Dog Rescues In Illinois | 11 Great Rescues To Choose From

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Dog Rescues In Illinois | 11 Great Rescues To Choose From

Have you been thinking about adopting a dog in Illinois?

Adopting one from a rescue means saving a life and making room for other animals in need.

If you are in Illinois, there are plenty of great dog rescues to check out.

No matter what kind of dog you are looking for, you will find a rescue that can help you.

Here are some of the best dog rescues in Illinois that you can find.

Dog Rescues In Illinois

1.) Free Spirit Siberian Rescue (Harvard, IL)

Free Spirit Siberian Rescue understands the challenges and rewards that come with owning a Husky.

They strive to offer education on the breed, to help make sure that Husky owners know how to take care of their dogs.

Since their founding in 1999, they have adopted out more than 1,000 Huskies to loving homes.

They know that Huskies are pack animals and need to spend time around their humans.

The team running the rescue also understands that Huskies are intelligent but tend to be stubborn, and they will work hard to screen potential adopters to ensure that huskies are the right breed for them.

You can check out their available Huskies here.

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2.) International Street Dog Foundation (Wonder Lake, IL)

This rescue is dedicated to helping dogs that are in extreme need.

What this means is that they take in dogs from around the world that are in danger because of abuse or homelessness.

They even take in dogs that are part of the dog meat treat where they are treated inhumanely.

The International Street Dog Foundation knows that big changes start small.

They may be just one rescue, but they work incredibly hard to make a difference in the lives of the dogs they save.

They also offer important training advice for new owners, medical services for their dogs, and several post-adoption services.

Learn more about their adoptable dogs here.

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3.) Glory Bound Rescue Ranch (Marengo, IL)

Located on a beautiful farm, Glory Bound Rescue Ranch takes in animals of all backgrounds and breeds.

They are a no-kill rescue, and they aim to make sure every dog they take in finds the perfect home.

The team takes in dogs that have been abandoned or that are neglected.

They also take in dogs from families that can no longer care for them.

Glory Bound Rescue Ranch never judges an owner if they need to surrender their dog.

They know that there are endless reasons why a family may not be able to care for a dog any longer and that sometimes rehoming is the best option for everyone.

You can see the dogs up for adoption on their Facebook page.

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4.) Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary (Woodstock, Illinois)

Happy Tails Animal Sanctuary is located on a beautiful piece of property where the animals that come to them get to enjoy space to run around and explore.

The rescue was established in 2009, and since then they have helped innumerable dogs as well as horses.

The team at this rescue knows how challenging it is for dogs to adapt to new lives.

That is why they work hard to give every dog the one-on-one time they deserve to feel safe and comfortable.

The sanctuary also allows visitors to come and visit the animals in the sanctuary as a way to decompress and improve their mental health.

To adopt, you will need to pay the rescue’s adoption fee which depends on the dog’s age.

You will have to fill out an application, which you can find here.

You can find their available dogs here.

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5.) Redemption Road Rescue Rehab (Island Lake, IL)

The volunteers and organizers at Redemption Road Rescue Rehab believe that every dog deserves a second chance, regardless of their breed or background.

They are a foster-based, non-profit rescue that has been running since 2017.

What makes this rescue stand out is their commitment to training.

The majority of the team is made up of certified dog trainers who work hard with every dog to get the rehabilitation and training they need.

They focus on positive reinforcement training, which is one of the most effective ways to train a dog. The rescue is equipped to help every dog regardless of where they come from.

You can see their adoptable dogs here.

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6.) Home Sweet Home Pet Rescue (Gilberts, IL)

Many of the dogs that come to Home Sweet Home Pet Rescue require training and rehabilitation, which this rescue is always happy to provide.

The rescue is foster-based, and they are always looking for new fosters to add to their network.

You can learn more about becoming a foster here.

The rescue works to get to know every one of their dogs and individuals so that they can provide the animals with exactly what they need.

