Dog Rescues In British Columbia

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Dog Rescues In British Columbia

Adopting a dog is a rewarding experience.

However, finding the right dog for you and your family can be a challenge.

We have put together a list of the top dog rescues in British Columbia to help you find the right canine companion.

These dog adoption professionals will help you find the right pooch for your lifestyle and offer guidance on their dietary and medical needs.

These rescues will also help you with any behavioural and obedience problems that may occur as your new fur baby settles in your home.

Due to abuse, neglect, and abandonment, some of the dogs at these rescues may have difficulties settling into a new environment.

However, with plenty of love and support from their new family, your pooch should settle in no time.

There are many deserving pups at these rescues.

Get in touch with any of these dog rescues in British Columbia to find the perfect pooch for you and your family.

Dog Rescues In British Columbia

1.) British Columbia SPCA (Vancouver, BC)

Whether you prefer a large breed or a small dog that you can carry everywhere, BC SPCA will help you find the right match.

This dog rescue offers a wide variety of services to its rescues with a special focus on protecting dogs of all ages from abuse.

The organization also offers shelter and emergency treatment, protection for farm animals, and reuniting lost and found dogs with their parents.

The BC SPCA is also a strong advocate for animal welfare and educating the public about the dangers of dog overpopulation.

You can be a hero by adopting one of the dogs at BC SPCA through any of their locations throughout British Columbia.

Visit their adoption page to view all the dogs available for adoption and complete the online adoption form.

Adoption fees vary depending on the dog you would like to adopt and the branch.

The adoption fee includes physical assessment tests, temperament assessment, behaviour profile, vaccination, deworming, flea treatment, microchip identification, a sample bag of food and more.

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2.) Broken Promises Rescue (Vancouver Island, BC)

Broken Promises Rescue is a registered charity that rescues dogs and other domestic animals.

The organization has served the dogs and dog-lovers of British Columbia for over 25 years.

Over the years, this volunteer-run animal rescue has improved the lives of countless unwanted, orphaned, neglected, and abused dogs.

The organization is especially focused on rescuing at-risk dogs and those considered less desirable because of medical, behavioural, age, breed, or colour problems.

The dog-loving team at Broken Promises Rescue firmly believes that all dogs deserve to live without fear of pain, loneliness, or hunger.

Broken Promises Rescue does not have a shelter and runs all its dog rescue operations with the help of volunteers and foster parents.

If you would like to adopt a dog, fill out and submit the online application form.

Once approved, the team at the organization will arrange a physical home visit.

Adoption fees start at $200 for senior canines, $500 for adult dogs, and $600+ for puppies up to 12 months.

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3.) Home At Last Dog Rescue (Surrey, BC)

As its name suggests, Home At Last is committed to finding all its rescues safe, loving forever homes.

The organization in the Lower Mainland is run by volunteers and foster parents who take in the dogs temporarily until they can be united with their furever parents.

Each year, millions of dogs in high-kill shelters end up destroyed because they could not find a home.

However, breeding is still at an all-time high churning out more dogs that end up abandoned in shelters and pounds.

This rescue organization offers all its dogs vet checkups, vaccination, neutering, and microchipping before adoption.

If you are unable to care for your dog for any reason, the volunteer at this organization can also help you find a suitable home for them.

Before adopting a dog from Home At Last, look at the available options and submit an application form.

One of the volunteers at this organization will call you for a phone interview before arranging a home visit.

The dog rescue also conducts home checks to ensure your home is safe and suitable for your new pet.

Once you take your new fur baby home, the adoption fee is non-refundable.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) S.A.R.A. Society (Surrey, BC)

You too can Save Animals Through Rescue and Adoption at this animal welfare organization.

S.A.R.A. is a no-kill shelter in Surrey that helps surrendered dogs find a new place to call home.

The shelter is based in a private home that was renovated to accommodate rescued dogs and other animals.

This facility has helped over 4,000 dogs and other animals find loving forever homes since it was started in 1998.

