Dog Rescues In Tennessee | 11 Best Rescues To Adopt From

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Dog Rescues In Tennessee | 11 Best Rescues To Adopt From

If you are in Tennessee and thinking about adopting a dog, you should consider getting one from a rescue.

There are many rescues throughout Tennessee that take in many different breeds of dogs.

No matter where in the state you are, you should be able to find a rescue near you.

These rescues in Tennessee are ready to welcome you and help you find the perfect animal companion.

For those who need to surrender their dog for whatever reason, some of these dog rescues will allow you to surrender your dog to them – usually with a fee.

Dog Rescues In Tennessee

1.) Gigi’s Rescue (Goodlettsville, TN)

No matter where a dog comes from, they are welcome at Gigi’s Rescue.

The volunteers and organizers at Gigi’s Rescue take pride in their commitment to helping dogs whether they have been abused or neglected and need rehabilitation, or whether they have been surrendered by owners.

Gigi’s Rescue understands that choosing to surrender an animal is never an easy thing.

This rescue will never judge an owner for needing to relinquish an animal.

They provide their dogs with all the required vetting services they need.

They also work alongside other rescues to help as many animals as they can, and they aim to keep administrative costs low so all the money can go towards their animals.

Check out their available dogs here.

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2.) Greyhound Pets of America Nashville (Nashville, TN)

You may have the mental image of sleek-looking dogs running down racetracks when you hear the word “Greyhound.”

However, this breed is just as happy to be lazy on the couch with you as they are to run around.

Greyhound Pets of America Nashville knows how wonderful this breed is, and what great family companions they make.

They operate within a 60-mile radius from Nashville, taking in retired racing hounds and placing them in loving families where they can live happy and relaxed lives.

On average, around 100 Greyhounds a year find homes thanks to this rescue.

If you are interested in adopting a Greyhound, check out their adoptable dogs.

You can find the adoption application here.

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3.) Big Fluffy Dog Rescue (Nashville, TN)

What makes this dog rescue operating out of Nashville unique is that they work hard to rescue specifically large mixed breeds.

Big breeds can have difficulties finding the right homes because of their size.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue aims to help every single one of their dogs find loving families.

This rescue takes large breeds at risk of euthanasia out of overcrowded high-kill shelters.

They also accept abused and unwanted dogs, as well as dogs whose families can no longer properly care for them.

If you need to surrender a dog, this rescue may be able to take them for you.

Big Fluffy Dog Rescue relies heavily on their fosters so consider becoming a foster today.

You can view their available dogs here.

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4.) Schnauzer Love Rescue (Nashville, TN)

The volunteers at this rescue are passionate about what they do.

Schnauzers are a unique breed and can make a fantastic addition to any family.

Schnauzer Love Rescue works exclusively with this dog breed.

They are dedicated to the dogs in their care and make sure that they have all the support they need until they are adopted.

This rescue also strives to encourage knowledgeable and responsible pet ownership.

Many of the dogs they look after have come from difficult backgrounds.

They ensure that potential adopters understand these dogs may require a little extra time and love for them to feel comfortable.

See their available dogs here.

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5.) Safe Place for Animals (Gallatin, TN)

If you are looking to adopt a dog in the Gallatin area, consider looking for your new companion at this rescue.

They opened their first shelter in 2008, which has provided a location for unwanted, abused or surrendered animals to wait for their forever homes.

Safe Place for Animals does not just provide rescue services to their community.

They also provide low-cost vetting to help owners keep their pets safe and healthy.

There is also a grooming salon where owners can take their animals.

Grooming is an important but often overlooked element of pet care, especially for doodles.

Safe Place for Animals ensures that grooming services are available for their community.

You can see their available dogs here.

All dogs have a $250 adoption fee unless noted otherwise.

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6.) JoJo’s Dog House (Gallatin, TN)

This non-profit dog rescue takes in dogs regardless of breed or background.

They are foster-based and their dogs live in loving foster homes until they find adopters.

This rescue initially began as a small community of family and friends who wanted to help dogs in need.

Since then, the rescue has grown considerably.

JoJo’s Dog House knows that even the smallest action can make a world of difference for a dog in need.

