Dog Rescues In Minnesota

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Dog Rescues In Minnesota

Are you in Minnesota and thinking about adopting a dog?

There are lots of great dog rescues in Minnesota where you will find loving dogs in need of a new home.

No matter where you live in Minnesota, you will find a rescue or shelter near you.

If you are looking to adopt a dog, check out one of these 12 rescues in Minnesota.

Dog Rescues In Minnesota

1. Secondhand Hounds (Minnetonka, MN)

This rescue works hard every day to provide unwanted and abandoned animals with the help they need.

Initially founded in 2008, Secondhand Hounds is a registered non-profit that offers shelter as well as medical care and rehabilitation.

This rescue aims to save dogs at risk of euthanasia from kill shelters in Minnesota, helping to reduce the amount of overcrowding.

They also take in animals from owners who can no longer effectively care for them.

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2. Wags and Whiskers (Minneapolis, MN)

This rescue was established in Minneapolis in 2009.

Run by volunteers, this non-profit is entirely foster-based, and they are always looking for new foster homes for their dogs.

All the animals that come into the care of Wags and Whiskers receive important basic medical care like vaccinations and spays and neuters.

Check out their dogs to see who is currently in their rescue.

Adopting a dog over 6 months will cost $400.

Dogs under 6 months cost $450, while senior dogs will cost $300.

These fees help to cover the vet care that their dogs receive.

If you can no longer care for your pet, Wags and Whiskers does accept surrendered animals.

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3. Grey Face Rescue and Retirement (Saint Cloud, MN)

Senior dogs are often overlooked because of their age.

It can be difficult for senior dogs to find loving, caring homes.

That is why Grey Face Rescue and Retirement strives to take in these senior dogs, providing them with important care and helping them find new families.

This rescue takes in dogs aged 7 years and up.

They take dogs in regardless of breed or medical status.

Grey Face Rescue and Retirement is entirely foster-based, and can only take in dogs if they have foster homes available.

Consider fostering if you are not ready to commit to adoption, but want to help this rescue’s mission.

This rescue also offers a foster to adopt program for those who may be interested.

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4. Warrior Dog Rescue (Shakopee, MN)

This rescue strives to provide shelter and love to unwanted animals who are in kill shelters, who have been abused or neglected, or whose owners simply cannot care for them any longer.

They also aim to provide education to their community to help encourage proper dog care.

This rescue takes in dogs of all breeds.

If you are not ready to adopt, you might want to think about fostering through Warrior Dog Rescue.

They are always looking for new foster homes.

You can also adopt through their foster to adopt program.

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5. United Doberman Rescue (Buffalo, MN)

Doberman Pinschers are a wonderful breed.

This rescue focuses on saving Dobermans, taking them in from situations where they have been abandoned, neglected, or whose owners can no longer care for them.

When a dog comes to United Doberman Rescue, they receive all the basic vet care that they need.

This includes microchipping and vaccinations.

They accept Dobermans regardless of their health condition or age.

They strive to provide the training and rehabilitation their dogs need so that they can find the perfect forever home.

To adopt from United Doberman Rescue, you will need to pay a $20 application fee and submit an application here.

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6. La Crescent Animal Rescue (La Crescent, MN)

This rescue was established in 2005.

They are run entirely by their dedicated and passionate volunteers.

They take in all breeds, and can also offer safe shelter to strays found in the community.

When you adopt a dog from La Crescent Animal Rescue, you will need to pay a $200 adoption fee.

This fee covers important vet care that the animal receive when they come into the rescue.

All dogs will be vaccinated, spayed or neutered, and other routine vet care like heartworm and flea and tick medication.

You can see all of the available dogs at La Crescent Animal Rescue as well as their adoption application here.

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7. NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue (Tonka Bay, MN)

Are you interested in adopting a smaller breed?

Shih Tzus make loving, playful, and affectionate companions.