S.A.R.A. offers a range of services to all its rescues including rescue, rehabilitation, rehoming, sheltering, permanent shelter for dogs that cannot be adopted, neutering, behavioural training, and more.

This organization also donates dog food to local animal support groups.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from S.A.R.A., fill out the online adoption form and email it to the shelter.

The facility charges an adoption fee that helps settle veterinarian bills and supports the shelter as they rescue more dogs.

Fees vary depending on the dog you choose.

All dogs are dewormed, neutered, vet checked, and leashed before adoption.

If you and your new fur baby are not a match, S.A.R.A. welcomes you to bring them back to the facility.

Should you return your pooch within 15 days, your adoption fee will be refunded in full.

Parents who return their pets within 30 days receive a partial refund.

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5.) Paws It Forward (Kelowna, BC)

Paws It Forward is a non-profit dog rescue organization in Lake Country.

The exclusive rescue facility does not receive any government support and relies on donations from well-wishers and volunteers who offer temporary foster care to all its rescues.

This dog rescue was founded in 2011 by two dog-lovers after they discovered the needless destruction of homeless dogs in overcrowded shelters.

The two, with the help of family and friends, saved over 50 dogs from euthanasia and rehomed them with loving families.

With more people volunteering to help, Paws It Forward was born.

The organization currently has a wide network of volunteers and fosters and has successfully rescued and rehomed hundreds of dogs from all over the world.

The adoption process at this dog rescue organization is extensive to ensure that all the dogs go to the right homes and prevent the dogs from finding themselves back in shelters and pounds.

The volunteers at Paws It Forward take time to carefully read through each application and make the right match.

Before adoption, you will need to explain why you would like to adopt a dog, volunteer personal information, and outline your living arrangements.

Adoption fees start from $500 for adult dogs and $800 for puppies.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Angel’s Animal Rescue (Merritt, BC)

Angel’s Animal Rescue provides a safe space for neglected, discarded, and abused dogs.

The facility in interior British Columbia is set on 27 acres of beautiful land that is a temporary home to hundreds of dogs.

This dog rescue center educates the public about the importance of preventing unwanted puppies through neutering.

Angel’s Animal Rescue also runs several programs within the local community to educate young dog-lovers about animal welfare.

All rescues brought to this shelter receive vet treatment, behavioural rehabilitation, neutering, vaccination, deworming, and flea treatment.

In addition, the facility strives to improve the comfort of both its temporary and permanent residents through continuous renovations.

Angel’s Animal Rescue offers all visitors 100% transparency to increase the chances of making a forever match between pooch and parent.

All dogs adopted from this facility are welcome to return at any time if the transition to a new home is not possible.

Adoption fees start from $350 to $450.

Parents who return their pets within 30 days get a refund of $225.

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7.) Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society (Princeton, BC)

This non-profit animal welfare organization helps dogs who have lost hope find happiness with loving forever parents.

The team at Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society is passionate about making a difference by matching each dog with the perfect family.

The dog rescue in Princeton advocates for the protection of society’s neglected companion animals and educates parents about proper pet care.

The facility run by volunteers also offers subsidized neutering services in the Upper Fraser Valley.

Through the ‘Senior-to-Senior’ program, Our Last Hope Animal Rescue Society has also matched senior canines with senior citizens in need of companionship.

Each rescue at this shelter must be healthy and behaviourally sound before they can be adopted.

After a comprehensive adoption process, the team at this facility offers post-adoption resources to increase the chances of a permanent match.

These resources help new pet parents cope with the adjustment period and problems such as attempts to escape, nervous behaviour, indigestion, and house training challenges among others.

Visit the adoption page to see all the available adoptables at this facility.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) PB And Chi Dog Rescue Society

At PB and Chi, you can change the world for just one dog.

This dog rescue society started in 2012 operates a foster-to-adopt program through which countless canines have found happy homes.

The dog rescue society is dedicated to providing information and changing animal welfare legislation in the country.

