The Room 8 Cat Adopts A Classroom!

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The Room 8 Cat Adopts A Classroom!

Over 50 years ago there lived a cat lovingly named Room 8 who, by his own choice adopted a classroom at a local school.

Elysian Heights Elementary School in Echo Park, CA was home to Room 8 who wandered into the classroom through an open window in 1952 and returned every school year until the 1960’s.

The Room 8 cat would make his way back to the school every fall when it started and then when summer break hit he would disappear – but like clockwork he would find his way back when the kids came back.

Room 8 Cat With Students
photo credit: Art Worden/Herald-Examiner Collection, LAPL Archive – September 14, 1964
Room 8 Cat Memorial
image credit: Scott G/

Every year when school was back in session it would be a celebration of sorts with newspapers and local television stations making their arrival on the first day of school to wait for him to make his way back for the new school year.

During his reign as supreme cat he was receiving roughly 100 letters a day addressed just to him and he would go on to be written about in a book called A Cat Called Room 8 and even featured in a documentary called Big Cat, Little Cat.

Room 8 passed away in 1968 and has a special grave that features his story and image in the Los Angeles Pet Memorial Park where people can visit! The funds for the memorial came from the students of the school.

His death was talked about in papers like the Los Angeles Times and as far away as the Hartford Courant proving his notoriety was far and wide.

Even after Room 8 had passed away students from the school learned about the legend of Room 8 and the school went on to be an animal friendly environment allowing other strays to roam around!

Learn More About the Room 8 Cat

The Room 8 Memorial Cat Foundation was named in his honor by the “cat lady of Pasadena” Hettie L. Perry. Although she and her husband have since passed away, the foundation still exists solely to help cats! Please visit them and support them!

You can also read a few stories from people who attended the school on the A Cat Called Room 8 book page – and although the book does not seem to be available, the comments are priceless!

Room 8 Cat Napping
image credit: John Malmin/Los Angeles Time

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