Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia

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Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia

Nova Scotia is a dog-friendly province with plenty of activities for you and your dog.

The province is well known for its scenic views of mountains and forests and deep-sea fishing.

If you have a craving for some lobster, grab your trusted Fido and head out to one of its famous restaurants.

You can also enjoy Point Pleasant Park where you and your pooch can take long walks along the shady trails, or visit Sunshine Beach where you can play in the sand or chill on the beachfront.

We have listed a number of the top dog rescues in Nova Scotia to help you find a canine companion who you can explore all these exciting places with.

These rescue centres have dogs of different breeds and sizes who are waiting to meet and have fun with you.

Discover a new level of love and commitment by adopting a pooch in need.

Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia Canada

1.) SPCA Nova Scotia

At SPCA Nova Scotia, you get the chance to give an abandoned or neglected pooch a second chance at finding a loving home.

This facility has a no-destruction policy with open admission which saves over 12,000 pets annually.

The dog rescue collaborates with a wide network of veterinarians, animal welfare professionals, and foster parents who offer community education and specialist services to the rescues.

This dog rescue centre takes in abandoned, injured, abused, and homeless dogs and works hard to help rehabilitate them and rebuild their trust.

All dogs brought to SPCA Nova Scotia are treated for any medical conditions and undergo training with behavioural trainers to make rehoming a smooth process.

The passionate community of dog-lovers at this SPCA Nova Scotia is always evolving to meet the needs of their rescues and future adoptive parents.

The facility does not receive any funding and relies on generous donations from the community and well-wishers to carry on its inspiring work.

If you are thinking of adopting a pooch from this facility, browse through their adoption page and fill out their adoption application form.

Visits to the facility are limited to 2 people from each family and walk-ins are limited to 20 minutes each.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Shaid Tree Animal Shelter

This small shelter near Bridgewater is committed to helping unwanted pets choose their new forever families.

Shaid Tree Animal Shelter is a non-profit facility with a strict non-destruction policy.

The facility is actively involved in educating the community about responsible pet ownership.

Before adoption, all dogs at Shaid are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for worms and fleas.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this facility, visit their adoption page to see all the adorable adoptables.

Shaid strives to ensure that each dog from their rescue goes to a permanent forever home by making the right match.

As such, your application can take up to 90 days.

Adoption fees start from $100$300.

You can also support this facility through donations or volunteering.

Shaid Tree Animal Shelter is currently welcoming guests to its reception area, so you can stop by to drop donations as you make inquiries.

Adoption viewing is by appointment only.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Bide Awhile

This special animal rescue shelter welcomes abandoned and unwanted dogs and makes them feel safe and loved as they wait to choose their forever families.

Bide Awhile is committed to treating each of their rescues with respect and providing a firm foundation for adoption to ease their transition to family life.

Bide Awhile was incorporated in 1970 and, after 50 years of serving the community, it has gained recognition as one of the safe spaces for rescues in Dartmouth.

The facility is actively involved in educating the Nova Scotia community about responsible pet parenting, animal welfare, and proper pet care.

Each adoption application at this facility is carefully considered to ensure that pets are matched with suitable homes and reduce the number of returns.

This facility also helps surrendered pets meet new parents.

The adoption application starts with a brief telephone interview during which you can schedule an appointment to pay a visit to the facility.

Bide Awhile is known for its open policies and operates a food bank that feeds needy dogs in the locality.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Fly With Me

This small shelter is one of the leading not-for-profit rescues in Halifax, Nova Scotia.

Fly With Me rehomes up to 50 dogs monthly.

The facility relies heavily on volunteers to work as flight companions, work around the shelter, or offer foster care to the rescues.

To adopt a pooch from Fly With Me, you have to fill out a form with your personal information detailing your lifestyle to ensure that you and your pooch are a good match.

The adoption form also requires you to give information about your household, and whether you rent or own your home.

Most dogs are more comfortable in a home with a fenced yard.

However, countless dogs are also happy in apartments.

It is important to discuss this with the team at the rescue centre so they can advise you accordingly.

All dogs at this rescue centre are vaccinated, microchipped, and treated for fleas and worms before adoption.

If you are unable to adopt a dog, you can support Fly With Me through donations.

You can view their current adoptable dogs from either their Facebook page or Instagram page.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Greyhound Pets Of Atlantic Canada

If you are looking to adopt a Spanish dog, this rescue centre is the right place to start.

Formerly known for athletic race dogs, Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada in Lower Sackville has permanently closed its greyhound adoption program.

However, through its partners, Podenco Friends, Ibizan Hound, and SOS Podenco the rescue centre is working collaboratively with rescues in Spain.

Through these organizations, unwanted Podencos and Galgos can find permanent, loving homes in Nova Scotia.

The adoption process is straightforward with interviews, home visits, and reference checks to ensure you are the right match.

