Dog Rescues In Kentucky | 15 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

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Dog Rescues In Kentucky | 15 Rescue Groups To Adopt From

Adopting a dog not only gives them a new home but also gives them a second chance at life while leaving room for another pup in need at the shelter. Adoption also goes a long way in reducing the demand for dogs from puppy mills and unscrupulous breeders.

Commercial dog breeders present a host of ethical issues with the major problem being overpopulation. Demand for specific breeds leads to selective breeding signaling breeders to keep producing dogs that end up in shelters across the country. The ASPCA estimates that over 390,000 dogs in shelters are euthanized every year (source).

Dog lovers in Kentucky can help reverse the damage by adopting a pooch whenever they want a new fur baby. The dog rescues listed here work tirelessly to help dogs abandoned by breeders, strays, and unwanted litters find new homes.

Here at CharityPaws, we will always advocate adoption. Whenever possible, please look to adopt a dog in need.

As you adopt a new fur baby, consider letting go of your breed preferences and making a compassionate decision. Despite the misconceptions, there are plenty of different breeds within these dog rescues in Kentucky. You may not be lucky enough to find the Labrador of your dreams but, with a little patience, you can find the perfect canine companion.

Visit any of these dog rescues in Kentucky to adopt a pooch and experience one of life’s most rewarding experiences.

Dog Rescues In Kentucky

1.) Kentucky Humane Society

This animal rescue in Louisville is a non-profit, privately-run organization that advocates for the rights of abandoned and homeless dogs as well as other companion animals. The charity founded in 1884 is also Kentucky’s largest and oldest animal welfare organization.

The Kentucky Humane Society has a strict no-kill policy and is committed to keeping all its rescues with support from the local community. KHS operates following its four core values of positivity, compassion, inspiration, and evolving to cater to the community’s needs.

This facility also offers a variety of services including SNIP Clinic services, dog training, pet supply assistance, a pet helpline, lost and found services, mobile vet care, and pet surrender and rehoming.

For those who can no longer provide the care needed, you can surrender your dog to this facility for a low fee.

To adopt a pooch from KHS, stop by any of the adoption centers during visiting hours to meet the available adoptables. You can also visit the site to view the dogs listed for adoption and their profiles.

You will be required to pay an adoption fee to cover neutering, vaccinations, medical care, and microchipping.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Adopt Me Bluegrass Pet Rescue

This pet rescue is dedicated to helping homeless canine companions in Oldham and neighboring counties. The facility is also involved in community education promoting responsible pet ownership, animal welfare involvement, as well as neutering to reduce the increasing numbers of homeless pups.

Adopt Me Bluegrass Pet Rescue is a non-profit organization with compassion, dedication, and integrity as its core values. The team at this shelter strives to rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome dogs and other companion animals into committed forever homes.

This organization does not have a physical shelter and relies on foster homes to provide care to all its rescues. If you would like to adopt a pooch from Bluegrass, complete and submit the online application.

Once your application is reviewed, Bluegrass will contact you with details of suitable available pups. Adoption donations start from $275 for adult dogs to $375 for puppies and prison trained dogs. The facility also offers service dogs at a fee. All dogs are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for any medical conditions before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Barktown Rescue

This organization was founded in 2009 by two volunteers who started their operations by collaborating with Animal Control in Nelson County to save dogs from euthanasia. The two dog-lovers would send the dogs to rescues across the country in an attempt to rehome them.

Soon after, the dog-loving duo started Barktown Rescue to make their efforts more effective and help dogs in urgent need. The shelter has since grown into a network with over 80 foster parents and volunteers.

Learn how to foster a dog.

Dog adoptions are by appointment only and you will need to fill out the online application form to get approved. The standard adoption donation is $150 and which includes neutering, vaccinations, microchip identification, fecal and heartworm testing, and vet care.

Barktown also requires a mandatory home visit and veterinarian references before the adoption process can be finalized.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Ashland Animal Rescue Fund

This dog rescue shelter based in Ashland is proud to help homeless, unwanted, and at-risk dogs find safe and loving forever homes. The facility also helps pet parents who can no longer provide adequate care, rehome their pets to suitable homes.

To adopt a pup from Ashland, you must be over 21 years old and have the financial capability to care for your newly adopted pooch. Applications take up to 4 days for processing after which the facility will contact you for a meet and greet. Adoption fees currently start from $125 to $150.

All dogs at Ashland Animal Rescue are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for any medical problems before rehoming. You can also visit the website to see all the successful adoption stories as you prepare to bring your fur baby home.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Lexington Humane Society

Lexington Humane Society advocates for the compassionate treatment of animals and educates the local community about adoption and lifelong pet ownership. The organization also supports Lexington-Fayette Animal Care and Control to save pets in need.

LHS offers a variety of programs including Spay’s The Way, a low-cost neutering project, as well as a pet food pantry, and First Contact service which helps adoptive parents looking for specific breeds within limited time frames.