When you rescue a Shih Tzu from a shelter, you are offering that dog a much-needed second chance at finding a loving home.

NorthStar Shih Tzu Rescue specializes in helping Shih Tzus.

They also take in Shih Tzu mixes.

They are a no-kill, non-profit shelter that aims to provide safe shelter to homeless Shih Tzus as well as offer important information and education on the breed.

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8. Pet Haven (Minneapolis, MN)

Pet Haven was initially founded in 1952.

This makes them the oldest foster-based rescue in the area.

They strive every day to accomplish multiple goals.

They take in animals who are homeless or unwanted and offer the important rehabilitation and training they need.

They also aim to help reduce dog overpopulation in the area by offering resources for spaying and neutering.

Their SNIP or Spay/Neuter Initiative Program provides this important medical care to dogs in the area, decreasing the amount of homeless and unwanted dogs.

Adult dogs will have a fee of $430 when you adopt, while puppies have a fee of $500.

These fees will help cover the cost of medical care that the dogs receive.

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9. Great River Rescue (Bemidji, MN)

Established in 1977, Great River Rescue has a long history of helping dogs in their area find the loving homes they deserve.

Not only do their take in unwanted or neglected animals, but they also offer important services to the animals and their owners in their area.

Their Pet Fixers program offers low-cost spaying and neutering to reduce the issue of dog overpopulation.

They also provide microchipping services.

Another very important service they provide is the Pet Safe Housing Program.

This program takes in the animals of victims of domestic violence and aims to reunite them.

Take a look at the dogs that are available through Great River Rescue here.

All dog adoptions will require a fee of $208.57 (plus tax).

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10. Crossroads Animal Shelter (Buffalo, MN)

No matter a dog’s breed or health, they will always find space at Crossroads Animal Shelter.

Since 1999, the team at Crossroads Animal Shelter has helped countless animals get the care they need and find new, loving homes.

This shelter does not only rehome dogs.

They also provide their community with an array of crucial animal care services.

They offer microchipping services as well as nail trimming services to keep your dog’s feet healthy and comfortable.

If you are thinking about adopting an animal from this rescue, check out their dogs here.

If you have an animal that you are no longer able to care for, Crossroads Animal Shelter can take in surrenders.

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11. Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue (Owatonna, MN)

Boxers make fantastic companions.

Many dog-lovers seek out this breed because of their playful, puppy-like natures as well as their affectionate attitudes.

Unfortunately, many Boxers are neglected or become homeless.

Rejection Collection Boxer Rescue aims to take in unwanted or abandoned Boxers and find them their perfect forever homes.

They offer basic vetting to their Boxers like spaying and neutering.

If you are interested in adopting a Boxer, then you will want to check out the dogs that are currently available at the rescue here.

Some of their dogs come to them with medical concerns.

These concerns will be listed in the individual dogs’ information area.

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12. Last Hope Animal Rescue (Farmington, MN)

The team at Last Hope Animal Rescue, first established in 1984, is a no-kill, non-profit rescue.

They have helped thousands of animals since they opened their doors, ensuring the dogs that come through their doors receive the care and help they need.

All the dogs that come to them are spayed or neutered and receive basic vetting care.

They also offer their community educational resources to help promote animal welfare.

Last Hope Animal Rescue takes in dogs of all breeds and ages.

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Adopt A Dog From A Rescue In Minnesota

There are lots of great rescues in Minnesota where you can find loving dogs ready to find their new home.

Rescuing a dog is one of the best ways to welcome a new family member.

When you rescue, you are offering a dog in need a second chance.

There are also plenty of dog rescues in Minnesota that are looking for new foster homes for their dogs.

Consider fostering if you are looking to help a dog in need.

Even if you cannot rescue a dog in Minnesota, these organizations are always looking for help and donations.

A great way to help one of these non-profit dog rescues is to donate unused food, bedding, collars, leashes or other items you may have that you are not using.

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