PB and Chi also aims to end misinformation and discrimination against certain dog breeds.

This volunteer-based dog rescue society collaborates closely with animal welfare organizations in Canada as well as the USA to provide food, medical, aid, and care to unwanted dogs.

The facility also takes in and rehomes dogs who are surrendered by their owners.

To adopt a pooch from PB and Chi, submit an online application.

You must complete a 2-week foster period to qualify as an adoptive parent.

Adoption fees start from $250 for seniors, $400 for adults aged 1-5 years, and $500 for puppies.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Black Dog Rescue Society of British Columbia

This non-profit, volunteer-run dog rescue organization is passionate about saving dogs of all ages from high-kill shelters in Texas.

The facility is run by volunteers based in Canada and Texas who work hard to save hundreds of dogs from euthanasia.

Black Dog Rescue Society was founded by Cindy Archer, an enthusiastic dog-lover.

She has helped dogs all over Texas and neighbouring areas find forever homes and together with the Canada team continues her rescue and rehoming efforts.

All dogs rescued by this animal welfare organization are treated for any medical and rehabilitation problems to ensure they are healthy before adoption.

Dogs are also neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before relocating to their forever homes.

To adopt a pet from the Black Dog Rescue Society, fill out the online application form and pay the adoption fee.

You can also support the society through donations, or by volunteering as a foster parent.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Rosier Days (Victoria, BC)

Rosier Days in Victoria provides quality care to all its rescues.

The facility helps make successful matches that see its dogs thrive in their new homes.

Since 2013, this facility has helped rescue and rehome hundreds of unwanted and neglected dogs in British Columbia.

This dog rescue was started by Tara Craigen, a dog-lover who realized that thousands of dogs are homeless around the world.

Tara envisions a world where all helpless dogs have happy, loving homes and she strives to make this dream a reality.

Before adopting a dog from Rosier Days, you must commit to training and educating your pet using humane methods that do not cause force, fear or pain.

The facility also reserves the right to conduct a home visit to ensure your home is suitable for your new pooch.

Rosier Days also helps surrenders find loving homes when their parents can no longer provide the care that they need.

All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) HEART Dog Rescue (Rossland, BC)

Hope Emergency Adoption Rescue and Transport is an animal welfare organization in Rossland.

This organization removes dogs from deplorable conditions across Western Canada and rehomes them in Kootenays, British Columbia.

Many of the dogs rescued by the HEART team come with health and behavioural complications as a result of neglect and abuse.

Some of the dogs are exposed to extreme cold for months while others have no access to water or food.

These dogs are treated and extensively rehabilitated before they can be adopted.

Alongside its rescue and rehoming efforts, HEART also works toward raising awareness about animal welfare and advocates for affordable vet care for all animals.

To adopt a pooch from this organization, you must submit an online application and pay the adoption fee before a home trial can be arranged.

Home trials last 30 days after which you can return the pooch if they are not a match and get a full refund. 

Adoption fees start from $200 for senior dogs, $350 for adult canines, and $300 for puppies plus a $200 deposit.

All dogs are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Final Thoughts On Dog Rescues In British Columbia

Find A Dog Rescue In British Columbia To Adopt A Dog From

Are you thinking about becoming a dog parent?

Choose a better alternative to breeders, mills, and pet stores.

These dog rescues in British Columbia are the perfect avenue if you are looking for a canine companion.

Many of the dogs in these facilities suffer from neglect and abandonment in deplorable conditions.

Some were born from abandoned parents and have never received human compassion.

Countless others suffer from dehydration, malnutrition, parasites, disease, and matted coats. 

However, you can change their life through adoption.

The shelters and rescue organizations listed here run extensive health and behavioural rehabilitation training to ensure your pooch is ready to make the transition to a loving home.

Dogs in these rescues have a lot of love to give.

Visit any of the dog rescues listed above and you might just meet your new best friend.

With a little love and care, you can change a dog’s whole world.

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