Dog Rescues In Sydney To Adopt A Dog From

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Dog Rescues In Sydney To Adopt A Dog From

Sydney is a dog-friendly city and it is not uncommon to see families walking along the streets with their fur babies.

This city features Sydney Park, a popular dog-friendly area with a stunning off-leash zone.

There are also many other dog-friendly parks where you and your family can enjoy your new addition.

Sydney also features plenty of trails ideal for walking, running, and agility training.

We have prepared a list of dog rescues in Sydney where you can adopt a dog from who can keep you company as you explore this beautiful city.

By adopting a dog you bring into your life a true companion with whom you will share a bond of friendship to last a lifetime.

The best thing you can do for a dog is to adopt them into your family.

Visit any of these rescues to see all the adorable pups waiting to choose you as a friend for life.

Dog Rescues In Sydney Australia

1.) Maggie’s Rescue

Maggie’s Rescue was started in 2011 by passionate animal advocates who envisioned a world where all animals have loving families.

The facility has a strict no-kill policy and is focused on ensuring all its rescues settle in safe forever homes.

Since its formation, Maggie’s has rescued over 1,700 animals.

The dedicated team of dog-lovers at this facility are also focused on community education and desexing initiatives to reduce the growing number of unwanted dogs in Sydney.

Maggie’s also partners with local animal welfare organisations in Sydney working towards the introduction and implementation of animal welfare legislation.

As they celebrate 10 years of rescue, Maggie’s welcomes you to adopt a pooch.

All dogs at this rescue centre are fully checked by a vet for any medical conditions, vaccinated, and desexed.

The animals are taken care of by foster parents who carefully evaluate their behavioural challenges, temperament, and training levels.

Adoption donations vary with some going up to $650 which covers the cost of all necessary health checks.

You can also support Maggie’s Rescue through donations or buying merchandise from the facility.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Sydney Dogs And Cats Home

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home was founded in 1946 to help lost, neglected, and abandoned pets in Sydney.

The rescue is Sydney’s only not-for-profit pound, but it strives to provide high-quality shelter, food, and veterinary care to all its rescues.

This dog rescue is focused on the Getting to Zero campaign by rehoming all the pets that come to the facility.

The facility does not place a time limit on adoption and allows dogs to stay at the rescue for as long as it takes until they get united with their forever families.

Sydney Dogs and Cats is also a member of the Companion Animal Network Australia which strives to promote responsible pet ownership and celebrate the pet-human bond.

When you are ready to adopt a dog from this facility, the team will conduct a basic home check before you can be allowed to take your new canine companion home to meet your family.

Sydney Dogs and Cats Home also vaccinates, neuters, microchips, and deworms all their pets before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Rocky’s 9 Rescue

Merna Karam, the founder of this rescue facility and her team are dedicated to saving dogs from pounds and shelters around Sydney.

The team at Rocky’s 9 Rescue has rescued over 2,500 deserving dogs since its inception in 2008.

Rocky’s 9 Rescue does not discriminate against dogs based on age, breed, or size.

The facility is also committed to creating awareness among the public about the plight of abandoned pups in pounds in Sydney and across NSW.

The small private rescue welcomes you to visit its adoption page to see all the available pups looking forward to meeting you.

Adoption rates range from $380$450.

Some pets may require additional fees depending on their medical needs.

Rocky’s 9 Rescue depends on the generosity of well-wishers to keep their doors open and to help as many dogs as it can.

If you do not have enough room in your home to adopt, you can support Merna and her team by donating, or volunteering.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Animal Welfare League NSW

This animal welfare upholds the belief that all animals should be treated with dignity and not exposed to unnecessary suffering or destruction.

The non-profit group is dedicated to caring for and advocating for all dogs in Sydney and beyond.

The Animal Welfare League is one of the largest rescue institutions in Australia rescuing over 50,000 pets annually.

The rescue facility takes care of injured, homeless, abandoned and abused dogs of all breeds and sizes.

With over 60 years of experience, the Animal Welfare League features over 20 branches in New South Wales that are dedicated to rehoming, foster care, community education and desexing at subsidised rates.

If you are ready to adopt the perfect pooch for your lifestyle from this organisation, visit their adoption page to find a furry friend.

Adoption fees vary depending on your pup’s medical needs and range from $125$450.

You can also support the good work at Animal Welfare League through donations, volunteering, or becoming a foster parent.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Paws ’n’ Hooves

This non-profit dog rescue centre in Sydney is operated by a team of volunteers that is committed to saving pets from unnecessary destruction.

The facility rescues and rehomes lost, abused, abandoned, and neglected dogs.

Paws ‘n’ Hooves does not have dedicated kennels and relies on the kindness of foster families who care for their rescues until they are permanently rehomed.

