Sniff: The Clasico Dogs Rescue Campaign

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Sniff: The Clasico Dogs Rescue Campaign

We all know it can be sometimes difficult to get a mixed breed dog adopted!

People seem to want the fancy breeds – or what they perceive to be the smarter breeds – and leave the mixed breeds to the side.

One rescue wanted to change that by getting potential adopters to understand that mixed breed dogs are just as easy to train (sometimes even easier!) – than their pure breed counterparts.

That rescue is SNIFF – based in Dubai, and we love the adoption campaign they created with their ad agency!

The ad agancy TBWA/RAAD worked with the rescue to create a campaign that drove home the abilities that mixed breed dogs have by having them take part in the Spanish “Clasico” games and they had each dog act as one of the iconic players of the teams like Luis Figo and Cristiano Ronaldo to name a few.

This type of ad works because it appeals to a large demographic – sports fans!

The video features the dogs choosing teams, getting geared up and there is a lot of live comments happening throughout the video to encourage viewers to adopt, foster, sponsor or like the SNIFF social media pages.

Definitely take a peak at the video below – you will be glad you did!

Below are some examples of the dogs “sports cards” showing their name and personality! Another great addition to the video to have some fun and bring awareness around the social sphere.

Image credit to the ad agency and SNIFF.

Sports card of dog for rescue campaign
Clasico Dogs Rescue Sports Card

Why The Adoption Campaign Works!

Because people love humor! This campaign appeals to dog lovers and sports lovers – and there is a lot of those in their native country, which brings a lot of new eyes on these adoptable dogs.

You can read more about the actual outcomes of this campaign including social shares and other results here.

Clasico Dogs Rescue Campaign

Another video from this campaign is “Adopt A Dog And Let It Adopt What You Love”! This video takes you behind the scenes about the training and planning for the video above!

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