CoyoteVest For Dogs+Cats: Funny But Life Saving

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CoyoteVest For Dogs+Cats: Funny But Life Saving

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While many people may just see the humorous side of these coyote vests for dogs, there is real value to owning one!

Just yesterday my husband told me he saw a hawk snatch a squirrel from our yard and every time I hear this I think of my dog and cat and the danger they are in.

Every time you let your pet outside they can be at risk of a variety of predators – coyotes included. If your dog or cat is attacked by a predator, they face a risk of severe and costly injuries – or worse.

Which is why Paul and Pam Mott and Nicole Mellom wanted to create something to keep pets safe. Their own pet Buffy was killed by a coyote and they wanted to make sure no one else would suffer that heartbreak.

What Type Of Dog Needs A Coyote Vest?

This vest is primarily useful for smaller dogs that are allowed outside alone and tend to venture out in more rural areas.

Of course if your dog is just got attitude, this vest can also make a great fashion statement!

How Coyote Vest Protects Your Pooch

They actually have several different types of vests to protect your dog from not only coyotes, but other predators as well.

Let’s take a look at what they currently offer.


The CoyoteVest is their original product and is available in mini-large sizes which fits dogs that are roughly 2-55 pounds.

The vest is made in the USA and the use of materials like Kevlar make it a vest that is durable and able to withstand sharp teeth from predators. They created the vest to protect your dog in the places that they would be most targeted for an attack.

The chrome spikes are made from a very hard plastic and are removable.

An adjustable waist belt and collar make it flexible for many dog shapes and sizes. An attached D-ring allows you to connect the leash and a reflective area gives you some safety at night. You secure your pet in with plastic buckles – unlike the SpikeVest which uses velcro.


Very much like the CoyoteVest but uses velcro instead of plastic snap buckles to put the vest on. It also uses a Cordura fabric which is resistant to sharp teeth punctures.


Another option similar to the SpikeVest and CoyoteVest but does not have a collar like the other 2 options. It uses snap buckles to put the vest on.

CoyoteVest also offers a collection of accessories that you can add to your vest or use alone like their HawkEyes, Coyote Collars and Hawk Shield.

The CoyoteWhiskers are a popular option and features bright long nylon bristles that you can adhere to the top of the vest. These will be intimidating to potential predators and funny to see for pet owners!

CoyoteVest For Cats

Yes, they do have an option for cats too!

We let our cat in the yard often – and of course we are always out there with her, but with the amount of hawks around – this is an investment worth making!

coyotevest for cats

CoyoteVest Reviews

The reviews for CoyoteVest are overwhelmingly good around the web and on their own website. You can feel confident that you would be making a good buying choice to protect your pet.

Shelter Support Program

We always love brands that are trying to make a difference, and CoyoteVest is doing just that.

When introducing dogs in a shelter environment, it can be scary since we never know how two dogs will interact. The SpikeVest is a great option to place on the dog that is considered for being adopted while a meet and greet is happening.

Through the shelter support program, eligible animal shelters can receive a free SpikeVest. You can apply here for this offer.

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