Cat Allergies? Take The LiveClear Challenge With Mayim Bialik + Pro Plan LiveClear

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Cat Allergies? Take The LiveClear Challenge With Mayim Bialik + Pro Plan LiveClear

Purina Pro Plan is working with Mayim Bialik, an actress and neuroscientist, to promote their LiveClear challenge event.

The purpose of this challenge is to inspire cat owners with cat allergies to try Pro Plan LiveClear, a cat food from Purina Pro Plan that helps to reduce the major allergen in cat hair and dander.

For every person that actually signs up for the challenge through the website at Pro Plan will be donating $5 to the Petfinder Foundation.

Up to $25,000 will be donated to help fund a cat retention grant program to help keep cats in their homes and this event will last through the end of the year.

Cat Allergy Statistics

Studies have shown that as many as 1 in 5 adults have sensitivities to cat allergens. There is a misconception that it is the cat hair that is the issue, but in fact it is a protein called Fel D 1.

This protein is produced on a cats saliva and when they groom themselves it gets on their hair and skin. Then shedding brings more issues as they leave their hair all around the house with this protein existing on it.

Ahchoo! Makes me sneeze just thinking about it.

My daughter is allergic to her cat, we did not find out until about 8 years after we had her! While we have tried vacuuming more, washing bedding more and even added an air purifier – she still has some allergy related issues, so I will be definitely taking the challenge!

About Pro Plan LiveClear

When cats begin the Pro Plan LiveClear food, there is some magic that happens.

Pro Plan LiveClear has an added protein that has been sourced from eggs. This protein attaches itself to the Fel d 1 protein and acts as a neutralizes it in the cats’ mouth. Because this allergen is now being reduced at the source (the mouth of the cat) – it will reduce the transference of the allergen around your home.

It is available in six formulas including: adult chicken & rice, adult salmon & rice, adult sensitive skin & stomach turkey oatmeal, adult weight management, adult indoor and adult 7+ prime plus.

purina pro plan liveclear cat food

In doing some research across the web, I can see that the reviews for this product are positive with many people stating they did in fact see a difference in the level of allergic reactions to cats.


  • Reduces cat allergens by neutralizing the Fel d 1, a commonly found allergen in cat saliva.
  • Over 10 years of research went into this cat food.
  • Fortified with live probiotics to support your cats immune and digestive health
  • Studies have shown an estimated 47% reduction in the major allergen in the 3rd week of feeding.

Mayim Bialik has partnered up with Pro Plan for this effort because her own boyfriend and several others she knows are sensitive to cat allergens. She resides with 3 cats herself and is taking the challenge with the rest of us!

While Pro Plan LiveClear is not meant to replace existing methods you might be using to help control cat allergens, it is an additional opportunity to keep your allergies under control.

Money back guarantee. Purina is offering a money back guarantee they are so confident it will help – so it is worth giving this cat food a shot if allergies are keeping you from owning or enjoying your cat!

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