Founded in 1889, LHS does not receive any government support and relies on the local Lexington community to continue its rescue efforts. You can support their rescue efforts by donating, volunteering, or fostering a pet.

If you opt to adopt a pooch, visit the adoption locations to view the available adoptables or register for the First Contact service. Adoption fees start from $59 and up.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Max’s Hope Pet Rescue

Named after a German Shepherd who was rescued at a bus stop, Max’s Hope provides unconditional love to all its rescues. Tragically, Max was euthanized due to an illness that severely impacted his quality of life.

This dog rescue in Hopkinsville is a registered charity that also helps pet parents relinquish their beloved pups if they can no longer offer adequate care. The shelter also saves dogs who would otherwise be euthanized.

If you would like to adopt a pooch, complete and submit the dog adoption form to start the process. All dogs at Max’s Hope are neutered, vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for medical and behavioral problems before they are listed for adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

  • Address: 105 Metcalfe Dr Hopkinsville KY 42240
  • Phone: (270) 962-7089
  • Website:
  • Social Media: Facebook

7.) Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation

This non-profit rescue in Shelbyville helps dogs and other companion animals with special needs. This includes seniors, dogs with behavioral and social problems, and terminally ill pups. In the course of its rescue operations, TCAF has had to save dogs who have been starved, shot on purpose, thrown from cars, and many who have spent their lives in chains.

The facility is named after Tyson, the first pup who needed rehabilitation at this shelter. Despite his behavioral problems, Tyson was a loving pooch who enjoyed lots of patience from the TCAF team during rehabilitation. He has since brought happiness to many visitors, both human and canine.

While many of the dogs at TCAF are hospice cases, there are plenty of adoptable pups waiting to meet their forever parents. If you would like to adopt a fur baby, visit TCAF’s website or Facebook page to see all the dogs listed for adoption.

The adoption fee is $200 which goes toward vaccinations, microchipping, neutering, and routine medication. You can also foster a pooch in need or donate to support Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) L.I.F.E. House For Animals

This no-kill shelter takes in both canines and felines and helps rehome them in permanent loving homes. The facility is also keen to reinforce the animal-human bond through community education and promoting adoption over irresponsible breeding.

L.I.F.E. is also committed to preventing overpopulation by promoting awareness about the benefits of neutering. At this facility, the dog’s needs come first. Placements are determined by the pups’ unique needs such as temperament, personality, and energy levels.

You can give a pooch from L.I.F.E. a permanent home by applying to adopt a dog through their website. View the available adoptables online and send an application to express your interest. If your application is approved, a volunteer will contact you to schedule a meet and greet.

Adoption fees start from $80 which includes vaccinations, neutering, microchip identification, and medical treatment.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Woodford Humane Society

Woodford is a non-profit adoption center based in Versailles that provides care and housing to unwanted, abandoned, stray, and homeless dogs and other companion animals. The facility founded in 1975 has saved thousands of dogs and rehomed the majority of them in loving, permanent homes.

This rescue shelter does not discriminate based on age, breed, or health and does not place time limits on adoption. This policy allows Woodford to care for over 1,000 pets every year with a placement rate of up to 95%. Parents can also surrender their beloved pets at Woodford if they are unable to provide adequate care. The cost to surrender a dog to Woodford Humane Society is $50.

This dog rescue regularly houses up to 200 pets at a time. If you would like to give a home to a new fur baby, select a pooch from the available dogs listing or visit the Adoption Center to meet some of the adoptables.

You must fill out an application for approval before you can take your pooch home. Woodford also offers adoptive parents the option to foster the pup for a one-week trial period. After one week, you can bring the dog back to the facility if they are not a good match for your family’s lifestyle. This can help reduce guilt for returning a rescue dog down the road.

Adoption fees start from $150 to $225 and include vaccination, neutering, a microchip with lifetime registration, collar, leash, veterinary exam coupon, and a starter bag of dog food.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Kenton Animal Services

This animal shelter is the primary law enforcement agency for dogs and other domestic pets in Kenton County. The facility saves animals from abuse and neglect by offering them humane care and housing.

Kenton Animal Services also helps rehome healthy, adoptable dogs to prevent euthanasia while promoting responsible pet ownership through community education. The organization keeps an updated list of available dogs on their website for parents looking to adopt.

If you would like to give a pooch a forever home, visit the site to fill out an application form. You can also visit the facility in Covington to find out more about the adoption process. Adoption fees start from $125 and include vaccination, neutering, deworming, as well as flea and tick treatment.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Franklin County Humane Society

This animal welfare society takes in and rehomes abandoned and unwanted dogs and other companion animals in Frankfort. The shelter has an open-admission policy and does not turn away any dogs in need regardless of age, breed, or health conditions.

The independent organization also helps pet parents who would like to rehome their beloved pets at no cost. Franklin County Humane Society also offers microchipping, low-cost neutering, and city licensing services.