Dogs in the rescue also receive crucial vet care like vaccinations.

Home Sweet Home Pet Rescue also runs a youth council.

This council provides outreach and educational services about pet care to young people in the area.

Doing this helps promote animal welfare and responsible pet ownership.

Check out their dogs that are up for adoption here.

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7.) Fur Keeps Animal Rescue (Barrington Hills, IL)

Many things set this dog rescue apart.

They promote holistic wellness for both humans and animals.

Along with professional care from veterinarians, they also offer animals things like natural oils and CBD to help with their care and comfort.

Fur Keeps Animal Rescue takes in animals of all backgrounds and breeds.

They list some of the animals that may have special needs on their homepage, helping to promote them and find them the right homes as soon as possible.

The rescue also hosts events where you can meet and adopt their animals, as well as offer classes on pet care.

Find their available dogs on Petfinder.

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8.) Animal Education & Rescue (Libertyville, IL)

The team at this rescue knows how important it is for animals in need to find second chances at forever homes.

But they also know how much enrichment dogs can add to humans’ lives.

That is why this rescue is dedicated to helping animals and people alike.

They offer a range of programs which you can see here.

They can investigate claims of abuse or neglect to ensure that the animals you may be concerned about get proper care as quickly as possible.

They also offer pet therapy to patients living in nursing homes, as well as birthday party services to help promote animal welfare and give kids a unique birthday experience.

If you have a dog you can no longer care for, Animal Education & Rescue accepts surrendered dogs.

To adopt, you can find their application form here.

Take a look at their available dogs here.

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9.) Woof Pack Dog Rescue (Hoffman Estates, IL)

No matter where a dog comes from, their breed, or their health, they will be welcome at Woof Pack Dog Rescue.

This rescue aims to one day see euthanasia become a thing of the past, along with unethical breeding practices like puppy mills.

They do this by offering education on animal care to their communities and rehoming unwanted or abandoned dogs.

Their dogs stay in their foster home network until they are ready to be adopted.

All dogs also receive basic vet care like vaccinations and spaying or neutering.

You can see the dogs currently available through the rescue here.

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10.) Mending Hearts Rescue (Winnebago, IL)

This rescue was founded in 2014.

They understand that many rescue dogs have had traumatic experiences and that they may require a little extra care because of this.

They provide important vet care as well as rehabilitation and training to the dogs in their care.

The dogs stay in foster homes, where they receive comfort, love, and support until they find forever homes.

One thing that Mending Hearts Rescue also makes sure to provide is grooming.

Grooming is an important part of any animal’s health, and they ensure that the dogs in their care are properly groomed to keep them clean, comfortable, and healthy.

You can see their animals as well as their adoption fees here.

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11.) Chicagoland Lab Rescue (Highland Park, IL)

Labrador Retrievers are one the most popular breeds in the world, and for good reason.

However, if you are thinking about adopting a Lab, it is important to know what you are in for.

Chicagoland Lab Rescue takes in Labs and Lab mixes.

They specialize in rehabilitating their animals so that they can find new homes.

The rescue also provides the community with education on how to take care of Labs and responsible pet ownership in general.

Chicagoland Lab Rescue is always looking to raise money for their cause.

They hold an annual gala, so make sure to check out this year’s event.

You can see their available dogs here.

This rescue knows that adopting a dog is a big commitment, and they will never rush the process.

Instead, they take the time to get to know all their potential adopters and match them to the right dog.

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Summary Of Dog Rescues In Illinois

Find A Dog Rescue In Illinois To Adopt A Dog From

Adopting a dog is one of the best ways to add a new member to your family.

When you rescue from any of the above Illinois-based rescues, you will know you are not just helping a dog in need.

You are also helping to support these rescues’ missions.

There are lots of other great ways to support rescues in Illinois if you are unable to adopt.

Donating, fostering, and volunteering are just a few examples.

Check out your local Illinois rescue to find out how you can help them.

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