Dog Rescues In Alabama – 10 To Adopt From

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Dog Rescues In Alabama – 10 To Adopt From

There are many ways to support local dog rescues in Alabama including fostering, volunteering, fundraising, and of course, adopting a dog.

This helps free up space in the rescue facilities so that they are then able save more dogs.

There are many dog rescues you can choose from that are located throughout Alabama.

Not all dog rescues will have a specific breed of dog.

If you are looking for a specific breed you may need to check through a few rescues or shelters before you will find the breed you are looking for.

Not matter what, we always encourage dog adoptions from rescues or shelters within Alabama, as you will be saving the life of a dog.

Are You Searching For Dog Rescues In Alabama For Adoption?

We have put together a list of 10 great dog rescues you can choose from that are located within Alabama.

Be sure to check each rescue, their website, social media page if they have one and contact those who you would be interested in adopting from.

Don’t forget that all dog rescues, no matter where they are located could always use help with volunteering and financial support.

Top Dog Rescues In Alabama

1.) Greater Huntsville Humane Society (Huntsville AL)

Contact Information
Address: 2812 Johnson Road SW Huntsville AL 35805
Phone: (256) 881-8081
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | LinkedIn

The Greater Huntsville Humane Society is a no-kill animal shelter that has been serving the Huntsville AL community for over 50 years.

Their goal is to provide dogs that are received in their society with humane veterinary treatment as well as cover all of their basic needs before finally being placed in their new, forever home.

Their adoption process involves filling out an application online, and then qualifying to adopt.

There are also requirements such as being over 19 years of age, permission from your landlord to have a pet, going through a home check, among other things.

If approved, there is also a $200 adoption fee that will help cover the dog’s spay or neuter, vaccines, a microchip, and preventative medication.

You can view dogs and other animals that are available for adoption on their website.

Contact the Greater Huntsville Humane Society directly if you fall in love with one of their fur-babies and want to learn more about the adoption process.

2.) The Ark (Huntsville AL)

Contact Information
Address: 139 Bo Cole Road NW Huntsville AL 35806
Phone: (256) 851-4088
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | YouTube

The Ark is a non-profit, no-kill organization that was founded by Nina Beal on March 6, 1990.

Its main objective is to rescue animals, cover their medical needs, and ensure that they are treated humanely.

Their end goal is to rescue as many animals as they are able to properly house and care for and place them in a good home.

Additionally, The Ark collaborates with Hope Place and cares for and protects animals from domestic abuse victims.

They also have an animal relief program in place with the Red Cross, mainly helping tornado victims and those whose homes have burned down.

Schools are also visited to educate kids on the humane treatment of animals, and nursing homes are provided with pet therapy.

To adopt an adult dog, you are required to make a payment and undergo a 2-week trial to see if you and the dog are a good fit for each other.

These dogs are fully vaccinated, spayed or neutered, microchipped and are current on their vaccines.

They also have a program called FTA for younger dogs who have not yet completed their vaccination regimen or undergone their spay/neuter surgery.

It’s a foster-to-adopt program that allows possible adoptees to house a pet under special rules laid out by the organization.

During this time, fosters are responsible for taking the dog into the group’s clinic for all veterinary care, including vaccinations and spay/neuter.

3.) Lifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama (Huntsville AL)

Contact Information
Address: 121 Kohler Road SW Huntsville AL 35806
Phone: (256) 836-4597
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Lifeline Pet Rescue of North Alabama is an organization that’s run with the help of donations and a network of trusted volunteers.

Something that sets them apart from other organizations is that they rescue animals that may have otherwise not had a chance of surviving.

They house and nurture them until they are adopted by the right family.

The group not only pledges to care for and rehabilitate all animals that they take in, but they also pledge to be honest with adoptees.

They do so by making sure to disclose the pet’s behavioral and health status, and they are always willing to help out with any difficulties or concerns during the adjustment period after a dog is adopted.

