractions. You can read more from others who have made the trip on TripAdvisor.

The Apparel Review

Mandala Bohemian Pants That Help Elephants
Latte Black Paisley Mandala Pants

Bold, bright, vibrant and comfortable would be what I would say about the line of apparel from One Tribe!

When I received my Latte Black Paisley Mandala Pants I was feeling kind of giddy.

I do have to say I have another pair of harem pants my husband bought me for Christmas last year and I kind of live in them, so this was like Christmas all over again.

The pants are super comfortable with their elastic ankles and waist – I am a size 12 in pants and weigh about 165 pounds and am 5′ 7″ and these fit me extremely well with plenty of room to spare.

Because they are one size fits all I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable making a purchase!

Not all of their products are one size fits all – so be sure to check their sizing guide carefully for each product because we have seen some people say their pants run small if you have to select a size.

The Good

I love it all!

The print – the material – the look, there is really nothing not to like. The biggest bonus is the comfort – these are probably the most comfortable pants I have ever had. It is not clear what the material they use is – but I am very happy with the feel and comfort of it and think most people would find them very comfortable.

Then there is the fair trade aspect – doing good for people and animals is another thing I value these days when making a purchase and One Tribe Apparel meets the bar there! I will absolutely be purchasing a few more items from their store including a kimono which I absolutely love paired with jeans and a tank!

The Bad

The pants are a touch more see through than I would probably like –  but I am old so what do I know. I am not sure I personally would wear these around town, but definitely around the house, at a yoga class or at the beach.

I can totally see 20-somethings wearing these anywhere and everywhere though!

Because the material is so light I would also be a little extra cautious where I wear them as I would be afraid of them ripping or tearing. They are delicate pants not meant for hard core wear – as long as you respect the quality, there will be no problems at all!

The Care

These pants do need to be handwashed – which means I may not wear them as much as I would like because I am lazy like that. The reason for the hand washing is because the material they use is very thin and delicate and washing or drying them in a machine will almost certainly ruin them.

They also highly recommend drying them naturally in a shaded area to ensure you do not fade the vibrancy of the colors of your apparel. Their items are all lightweight so washing and drying them by hand should really not take all that long.

Return Policy

30-day no hassle return policy

Where To Buy One Tribe Apparel

You can find One Tribe Apparel online here or on Amazon here.

Jill Caren

Jill Caren Bio Logo

Jill Caren

Jill is the owner and creator of CharityPaws and has been involved in animal rescue for over 12 years as a volunteer and board member for Jersey Animal Welfare Society. You can read all of her articles here.

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  1. Kimmy Ripley says

    I love this chic look. It would totally fit into my lifestyle!

  2. Heather P says

    So boho chic! Love the unique design and awesome background!

  3. Amy Welling says

    I think they awesome , colorful prints and look comfy!!

  4. ken ohl says

    I think my wife would love these pants she would like the look of them and the feel

  5. Dawn C says

    These look so comfy! I love the designs too.

  6. Kelley H says

    I think one tribe apparel is great. The clothes look very comfortable and natural. I like the concept very much.

  7. Steph says

    I like one tribe apparel

  8. Alexandra Y says

    I think they give to a good cause.

  9. Lizzie says

    So freaking cute and comfy

  10. Miranda Bashwinger says

    love the patterns and their support for elephants

  11. Doreen says

    They look sooo comfy and stylish! I would love to win a pair of these!

  12. Kortney Lah says

    I think they are pretty cute and unique, plus, supporting something while buying these is definitely even more of a reason to buy! ♡

  13. Livi says

    I think they look very comfortable and they support a good cause

  14. Heather B says

    Beautiful items! Super unique too!

  15. Tandi Cortez says

    I think that they are pretty cool! My daughter would LOVE the designs! It’s awesome how each purchase helps our planet! 🙂

  16. Kyla Fugate says

    Super cute stuff and all of it has such a good meaning behind it… how can you not love them…plus the pants come in every color and look soooooo comfy.

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