Considered one of the larger animal welfare organizations in Sydney, this dog rescue has a wide variety of pups to choose from so you are sure to meet your match.

Since opening its doors in 2008, Paws ‘n’ Hooves has rehomed over 1,400 dogs.

If you are a dog lover who would love to have one of these happy endings, visit their adoption page to see a variety of pups that you can choose from.

If your lifestyle cannot accommodate a permanent pet, you can support this facility by sponsoring a dog, donating, fundraising, or even telling a friend about the rescue centre.

Paws ‘n’ Hooves offers rescues a comfortable home setting in its backyard that allows the dogs to socialize and get comfortable with both human and animal interaction.

Here, dogs can also interact with their future pet parents in a homely setting.

This allows them to transition smoothly from the facility to your home.

All pets at this facility are vaccinated, microchipped, and desexed before adoption.

Pet parents also get full details on their chosen pet’s temperament, special dietary needs, and health conditions if any.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Monika’s Rescues

This registered charity is committed to saving and rehoming dogs from council pounds where they are at risk of destruction.

Monika Biernacki and a group of dog-loving volunteers started rescuing dogs and other pets in Sydney in 2001.

Since opening its doors, Monika’s Rescues has successfully rehomed over 900 dogs.

Monika and her team place stray, abandoned, and unwanted dogs in foster care where they can receive the love and care they deserve as they wait to go to their forever homes.

The facility in Ingleside also works collaboratively with nearby rescues and shelters to save dogs in need.

All dogs at Monika’s Rescues are vaccinated, desexed, tested for heartworm, and treated for fleas, worms, and any other ailments they might have before adoption.

The adoption process at this rescue centre involves a 5-step process that includes discussing your needs with a professional to make sure that you are matched with the right pooch for your lifestyle.

During this process, your family, pets, and children will also get an opportunity to meet your future fur baby to ensure that they all get along.

Adoption fees vary from $400$600 depending on the type, age, and sex of the dog.

Once you have completed the adoption process, you can go home with your pooch on the same day.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Animal Adoption Agency

At the Animal Adoption Agency, you get the chance to give a dog a loving, new home.

This facility in Sydney takes the time to understand your needs and match you with the perfect pooch.

The team at this rescue centre has over 20 years of experience in matching pets and their parents with few returns.

The Animal Adoption Agency was started by Lee and Fiona, a dog-loving duo that is determined to help the abandoned and neglected dogs of Sydney.

The couple has helped hundreds of pets, including dogs, find and settle with caring forever families.

They have also managed to save countless others from destruction.

Lee and Fiona also run an exclusive ‘private adoption’ program for parents who would like to surrender their dogs.

This involves advertising the available pets at the agency after which interested parents are directed to you directly.

This program allows pet parents who can no longer care for their dogs to have peace of mind and know that their beloved pets are going to good, loving homes.

If you would like to adopt, visit the Animal Adoption Agency site to see detailed profiles of the available furry companions.

They list their dogs based on size, so if you are looking for a small dog rescue in Sydney then check out this rescue.

Adoption donations go up to $250 for large breeds.

This fee covers microchipping, vaccination, deworming, desexing, and any other medical treatments.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Greyhounds as Pets New South Wales

Commonly known for racing, Greyhounds make good pets that are very easy to train and less taxing in terms of exercise needs.

Greyhounds As Pets caters to all the sporty singles, mums, dads, and families that love these loving dogs.

With numerous athletes as ambassadors, Greyhounds As Pets is spreading the love for these sturdy pups across Sydney.

Greyhounds are gentle affectionate dogs that, contrary to popular belief, do not need much exercise.

These naturally athletic dogs make perfect pets if you have enough space for them to stretch and play around.

This hound rescue offers adoption services through a simple 5-step process.

The first step is filling out an online application form after which the team at the rescue will match you with a Greyhound that will be perfectly suited to your lifestyle.

You can adopt a pooch for as little as $100 for senior hounds during Adopt a Senior Pet Month.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Conclusion To Dog Rescues In Sydney

Find A Dog Rescue In Sydney Australia To Adopt From

Find a pet as loving as you.

Adopting a dog allows you to give an abandoned pooch a second chance.

Many of the dogs in the rescues listed here have so much love to give and are waiting for loving families to share their lives with.

While adoption can be a long process, these dog rescues in Sydney make your life easier by efficiently matching you with the right dog for your lifestyle.

Many do not have specific breeds for adoption as they only take in the available dogs from nearby pounds, shelters, breed groups, or even pets who have strayed away from their families.

However, some such as Greyhounds As Pets, allow you to choose this specific breed as Greyhounds are their focus.

As you prepare to provide a safe space for your new pooch, visit any of the dog rescues listed here to talk to professionals about proper pet care, nutrition, and safety.

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