Feel free to view Lifeline Pet Rescue’s application and read the outlined requirements that must be met in order to adopt from them.

You can also check out current dogs available for adoption from their website.

4.) Animal Assistance & Rescue Foundation (Birmingham AL)

Contact Information
Address: 106 Shop Drive Birmingham AL 35242
Phone: (205) 447-6459
Email: [email protected]

Like the last group, Animal Assistance & Rescue Foundation also conducts its work solely with the help of foster homes and volunteers, as they do not have a physical facility.

For this reason, they need at least a week in advance to find a foster home to place the pets in and make the necessary preparations.

There are two main situations in which they rescue animals.

The first is through owner surrender.

This is usually from people who have a pet that has given birth and they don’t know what to do with the litter.

As long as the owner agrees to getting the animal fixed, and adequate time is provided, the organization will help place the litter into a foster home until they are ready to be adopted.

The other situation in which they rescue animals from is public facilities such as shelters.

They mainly rescue from places that are saturated and focus on high-risk dogs and cats such as orphans who still need to be bottle-fed, geriatrics, and those that require special veterinary attention.

Visit their adoption page to see currently available dogs and to fill out an adoption application.

5.) Bama Bully Rescue (Birmingham AL)

Contact Information
Address: PO Box 2123 Birmingham AL 35201
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Bama Bully Rescue is a NPO located in Birmingham, Alabama whose focal point is to rescue Pit Bull breed dogs across the State of Alabama.

They state that they primarily save from shelters, as Pit Bulls are one of the most discriminated breeds and have the highest rates of euthanasia.

The foundation is made up of volunteers and fosters that are located throughout Alabama.

They do not have a facility, but rather place the dogs that they rescue in foster homes so that they do not ultimately face being euthanized.

Bama Bully Rescue also strives to create dog ambassadors that can help educate the community on the breed’s true disposition and reduce the number of bully breed dogs that are given up or abandoned and end up in shelters.

Additionally, they offer services for low-income families in the area who are struggling to feed their dogs or provide them with proper veterinary care.

This helps immensely in keeping more dogs out of shelters, particularly Pit Bulls.

Small and independent rescuers are also assisted with spaying/neutering the animals that they save.

Check out their website to view dogs available for adoption from this organization.

There are several steps that you need to take in order to adopt from Bama Bully Rescue.

Visit their adoption page for a full description of these steps.

6.) Alabama Animal Adoption Society (Birmingham AL)

Contact Information
Address: 2808 Crescent Avenue Birmingham AL 35209
Phone: (205) 871-6351
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook

This is another non-profit group that’s run completely by volunteers and kept running by donations.

They state that thanks to their volunteers, fosters, and adoptees, they are able to give animals a second chance at a happy life.

The Alabama Animal Adoption Society has been serving the Birmingham area since 1977.

Their objective is to assist abandoned and neglected pets in finding them a responsible and caring home as well as to bring awareness to the community about the issue of overpopulation and how important it is to spay and neuter dogs and cats.

To do this, they have created a spay and neuter program that is easily accessible to low-income families.

Anyone in the area looking to spay or neuter their pet can purchase a low-cost “certificate” which will cover all of the surgery costs when done at one of the clinics registered in their veterinary partner program.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from the Alabama Animal Adoption Society, you can reach out to them via email.

They will answer all of your questions and if they decide to continue in the adoption process, they will make an appointment with you.

For surrenders or for help rescuing an abandoned or stray pet, you can call them and leave a message.

They typically return calls within 2 days.

7.) Madison Animal Rescue Foundation (Madison AL)

Contact Information
Address: PO Box 2486 Madison AL 35758
Phone: (256) 509-4621
Email: [email protected]

Madison Animal Rescue Foundation was established in 2008 with the goal of saving animals in need within Madison City.

Before this period, there was a 98% rate of euthanasia, meaning that most dogs and cats that were dropped off at a shelter or picked up by animal control were “put to sleep” by day 7.