Once approved to adopt a Spanish dog, the facility will arrange a flight patron to accompany your pooch to Canada.

Podencos and Galgos are highly affectionate dogs and many adoptions through Greyhound Pets of Atlantic Canada have been successful.

However, if for any reason you and your pooch are not a good match, they are welcome back to GPAC where they can be rehomed.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Misfit Manor

Misfit Manor Dog Rescue Society does not discriminate against breed, age or size.

At this rescue facility, dogs with special needs, those in need of rehabilitation, and even those considered ‘problem pups’ are always welcome.

The assessment process at this rescue facility is carried out with careful consideration to ensure dogs can be fully rehabilitated before adoption.

Misfit Manor also partners with other reputable rescues to help all dogs with special needs.

Misfit Manor does not consider itself a shelter as all rescues are entered into foster care to wait for adoption.

If you would like to adopt a pooch who perfectly suits your quirky personality, submit an application expressing your interest and the team at the facility will arrange a visit.

  • Visit the adoption page to see all ‘Adoptable’ dogs available.

You may also be allowed to adopt dogs tagged ‘Compassionate Care’.

However, these dogs need a lot more care and you must be prepared to accommodate their complex medical and behavioural needs.

Make a difference in a misfit’s life by adopting a dog from Misfit Manor.

You can also support this facility through donations or volunteering as a foster parent.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Coastal K9 Rescue Society

Coastal K9 Rescue Society serves abandoned, neglected, abused, and stray dogs of Nova Scotia and beyond.

This rescue shelter is dedicated to saving homeless dogs as well as those surrendered by their parents.

The dog rescue facility runs a foster-based adoption program and does not have kennels or a shelter.

Generous foster parents care for the rescues as they wait to meet their forever families.

The facility welcomes volunteers who would like to offer temporary homes for dogs in need.

Coastal K9 Rescue Society’s foster program covers all the costs including food and medical expenses to ensure you have a positive experience as a foster parent.

This facility follows a comprehensive adoption process to ensure each of its dogs is matched with the right family.

Adoption fees range from $300$550.

Beyond adoption, Coastal K9 Rescue Society also helps pet parents in the Nova Scotia community learn more about responsible pet ownership through public education.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Good Bones Dog Rescue

This facility provides leadership and expertise in dog rescue activities within East Coast Nova Scotia.

The non-profit charity rescues impounded shelter dogs and also welcomes owner surrenders.

Good Bones Dog Rescue is operated by dog-loving volunteers who are committed to the rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming of stray, abandoned, and neglected dogs not only in Nova Scotia but across Canada.

The facility operates a foster-based system where dogs live within homes with temporary parents.

Here, they can be assessed for any behavioural problems and temperament issues.

After an assessment, the dogs go through behavioural modification training with a professional before rehoming.

All pets are vaccinated, neutered, microchipped, and treated for any medical conditions before adoption.

The adoption process involves careful screening to ensure that you and your dog are the right fit.

You can also support Good Bones Dog Rescue by volunteering, donating or sponsoring a dog.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Save A Life Canada

Save A Life Canada is another foster-based rescue located in Nova Scotia.

This rescue facility is focused on eliminating kill shelters in Canada and the USA as well as helping the voiceless, neglected, abandoned, and abused dogs.

After rescuing dogs from pounds and shelters, SALC places them with loving foster families who have experience handling newly rescued pups as they await adoption.

After careful assessment, the dogs are treated for any medical conditions and taken through behavioural training to rectify any temperamental and obedience issues.

To adopt a furry friend from Save A Life Canada, visit the ‘Adoptables‘ page on their site and fill out the online application form.

Adoption fees start from $300 for older and special needs dogs, $350 for dogs up to 8 years old, $400 for dogs up to 4 years old, and $400$450 for pups under 12 months.

You can also support the good work at this dog rescue in Nova Scotia through donations, volunteering, or sponsoring a dog.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Conclusion For Dog Rescues In Nova Scotia

Find A Dog Rescue In Nova Scotia To Adopt Your Next Dog From

With dogs breeding year-round, unwanted and abandoned puppies have become an increasingly worrying trend.

These dog rescues in Nova Scotia aim to reduce the number of dogs being euthanised by finding them loving homes.

By adopting a dog from any of these rescues, you show compassion and kindness to dogs who would otherwise be destroyed.

These dog rescue centres in Nova Scotia save pregnant pups, elderly dogs, and newborns from this terrible fate by bringing them to safe spaces where they can meet responsible parents.

All dogs at the rescues listed above meet the animal health regulations and are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.

Some of the facilities charge an adoption fee to cover these procedures and any other medical treatments the dogs may need.

If the dog has any serious medical conditions, the facility will always let you know to prepare you for the responsibility and commitment of taking in such a pet.

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