Dog Rescues In Texas

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Dog Rescues In Texas

Adopting a dog is a wonderful way to find a new companion and help an animal in need at the same time.

There are a large number of dog rescues in Texas that you can choose from. We believe it is better to adopt a new dog or puppy from a rescue or dog shelter, rather than supporting a dog breeder.

By finding your next do from a dog rescue, you will not only save money but also help to save the life of a dog who would otherwise be euthanized. Most dog rescues are ran by charities or nonprofits and survive on the support of those who come and adopt from them.

For those who can no longer care for their dog, some rescues allow you to surrender your dog for free to them. In Texas, there are plenty of great rescues you can adopt dogs from, here are 13 of them.

Dog Rescues In Texas

1.) ​Texoma Dog Ranch Rescue​​​ (Denison, TX)

Texoma Dog Ranch Rescue In Texas

Texoma Dog Ranch Rescue is a private non-profit 501(c)3 organization that does not receive any government funding. We rely on private donations, fundraisers and grants so that we can help as many dogs as possible.

We are eternally grateful for our donors and foundations for their support. We rescue dogs that are on the list for euthanasia so that they have a chance at a happy life in a forever home.

Texoma Dog Ranch believes in building relationships with shelters, other rescue groups, owners, volunteers, adopters, and veterinary partners. We care for dogs with minor and serious medical conditions.

We try to raise funds while strengthening donor and grant support. We strive to educate the public on responsible pet ownership through our Facebook posts, local media, relationships with owners, adopters and volunteers, and participation in community events.

We assist with dogs in distress without regard to age, breed or ease of placement as our finances allow, dogs in the greatest need take priority. Please consider donating to our rescue.

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2.) Small Chance Rescue (Austin, TX)

If you are looking for a dog rescue in Austin, Texas and you are interested in rescuing smaller breeds, this could be the perfect rescue for you.

For over 17 years, Small Chance Rescue has helped smaller breeds find their forever homes.

Co-founders Julia, Michelle, and Danielle are passionate about helping these dogs get the second chances that they deserve.

If you are interested in adopting from Small Chance Rescue, you will have to fill out an application form, available on their website.

There is a standard $200 adoption fee and you can check out the available dogs on their website.

If you want to help dogs in need but you are not ready to adopt, you can also consider fostering through Small Chance Rescue.

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3.) Operation Kindness (Carrollton, TX)

This dog rescue was founded in 1976.

It is a volunteer-based non-profit committed to ensuring that the dogs in their care go to the right homes.

Operation Kindness also runs an on-site animal hospital where dogs can receive medical care and services like spaying and neutering.

You can see the available dogs at Operation Kindness on their website, as well as find their application form.

When you apply to adopt, there will be a $185 fee which includes fees for spaying or neutering, vaccinations, a microchip, and other basic care items.

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4.) Rescue Row (Frisco, TX)

Rescue Row is dedicated to helping dogs regardless of age, breed, or temperament.

They are a volunteer-run non-profit rescue that aims to help dogs in abusive or neglectful homes or dogs that have been surrendered by their owners through no fault of their own.

This rescue provides training, spaying and neutering, microchipping, and any other veterinary care that a dog coming to them might require.

If you are thinking about adopting from Rescue Row, you can learn a little more about their adoption process on their website.

An adult dog has an adoption fee of $275, and the process involves a home visit and a two-week trial adoption.

You can see the dogs they have available here.

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5.) Humane Society of Dallas (Dallas, TX)

The Humane Society of Dallas has operated in the area for more than 40 years.

This no-kill shelter provides dogs with much-needed medical care including vaccinations, spaying and neutering, and other basic care.

They are dedicated to the animals that come into their shelter and work to provide their community with education on animal care.

If you would like to adopt a dog from the Human Society of Dallas, you can take a look at the dogs they have available on their website.

You will need to call their adoption director, whose phone number is available on their site as well, and fill out an adoption application.

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6.) Charming Pet Rescue (Boerne, TX)

Highly rated with 4.8 stars on Google, Charming Pet Rescue is made up of a team of compassionate, caring volunteers committed to the safety and wellbeing of dogs in the area.

They take in dogs from situations of abuse and neglect, as well as dogs living on the streets of Boerne.

Dogs that come into their care receive important medical care like vaccinations and neutering and spaying, as well as training and rehabilitation.

They also run a Silver Paws program which allows senior citizens in the area who have a fixed or low income to adopt senior dogs in need of forever homes.

You can see the dogs up for adoption on their website, and find their adoption application on there as well.

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7.) Legacy Humane Society (McKinney, TX)

Legacy Humane Society was originally founded in 2008.

