Dog Rescues in Hampshire, UK

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Dog Rescues in Hampshire, UK

Each year, over 1.5 million pets are adopted in the UK.

Dogs brought into rescues are often abandoned, unwanted, or mistreated.

By adopting a pet, you can give them a second chance at a happy life.

You can adopt a pet from any of these dog rescues in Hampshire and save them from euthanasia as well as improve their overall quality of life.

Dog adoption is also cheaper because animals from the rescues listed below are microchipped, neutered, vaccinated, and wormed so you will not incur any extra costs.

If you and your family are thinking of adopting a new dog, these rescues in Hampshire offer you a variety of suitable options that match your lifestyle.

You can also find specific breeds from rescue centres such as the German Shepherd Rescue Southampton which focuses solely on German Shepherds.

Dog Rescues in Hampshire

1.) Blue Cross Rehoming Centre, Southampton

This rehoming centre in Southampton opened its doors in 1988.

The facility takes in dogs, puppies, cats, and kittens.

Blue Cross helps abandoned, homeless, and unwanted dogs find new forever homes by promoting their welfare and providing treatment and rehabilitation.

Each year, this facility takes in over 40,000 pets.

The volunteers at Blue Cross also offer support to present and future pet parents as well as bereaved pet parents.

If a pet parent can no longer keep their pet, Blue Cross also helps find them a new home through their “Home Direct” program.

This eliminates the process of placing dogs in shelters which is stressful for the pets.

You can support this rehoming centre through donations, volunteering, fundraising and events, fostering a pet, or rehoming a pet.

You can also view the dogs available for rehoming on their website as you find out how you can sponsor a second chance for a dog in need.

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2.) German Shepherd Rescue South

Although this breed does not make friends easily, the German Shepherd is extremely loyal making it an excellent family dog.

At the German Shepherd Rescue, you have the chance to adopt an even-tempered pup that will blend in with your family’s lifestyle.

The small registered charity rescues and rehomes abused, unwanted, and stray German Shepherds across the UK.

Whenever they can, the team tries to keep dogs in their own home by reuniting them with their parents.

Where this is not possible, the experienced volunteers find a suitable forever home or foster home for the rescues.

All dogs at German Shepherd Rescue South are evaluated to determine their temperament.

Evaluation starts in their own home by an experienced volunteer.

You can support this dog rescue through fundraising, volunteering, and donations.

You can also check out their adoption page to see available dogs.

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3.) Second Chance Animal Rescue

This dog rescue based in Southampton is a registered charity that has served the Hampshire community for over 30 years.

The facility is run by a dedicated team of volunteers who are involved in hand-raising orphaned animals and rescuing dogs and cats among other small animals.

All dogs brought to Second Chance Animal Rescue are vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, and neutered before rehoming.

You can learn more about the rehoming process on their website and see some of the happy endings for pets who have been successfully placed with their new forever families.

If you are unable to adopt a dog but would still like to support Second Chance Animal Rescue, you can donate, fundraise, or recycle used ink cartridges and old mobile phones through the facility.

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4.) St. Francis Animal Welfare

Established in 1953, St. Francis Animal Welfare rehabilitates and rehomes dogs, cats, and other domestic animals.

The facility in Eastleigh was originally located in Horton Heath before moving to its current location in 1992.

The registered charity takes in strays and surrendered pets and offers them rehabilitation, and medical attention when necessary.

All dogs are also neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before being listed for adoption.

They are also treated for worms and fleas.

You can see a list of dogs available for adoption on the St. Francis website, however, it is advisable to contact the facility to see if there are new animals.

You can also support the facility by donating and volunteering.

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5.) FurBuddies Animal Rehoming Centre

This small, family-run dog rescue centre in New Forest was set up in 2018 by Neil and Helen Arnold.

The dog-loving duo started FurBuddies Animal Rehoming Centre to help dogs in need of a loving forever family in the Hampshire area.

Neil and Helen, with the support of their family, have rescued many dogs in Hampshire and saved them from being used as bait animals.

The two remain dedicated to taking in and caring for dogs in need.

All dogs brought to FurBuddies are treated and nursed back to health before being placed in foster homes awaiting adoption.

All pets at this facility are also vaccinated, spayed, microchipped and treated for fleas and worms.

Check out the site to give one of their fur buddies a foster home or contact Neil and Helen to learn more about the pets available for adoption.