You can support this rescue by volunteering, donating, or becoming a foster.

They strive to help reduce the issue of pet overpopulation by offering spaying and neutering to their dogs, along with other important medical services.

See their dogs up for adoption here.

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7.) Battle for the Bully (Gallatin, TN)

The unfortunate reality is that Bully breeds like Pit Bulls often get a bad reputation as being violent.

This makes it incredibly challenging for these dogs to find homes.

Luckily, there are rescues like Battle for the Bully.

These rescues take in abused, unwanted, and surrendered dogs that are considered Bully Breeds and help them find safe homes.

They also educate their community on the proper ways to care for Bully Breeds, and why these dogs can make such great companions.

It is their mission to change the public perception of these dogs and show potential owners how loving they can be.

Battle for the Bully offers medical services like vaccinations, spaying, and neutering.

See their adoptable dogs here.

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8.) Hot Rods Garage Senior Sanctuary (Big Rock, TN)

What makes this rescue so special is their commitment to senior dogs, as well as dogs with special needs.

These dogs are often overlooked in shelters and rescues, leaving many of them to be euthanized unless if they can find a forever family or sanctuary.

The team at Hot Rods Garage Senior Sanctuary knows that these dogs can make amazing family members.

For more than a decade, this rescue has taken in senior dogs from a variety of backgrounds and situations.

Many of them are at high risk of being euthanized in overcrowded shelters.

The rescue was named after a Beagle named Hot Rod who was abandoned in the country.

The husband and wife decided to take him in, and after that, the rescue was born.

If you would like to see the seniors currently available, you can check them out here.

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9.) Middle Tennessee German Shepherd Rescue (Nashville, TN)

This rescue was first established in 2012.

Their main goal is to take in unwanted and abandoned German Shepherds.

While they focus on purebred dogs, they also take in similar breeds like Belgian Malinois as well as German Shepherd mixes.

They carefully assess each dog that comes to them to ensure they are right for the rescue.

Their team is made up of professional trainers who work hard to get the dogs ready to be adopted.

Another thing that helps this rescue stand out is their commitment to their adopters.

They want to form lasting relationships and ensure that adopters get all the follow-up support that they and their dogs need.

Take a look at their adoptable dogs here.

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10.) New Leash on Life (Lebanon, TN)

New Leash on Life takes in stray, unwanted, and surrendered dogs.

They also provide an array of important services to the Lebanon community.

They promote responsible pet ownership by educating residents on spaying and neutering.

They also work hard to help keep services like these affordable which helps to reduce pet overpopulation.

Their goal is to one day see euthanasia because of pet overpopulation become a thing of the past.

New Leash on Life provides lots of programming to the community.

This includes the JOY Clinic, which offers spaying and neutering services to dogs in need.

There is also a paw pantry that helps low-income pet owners get the healthy food their pets need.

They accept surrendered animals and offer no judgment toward owners who need to give up their pets.

View their available dogs here.

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11.) Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue (Jackson, TN)

Boston Terriers are unique little dogs full of energy and affection for their owners.

Sadly, many Boston Terriers around the United States find themselves homeless for a variety of reasons.

Southern Cross Boston Terrier Rescue operates in many US states, including Tennessee.

They take in unwanted, abused, or surrendered Boston Terriers, as well as work hard to educate their communities on the importance of spaying and neutering pets.

This rescue relies on their foster network to care for the dogs in the rescue.

They offer long-term rehabilitation to their dogs, ensuring that they get the support they need.

If you have a Boston Terrier that you can no longer care for, Southern Cross Boston Terrier accepts surrendered animals.

You can see their available dogs here.

When you find a dog you are interested in meeting, fill out the application form here.

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Summary Of Dog Rescues In Tennessee

Find A Dog Rescue In Tennessee To Adopt A Dog From

Adopting a dog is one of the best ways to welcome an animal into your life.

Any of the rescues in Tennessee will help you find the perfect dog for you.

Any of the above Tennessee based rescues will be more than happy to work with you to find your new family member.

If you are unable to adopt, you might want to think about supporting these rescues in other ways.

Dog rescues in Tennessee are always looking for donations, volunteers, and fosters to keep running.

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