If you are thinking of adding a fur baby to your family, this organization has many wonderful pups looking for new homes. Visit their website to see all the listed adoptables as you complete the adoption application.

Adoption fees start from $25 to $90 and include vaccination, deworming, neutering, microchipping, flea and tick prevention, and any medical care the pooch might need. All adoptions include a free visit to local veterinarians listed on their website.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) Stray Animal Adoption Program

SAAP is a non-profit organization that is committed to the rescue, protection, and care of at-risk dogs and other pets. The volunteer-run animal welfare program promotes lifelong adoptions by educating the Newport community about responsible pet ownership.

All rescues at SAAP are placed in foster homes where they receive love, food, socialization, and medical care before they are adopted into permanent homes. The facility is always in need of volunteers, so you can help by fostering a pooch. You can also support SAAP by volunteering or donating.

To adopt a pooch from this organization, start by completing the online application form. Once your application is approved, an official from SAAP will contact you to set up an appointment to meet your new pooch. This group will adopt to those in Kentucky, Indiana and Ohio.

Adoption fees start from $50 to $300. All dogs are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before adoption. SAAP also helps pet parents who would like to surrender their pets for any reason.

Rescue and Adoption Details

13.) Leitchfield Animal Shelter

Leitchfield Animal Shelter is a home for stray, lost and found, abandoned, unwanted, and neglected dogs and other companion pets. The facility also operates a foster-based system through which sickly, pregnant, and injured animals can receive proper care before they can find permanent homes.

The open-intake facility welcomes dogs and all types of domestic animals. The rescues are held at the facility for 5 days after which they are listed for adoption. Owner surrenders are listed for adoption immediately on admission to the shelter.

If you are looking for a furry new addition to your family, complete the online adoption form and wait for approval. You can also contact Leitchfield Animal Shelter through the information below or their Facebook page to find out more about their adoption fees and requirements.

Rescue and Adoption Details

14.) Jessamine County Animal Care and Control

JCACC is run by an animal-loving team that is dedicated to providing the best services to the dogs and dog-lovers of Jessamine County. The organization is dedicated to safeguarding the health and welfare of four-legged residents in the county by providing humane care and housing.

This organization relies on the local community to continue its rescue and rehoming efforts and welcomes you to donate. Your support allows them to vaccinate, neuter, feed, train, socialize, and provide medical care to dogs and other companion animals in need.

You can also support JCACC by adopting a dog. Visit their adoption information page to see all the dogs that need permanent, loving homes. Fill out the adoption application and wait for approval.

JCACC does not guarantee the health of any adopted pups and welcomes back any adopted pups if their parents are unable to provide adequate care. Adoption fees start from $120 to $150 for adult dogs and puppies and $200 to $400 for specialty breeds.

Rescue and Adoption Details

15.) Lucky Tales Rescue

Lucky Tails is another dog rescue in Kentucky that is committed to protecting and rehoming abandoned, homeless, and unwanted dogs. The rescue works hard to place pups in loving, responsible homes and offers lifelong support to all adoptive parents.

The small rescue organization relies on the community of well-wishers and dog-lovers to continue its rescue efforts. You can help by donating, volunteering, or fostering a pup in your home until it can be rehomed permanently.

To adopt a pooch from Lucky Tales, fill out and submit the online application. Once the Adoptions Committee has reviewed the application, they will contact your vet and personal references to determine whether you are a good fit.

View their current list of dog for adoption here.

The last step is a meet and greet during which your new fur baby will meet you and your family including any other pets you might have before finalizing the adoption. All dogs at Lucky Tales are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before they are rehomed.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Why Choose A Dog Rescue In Kentucky To Adopt From

Find A Dog Rescue In Kentucky To Adopt Your Next Pup From

While adopting a dog is an exciting time for any family, it is important to consider the level of care your new pup will need. Some dogs need more care while others are laid back and need less attention to be happy.

Popular pets such as puppies are adorable but require more patience, consistency, and structure before they can adapt to family life. As you visit these dog rescues in Kentucky, inquire about the level of training the dogs have received and make arrangements to start or continue their training immediately after they come home.

Keep in mind that many rescue dogs suffer from behavioral and psychological challenges. However, with plenty of love and care, they can overcome these issues and become the model family pet.

Some facilities such as Tyson’s Chance Animal Foundation give these pups a head start by providing the behavioral training they need to overcome these challenges. Surrendered dogs are ideal for homes with small children or parents who do not have enough time for training.

Always ask questions about each dog you may be interested in to get the overall story on that dog.

We hope you will visit some of these dog rescues in Kentucky when you start your search for your forever canine companion. Thank you for helping a dog in need by adopting and not going to a local breeder.

If you know of any dog rescues in Kentucky that should be on this list, please share with us! We are always looking to feature the best rescues and the rescues who are in desperate help.

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