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Opposites Attract Campaign Gets All Cats Adopted!

Pet Lifestyle 03.30.2018
By Rachel
Promotion For Shelter Cat Adoptions
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I attended a BlogPaws conference a couple of years ago and had such an amazing time! I was a speaker at the event speaking on Advanced SEO with my web business 2 Dogs Design to a group of animal loving bloggers, business owners and rescue personnel. It was an amazing opportunity and I met some really great people that I hope to build strong relationships with to do more for homeless animals.

One of the sessions I sat in on was called “How to Find and Tell Your Story for Social Media Success” which was specifically for rescues and shelters. It was a 3 hour workshop that focused on so many areas for bringing more visibility to your group and how to break out from all the noise that is social media.

We discussed concepts related to press and local news to taking the right pictures.

Which is why I am writing this post! I mentioned in the workshop about this great idea a shelter I was working with a while ago had!

The concept that they had come up with was called “Opposites Attract”. The campaign was created in the hopes it would inspire potential adopters to think outside the box when they choose a potential pet to adopt.

The shelter did the hard part of making it all happen in terms of getting our local Harley dealer involved and finding bikers – who loved cats enough to risk their lives!  🙂

The cats the shelter brought were amazing – each one had such a great personality which really helped make this photo fundraiser such a success.

We did 2 campaigns. In this post I am sharing our Bikers and Cats campaign – big burley bikers with sweet little cats – turns out they make an amazing combination don’t you think?

Our next post will focus on our Pretties + Pitties Pit Bull Adoption Campaign featuring local adoptable pit bulls and pretty girls at a shopping center.

One of the cats was so comfortable he actually fell asleep in the bikers arms and the cat literally held the bikers neck when it was time to go – he did not want to leave his side!

This campaign was a great success as it resulted in EVERY cat being adopted within weeks of this campaign going live.

We did another photo session under the “Opposites Attract” campaign as well – I will post those images as well in a few days.

But for now, here are a few of my favorite images from the session!

Let me know what you think about this campaign? Love it or hate it? Have you tried something similar with a rescue near and dear to your heart?

Cat Adoption Marketing Campaign



Rachel is a guest contributor and high school junior who loves writing, science, astronomy - and cats. She has been writing for CharityPaws for almost 2 years and you can find her writing about cat and small animal rescue. You can view all of her articles here.

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  1. Spencer the Goldendoodle says

    What a great idea! These pictures are beautifully done and very powerful! My favorite is the one where the cat is stilling in the rocking chair! 🙂

  2. Beth Patterson says

    I love these photos so much on all their own! But to know that they were part of a very successful (and brilliant) adoption campaign is even better. I’m looking forward to seeing your Pretties & Pitties campaign!

  3. Sonja says

    The photos are totally awesome! and what a really great idea. I love when peeps come up with an outside of the box concept. Well one and YAY!

  4. Jana Rade says

    What a clever, unique idea. I can only admire what pet lovers come up with to connect people with their pets they perhaps never knew they wanted.

  5. Kamira G. says

    I honestly love men with cats because it’s so rarely shown! Great campaign. I’ll have to share this and so great the learn the cats all founds homes! Win win!

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