Originally named the Collin County Humane Society, this shelter has over 80 foster homes and more than 100 volunteers helping dogs in need.

You can find all the available dogs at Legacy Humane Society listed on their website.

If you are thinking about adopting from this shelter, you will need to fill out an adoption application form on their website.

There will be a fee of $275 for dogs over 6 months of age and a fee of $325 for puppies and dogs under 6 months of age.

These fees will cover the costs of vaccinations, spaying and neutering, microchipping, dewormers, and other important medical care.

If you would like to support Legacy Humane Society with their mission, consider applying to become a foster on their website, or purchase an item from their shop to help support them financially.

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8.) Fuzzy Friends Rescue (Waco, TX)

Founded by passionate dog-lover Betsy Robinson, Fuzzy Friends Rescue is dedicated to offering unwanted and abandoned dogs in Waco the second chance they deserve for a happy life.

This shelter is a non-profit, and they provide the animals that come to them with medical care as well as any rehabilitation they require.

When you adopt a dog from Fuzzy Friends Rescue, you will need to pay a fee.

The fee that you pay will be determined by the amount of care that each individual animal needs when they come into care.

Fuzzy Friends Rescue provides their dogs with basic medical care like vaccinations and spaying and neutering before they are ready to be adopted.

You can take a look at the dogs available at the shelter on their website.

You will be able to find their application form here.

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9.) Athens Animal Rescue (Athens, TX)

In 2020, Athens Animal Rescue took over what was previously the county animal rescue and made some major changes to the organization.

They are open daily by appointment and work hard to provide the dogs that come to them with the medical care and rehabilitation they need.

If you are thinking about adopting a dog from this shelter, you can see all their available dogs here.

When you adopt an adult dog, you will pay an adoption fee of $125 which includes a microchip.

Before they are adopted out, all dogs are given their vaccines, dewormers, and heartworm preventatives. They are also neutered or spayed.

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10.) Almost Home Rescue (Fort Worth, TX)

This dog rescue is entirely run by volunteers and donations from the Fort Worth Community.

They ensure that the dogs that come to them are provided with full medical care before they are available for adoption.

They are foster-based, which means they are not run out of a particular facility.

Adoptable dogs are brought to rescue events every weekend.

Their events calendar on their website will tell you where the next event is.

This includes spaying and neutering, microchipping, and vaccinations among other important medical services.

You can see the dogs that are up for adoption on Almost Home Rescue’s website.

You will also be able to find their adoption application.

If you are not ready to commit long-term to a dog, then you can consider fostering through Almost Home Rescue.

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11.) Apollo Support & Rescue (Justin, TX)

The 5-acre facility that houses Apollo Support & Rescue isn’t the only place where you will find the dogs that this rescue cares for.

They also send their dogs to foster homes around the community.

Dedicated to the safety and happiness of their animals, Apollo Support & Rescue provides food, shelter, and medical care to unwanted or abused dogs.

They also run a program that aims to feed and vaccinate dogs in Fort Worth’s downtown homeless camps.

Apollo Support & Rescue has all of their adoptable animals listed here.

Adult dogs have an adoption fee of $200.

If you are thinking about adopting from Apollo Support & Rescue, you will find their application form on their website.

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12.) Houston Pets Alive! (Houston, TX)

This rescue was established in 2014 by Andrea Birkelbach.

It is a non-profit that’s supported by donations and volunteers.

What makes this dog rescue unique is that they take in animals who are at risk of being euthanized at pounds and shelters in the area, offering these dogs a chance at finding a loving, safe home.

Available dogs can be seen on their website and can be adopted for $199.

This fee helps to cover medical care like deworming, vaccinations, and spays and neuters.

You will find their dog application form on their website as well.

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13.) Oak Hill Animal Rescue (Seagoville, TX)

Since 2006, Oak Hill Animal Rescue has operated as a non-profit, no-kill animal shelter.

They take in unwanted animals as well as animals at risk of being euthanized at the Metroplex Animals Shelters.

When you adopt a dog from Oak Hill Animal Rescue, you will fill out an application and pay an adoption fee of somewhere between $225 to $275, once you have found a dog you are interested in.

You will be able to find their adoptable dogs listed here.

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Summary Of Dog Rescues In Texas

Find A Dog From A Rescue In Texas

If you have questions on how to rescue a dog or adopt your next dog you can always contact one of the rescues we have listed above.

These dog rescues are all located in Texas and are well rated.

For those looking for a puppy or even a small breed dog, there are some dog rescues in Texas you can contact such as, Small Chance Rescue out of Austin Texas.

They focus on smaller breed dogs as well as helping people to foster a dog.

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