You can also support Furbuddies Animal Rehoming Centre through donations.

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6.) DogsnHomes Rescue

All dogs deserve to have a happy forever family.

DogsnHomes is committed to helping dogs from Portugal and the UK find the right families in Hampshire.

The registered charity understands that taking in a new pet can be overwhelming.

That is why the volunteers at DogsnHomes take the time to match you with a healthy, sociable pup or young adult dog that will fit into your lifestyle with ease.

You will also receive comprehensive post-adoption support.

DogsnHomes rescues the majority of their dogs from Portugal.

These pets are taken into private shelters or foster homes where they are treated for any medical conditions and socialised before coming to the UK.

Once in the country, the dogs are sent to their adoptive families or put into foster care until they can be adopted.

Adoptions are kept local to the Hampshire area where possible to ensure post-adoption support is effective and efficient.

Keeping the adoptions local also improves the chances of reuniting separated siblings.

You can learn more about adopting a dog from this rescue on their website or support the team through donations and participating in events where adopted dogs and their families meet for a day of fun.

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7.) Hairy Hounz

This animal rescue shelter in Southampton opened its doors to dogs in need in 2015.

Dogs at Hairy Hounz are taken into foster homes where they are treated for any medical conditions and their behavioural issues addressed by a professional before they can be placed in their forever homes.

The adoption process is not complex however, you will have to be vetted to ensure that your family is the right fit for the pooch.

The adoption donation is £200 which covers vaccinations, microchipping, health checks, flea and worm treatment, neutering, and any other medical procedures the dog might need.

In 2018, Hairy Hounz rehomed 20 happy pooches who are all well settled with their new families.

As a charity, Hairy Hounz relies heavily on donations and volunteers who give their time and their homes to foster the dogs.

You can support this dog rescue by donating money, dog-related items, or your time, home, or skills to keep the facility running.

The rescue regularly lists all the dogs that are available for adoption on their website.

Hairy Hounz does not have a walk-in centre, but you can contact the facility to learn more about the dogs in foster care.

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8.) Pro Dogs Direct

Find your dog with the help of Pro Dogs Direct rescue centre in Hampshire.

This dog rescue and rehoming facility has a strict non-destruction policy and helps families across the UK find the right family dog for their lifestyle.

Pro Dogs Direct is a registered charity that relies on foster homes to help dogs feel safe and reduce the stress caused by overcrowded shelters.

Dogs are rehomed to their forever homes directly from the foster homes.

The adoption fees at Dogs Pro Direct differ depending on the age, breed, and health of the dog.

You can check out dogs available for adoption and read their profile on the website to determine whether your home is the right fit before making an application.

You can also support Dogs Pro Direct through donations, fostering a dog, or volunteering.

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9.) Phoenix Rehoming

This award-winning rescue and rehoming centre is based in Havant, Hampshire.

It was founded in 2016 and is currently staffed by a team of volunteers who give their time and homes for free.

The facility provides the highest standard of care to each rescued dog and ensures they are rehomed to loving forever homes.

Phoenix has a strict non-destruction policy unless the animal poses a risk to public safety or euthanasia is the only humane option.

As a foster or forever parent, you can also be sure that you will receive the best support and advice to help you as you care for your fur baby.

Before they are listed for adoption, all dogs at Phoenix are vaccinated, microchipped, treated for fleas and parasites, and examined by a vet.

You can check out the available dogs for adoption on their website.

Unfortunately, the facility does not adopt with families that have children under five years.

You will also be required to have a secure garden with at least 6-foot fencing to adopt most of their dogs.

Adoption fees range from £225 – £425 which includes 5 weeks of free insurance with Agria Pet Insurance.

Phoenix Rehoming Centre also offers seven-day trials to approved adopters.

You can support the Phoenix team through donations and volunteering.

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Adopting A Dog In Hampshire, UK

Find Dog Rescues In Hampshire UK

If you and your family are ready to open up your hearts and your home to a new pooch, these dog rescue centres in Hampshire are a great place to start.

You can give a dog a second chance at happiness by contacting any of these dog rescue centres or looking through their websites to see the dogs available for rehoming.

You can also consider opening up your home as a foster parent where you can shower these furry babies with lots of love as they transition to their forever home.

Most of the dog rescues in Hampshire listed here are charities and rely solely on volunteers and donations.

The adoption fees hardly cover the medical expenses that most of the dogs need so remember to support them in any way you can.

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