Seva Stray Indian Inspired Gifts That Do Good

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Seva Stray Indian Inspired Gifts That Do Good

Seva Stray launched in 2019 with the mission of not only helping animals, but the artisans in India.

Julie & Reet Singh are a couple on a mission. They are both avid animal lovers and have a passion for India, where Reet was born and raised. They traveled to the country often and were often met with the many stray animals that lived in poor conditions.

In a country where poverty is high, animal welfare needs are often not a priority. This was the motivation they needed to try and do something to make a difference.

35 Million

The estimated number of dogs that live on the streets of India.

They began working with organizations that are trying to make a difference for these animals. One of their first accomplishments was to raise money to buy 1500 reflective collars for the animal organizations. But, they wanted to do more.

It was a the stunning Indian-made goods that made the light bulb go off for them.

Their Mission

By working with a variety of organizations across India, they hope the sales of their products will offer the following benefits to the animals of India.

Spay + Neuter Programs

Without intervention, the dog population will only grow. By offering financial assistance to animal organizations, they can implement spay + neuter programs to help decrease the population. Dogs can be sterilized and then will be released back into their territories – where they can continue their lives without contributing to the overpopulation issue.


Rabies is a big issue in India with over 35% of the world’s rabies deaths happening here. This is because the residents come in contact with dogs that are infected. Seva Stray is hoping that funds can be used to provide vaccinations to the dogs that will make the community safe from contracting this disease.


Funds will also be used to create programs that help educate the Indian communities about animal welfare. Issues with locals not understand dog behavior often leads to animal abuse. By helping those communities understand dogs better and be able to read a dog’s language they can improve the co-existence of dogs with the community.

Quality of Life

When a homeless dog needs medical care, the partners that Seva Stray works with are often the first people called. Indian communities rarely have emergency veterinarian care facilities, so the animal welfare organizations jump in to do what they can to help sick or injured animals. Money from Seva Stray can help fund programs to bring more help to areas that need it.

As you can see, there is a LOT of help needed to help the homeless animals of India. Limited resources, manpower, and volunteers can make it a struggle to make an impact.

Seva Stray Is Not A 501(c)(3)
Seva Stray is not a 501(c)(3). They are a philanthropic retailer who want to make the lives of the animals of India better!

How Does Seva Stray Give?

Seva Stray will donate 20% of their sales to their partner organizations.

By employing Indian women to create the items they sell, they are helping women overcome poverty and improve their local communities.

Seva Stray Products

Seva Stray offers a great collection of gifts and goods – all of which help the stray dogs of India.

The store offers a variety of products including:

  • Face masks
  • Dog products
  • Home + Kitchen decor
  • Pillow Covers
  • Scarves
  • Jewelry
  • Handbags

All of the items they sell are crafted in India. In a land filled with poverty, when you make a purchase you are helping women get out of poverty and earn a fair wage.

Seva Stray + Dhonk

I love this partnership and just want to bring attention to it!

Seva Stray took a trip to India and visited Ranthambore National Park, which places a large focus on conservation efforts for tigers. It was there they discovered an initiative called Dhonk.

Dhonk was created to help tribal communities that were previously involved in poaching around the park. They provide handicraft training to villagers which allows them to create sellable items which will allow them to enjoy financial comfort in their communities without the need to continue poaching.

The artisans, once trained, will create handmade toys, apparel, bags, purses, and more.

The pillow cases that we are giving away below come from these tribes!

Your purchase of items created by Dhonk artists not only help the dogs of India, but helps empower rural women and keep them from poaching!

Some of the items created by the Dhonk artisans include:

Cotton Stuffed Handmade Tiger Toy

Handmade Block Printed Dog Bandana

Handmade Bandhani Tie Dyed Scarf

Seva Stray Partners

The animal welfare organizations that Seva Stray partners with are carefully selected and reviewed. They meet each organization in person and review their operations and processes to see if they are a good fit and how they can best help them.

They then work together to ensure funds and support are going towards areas that are in the highest need of assistance.

Julia and Reet also make trips to India when they can to in-person volunteering too!

Below are the current partners they are supporting.

1 | Peedu’s People

peedu's people logo

Peedu’s People has a primary focus on spaying and neutering of dogs younger than 6-8 months of age. This has a huge impact on population control and also allows them to do vaccinations at the same time which can minimize diseases.

This organization also works on educational programs, animal rights, and helping Indian dogs get adopted overseas.

You can support this organization by making a direct donation here.

2 | Help Animals India

help animals india logo

Help Animals India offers financial assistance to the organizations in India that are helping animals.

They seek out the most under-funded animal organizations and offer monetary and practical assistance to help make a big impact.

Some of their key projects they have provided help with include helping improve compassion for street dogs in the village of Sarnath, cat sterilization assistance and assisting in the creation of special kennels for special animals.

Their support goes far and wide in the country and are not just limited to dogs and cats!

You can support this organization by making a direct donation here.

Enter The Giveaway

Seva Stray has generously offered a pair of their stunning Embroidered Tiger Throw Pillow Covers to one lucky winner.

The pillow covers measure 16″ x 16″ and are made of 100% art silk (rayon). There is no pillow insert included, the prize is just for the covers.

  • To Enter: Simply leave a comment below letting us know you want to win. Yep, that easy!
  • Enter by: January 26, 2022 at 11:59 PM EST
  • Winner Selection: One winner will be chosen at random and contacted on January 27, 2022.
tiger pillows from Seva Stray

Giveaway Details:

  • Entries accepted through January 26, 2022 (11:59PM EST)
  • Open to US residents only
  • No purchase to enter
  • Prize will be shipped to winner by Seva Stray
seva stray helping animals

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