That rate has since been drastically reduced thanks to the efforts of foster homes and volunteers of Madison Animal Rescue Foundation.

The organization is now known as a no-kill shelter that rescues animals in Madison as well as in nearby areas such as Decatur and Athens.

They mainly rescue from other shelters that do euthanize, but also accept surrenders and strays.

Donations fund Madison Animal Rescue Foundation and allow them to pay vet bills and basic needs for their rescues.

They are also happy to lend a hand to people who are going through financial issues and need help with pet food or medication, so long as they have the budget for it at that point in time.

They also operate a spay/neuter clinic to help reduce overpopulation.

View dogs available for adoption on their website as well as the requirements to adopt.

8. Madison Small Pups Rescue & Adoption (Madison AL)

Contact Information
Address: Madison Alabama 35758
Phone: (256) 426-6160
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook

Madison Small Pups Rescue and Adoption is a small dog rescue in Alabama that saves smaller-breed dogs that weigh 20 lbs or less.

They primarily rescue dogs who are in dire situations such as animal shelters and breeding mills, but may also accept strays and dogs who are surrendered by their owners.

The organization states that they don’t have a physical location and rely on foster homes and volunteers to do their work.

Feel free to follow them on their Facebook page for rescue stories, adoption stories, events, and dogs available for adoption.

You can also reach them via email or phone for more information.

9. A New Leash on Life (Brownsboro AL)

Contact Information
Address: 2676 Dug Hill Rd Brownsboro AL 35741
Phone: (256) 489-7387
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Instagram

Before the creation of A New Leash on Life, the Brownsboro area had a release rate of under 50%.

Now, they are proud to say that they have been able to improve this to a rate of more than 90%.

They state that they owe this success thanks to the no-kill community that they have built within the area.

However, they admit that the Brownsboro and the surrounding areas are still in great need of help with their rescue efforts.

A New Leash on Life has a facility in Brownsboro, one in Cove, and one in Madison that is in the process of being opened.

The Brownsboro facility houses dogs in a two-story home with a metal roof, and it is open Wednesdays 3:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. for visitors, or additional times via appointment.

The canines are grouped in rooms that contain elevated beds, toys and pet doors so that they can go out to their large yard and do their business or play.

They welcome volunteers to socialize and play with the dogs, keep their food and water fresh and of course, give them some love.

People are also needed for daily household chores such as washing and drying bedding, cleaning and maintenance.

They have plenty of dogs available for adoption which you can view on their adoption page.

The dogs come big and small and with all sorts of personalities!

10. Humane Society Of West Alabama (Tuscaloosa AL)

Contact Information
Address: PO Box 70054 Tuscaloosa AL 35407‚Äč
Phone: (205) 554-0011
Email: [email protected]
Social Media: Facebook | Twitter

The Humane Society of West Alabama was founded in 1971 after a group of good Samaritans spoke out about their concern for the community’s needy animals.

Animal control existed during that period, but it was very basic without proper housing to protect the animals from the elements.

The Humane Society of West Alabama is a no-kill rescue group that is fully operated by volunteers and relies on donations from the community and fundraising events to keep them afloat.

Their facility features large kennels and two patios so that dogs can play in groups.

They also count on fosters to help home rescues.

People interested in seeing the dogs that they have available for adoption can make an appointment with the organization or attend special adoption events.

Visit this page ( for information on available dogs and application requirements.

Dog Rescues and Shelters In Alabama


There are countless of organizations that you can rescue dogs in Alabama from.

Hopefully, after reading through our top 10 picks you will feel motivated to start the adoption process and help save a life.

If you are still not sure, look through each rescue group’s available dog’s page.

You will for sure fall in love with a fur-baby!

Remember, if you are not ready to adopt, but want to help the cause, you can always volunteer, foster, foster-to-adopt, and aid with fundraising efforts.

Connie Monico

Connie Monico

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