Soggy Doggy Board Game

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Soggy Doggy Board Game

I always try to find unique gifts and ideas for the kid pet lovers in your life, and this one fits the bill! The Soggy Doggy board game is a fun family friendly game that will leave you giggling and laughing at the wet doggy that takes over the game. 

About Soggy Doggy

Basically – the player who gets through the game first without getting soaking wet wins!

This game is great for the whole family to play and will have you on the edge of your seat! You take turns rolling the dice and racing around the board. You will take turns washing the Soggy Doggy, but if you end up landing on a spot that says, “Paw” you have to pump water from the shower and give him a little bath.

If you land on a spot that says, “Faucet” you have to turn the shower nozzle on and see what is to come.

Soggy Doggy Board Game

You never know if the doggy will shake and dry off – but if he does and you get soaked – back to start you go. It leaves you in suspense the whole time. When he shakes, you guessed it, everyone playing gets a little wet! The first person to make it to the board first wins! 

Award Winning!

The Soggy Doggy board game was given the distinguished Toy of the Year Award in 2018 which means – it kind of rocks and the professionals in the toy industry really believe in it. Their category was children’s board games.

Soggy Doggy Board Game

We sat down and played the other night and let me tell ya, this game is just as fun for the adults as it was the kids. It really lets you feel like a kid again, and not knowing if Soggy Doggy is gonna shake and get everyone wet does leave you in suspense. I can see how so many people are raving and loving this game.

It is a lot of fun and a few times we were laughing so hard we were crying when every one of us got wet when he began to shake. It can be a little messy, but it is only water and the fun you have playing is totally worth it. 


If you are a neat freak – this is one you will want to play outdoors! We play in our kitchen since that is the easiest place to clean wet surfaces, but others may find being outdoors much easier. There is a fair amount of watery mess – which of course is the point of the game!

The Complaints

As with anything – there are some complaints about the game not getting players “wet enough”. While our game I felt got players adequately wet, it seems some games are being reported as barely spraying water. Of course with kids – not getting wet would make the game pretty boring, so if the item was not working – kids quickly lost interest.

update: we have had ours about 6 months now and we still get a fair amount of spray from the one we received.

Soggy Doggy Board Game Setup

Recommended Age:

The Soggy Doggy game is recommended for children ages 4+. There are small parts so children of all ages should be monitored while the game is being played.


3 AA batteries are required for this game. They are not included.

Soggy Doggy Includes:

  • Soggy Doggy (rubber dog shape that fits over the included frame)
  • Bathtub
  • Dog Frame
  • Game Board
  • 4 Game Pieces
  • 4 Tokens
  • 1 Die
  • Instruction book

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