Dog Rescues In Maine To Adopt Your Next Dog From

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Dog Rescues In Maine To Adopt Your Next Dog From

If you are wondering where you can adopt a dog in Maine, you might want to think about adopting from a rescue.

Rescues offer important services to their communities and save the lives of dogs every year.

Most dog rescues are funded by donations, support from their communities and adoption fees.

Many of these rescues are non-profit organizations and rely on you to adopt and not buy.

There are lots of rescues in Maine that will be happy to help you find the right dog, breed, size and even temperament you may be looking for.

Check out these 12 dog rescues in Maine to adopt your next dog from.

Dog Rescues In Maine

1.) Mainely Mutts Rescue (Eliot, ME)

This all-breed rescue was first established in 2019.

Although they are a newer rescue, they have already helped countless animals get the care and love they deserve.

Mainely Mutts Rescue takes in dogs from southern states where pet overpopulation is a big problem.

They do not have their own shelter and instead rely on foster homes to care for their dogs.

While they are in the rescue, dogs will receive important medical services like vaccinations and spaying and neutering.

To adopt, fill out their adoption application form.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Lucky Pup Rescue (Kennebunkport, ME)

This rescue was founded in 2008.

Since then, they have helped thousands of unwanted or neglected animals find new, loving forever homes.

They accept dogs of all breeds and send their dogs to safe foster homes where they wait to be adopted.

They also work with rescues and shelters in the south that are experiencing issues with overcrowding, helping to make space for other dogs.

Are you thinking about adopting a dog from Lucky Pup Rescue?

Go ahead and take a look at their adoption application form.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) New England Lab Rescue (Limerick, ME)

Labs are great dogs.

There is a reason they are one of the most popular breeds in the US!

These playful, fun-loving, and energetic dogs are perfect for families who want an affectionate and active companion.

The New England Lab Rescue focuses on taking in Lab and Lab mixes, helping them find second chances at new homes.

When you adopt a dog from New England Lab Rescue, you will need to pay an adoption fee.

The fee is $575 for puppies, $550 for adult dogs, and $375 for seniors.

You can find their adoption application here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Fetching Hope Rescue (Westbrook, ME)

Fetching Hope Fescue is a non-profit dog rescue run by passionate and knowledgeable volunteers.

They aim to remove dogs from at-risk situations or take in dogs that have been neglected or abandoned.

If you find a dog you would like to meet, fill out the adoption application form here.

When you adopt a dog, you will pay an adoption fee.

This fee will cover all of the important vetting that the dog received while they were in the rescue’s care.

When you submit your application, the volunteers will look at it carefully.

If they decide to move forward, they will check your references and call your chosen vet, go for a home visit, and then conduct a phone interview.

All of this is the ensure that you and the dog are the right fit for each other.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Pittie Posse Rescue (South Portland, ME)

Many people are afraid of Pitbulls because of their reputation in dog fighting rings.

While these dogs were used in these bloody and violent sport, what many people don’t realize is that they are incredibly loyal and affectionate dogs.

Pittie Posse Rescue knows exactly how wonderful a Pitbull addition can be to any family.

They strive to take in unwanted or abused Pitbulls and help them find forever homes.

They also provide important education to their community on the breed, and how to properly care for a Pitbull.

You can see the Pitbulls available for adoption as well as find the adoption application on their website.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) The Grateful Dog (York, ME)

The Grateful Dog is a registered non-profit rescue that strives to find the perfect home for every dog that comes to them.

Every dog receives basic vetting care like vaccinations and neutering or spaying.

They take in dogs of all breeds and backgrounds.

No matter what kind of dog you are interested in, The Grateful Dog will help you find the right match.

You can see all of their available dogs here, as well as find their adoption application form.

There will be a fee to pay which depends on the dog’s age as well as how long they have been at the rescue.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Maine Sheltie Rescue (Portland, ME)

Shelties are fun, loyal dogs, and make excellent family members.

Unfortunately, there are many unwanted or abandoned Shelties that struggle to find forever homes.

Maine Sheltie Rescue is dedicated to dogs of this breed in their area.

They take in homeless Shelties and do everything they can to provide these dogs with important vet care and support until they can be adopted.

If you would like to adopt one of their shelties, you can find their application form here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Four Legged Freedom Rescue (Kennebunk, ME)

This non-profit rescue takes in animals from all over the country.

They take in unwanted and homeless animals, as well as at-risk animals in overcrowded shelters.

All of the dogs in the rescue stay in safe and comfortable foster homes where they get well-deserved one-on-one care until they find their adopters.

You will need to fill out an application form if you would like to adopt a dog from Four Legged Freedom Rescue, which you can find here.

If you want to see who is currently available, their adoptable dogs are listed on PetFinder.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) When the Going Gets Rough (Biddeford, ME)

The family behind this non-profit rescue loves what they do, and are dedicated to every dog that comes to them.

They ensure that all dogs at When the Going Gets Rough find loving, permanent homes where they will be safe and supported.

Many of the dogs at this rescue stay in foster homes until they find adopters.

Fostering is a great way to help any rescue and give a dog the care they need.

Learn more about how you can become a foster with this rescue here.

When you adopt, you will need a pay a fee.

Each fee depends on the individual dog and the care they had to receive while they were at the rescue.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Yankee Chihuahua Rescue (Westbrook, ME)

The Yankee Chihuahua Rescue was first established in the year 2000.

They serve throughout New England, and aim to offer every dog they care for the second chances they deserve.

All of the dogs that are part of this rescue get to stay in comfortable foster homes until they are ready to be adopted.

They rescue Chihuahua and Chihuahua mixes, and they provide important information and education on how to care for the breed.

If you would like to adopt a dog from this rescue, find their adoption application here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Old Dogs New Digs (Cumberland, ME)

Many senior animals are overlooked as potential pets because of their age.

However, senior animals can make wonderful additions to any home.

The team at Old Dogs New Digs understands what wonderful pets senior dogs make.

They rescue these older dogs and offer them medical care and safe, comfortable places to live until they find their forever homes.

If you would like to adopt a dog from Old Dogs New Digs, take a look at their seniors up for adoption.

You will also find their application form here if you find a dog you are interested in.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) Tall Tails Beagle Rescue (Mechanic Falls, ME)

If you are interested in a loyal, hardworking, and energetic dog, then a Beagle might just be the perfect dog for you.

These fun and spunky little dogs will keep you entertained and laughing every day.

Unfortunately, many Beagles find themselves homeless or in overcrowded shelters.

This rescue, established in 2005, is committed to rescuing Beagles from shelters all over the country, particularly in southern states.

They also take in animals from local shelters and rehome Beagles whose owners can no longer care for them.

You can see all of their adoptable dogs here.

When you find a dog you would like to meet, fill out the adoption application here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Summary Of Dog Rescues In Maine

Find A Dog Rescue In Maine To Adopt A Dog From

If you have been thinking about adopting a dog, adopting from one of these Maine rescues would save the life of a dog who would otherwise be euthanized.

There are plenty of dog rescues throughout Maine that will be happy to help you find your perfect dog match.

Maine also has many breed specific dog rescues who focus on their breed of choice.

Most of these rescues are non-profit and need the support of locals like yourself to keep running.

If you are in Maine and you can’t adopt a dog, find other ways to support your local rescues.

Fostering, volunteering, or donating to any of the rescues in Maine will help them with the mission.

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