Why Is My Dog Sneezing So Much

Why Is My Dog Sneezing So Much?

Sneezing is perfectly normal for a dog, just as it is for people. However, a dog sneezing non-stop or sneezing in particular situations may suggest a medical issue that needs treatment. Here is what you need to know about why your dog may be sneezing and whether you should do something about it or not. … Read more

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Poop

How Long Can Dogs Hold Their Poop?

Most of us with a canine companion need to adapt our schedule to fit some of their needs. One of the many things we need to consider is a dog’s poop schedule, as we need to make sure we offer them plenty of potty breaks outdoors. In order to do this, you should not only … Read more

Nose Bleeds In Dogs

Nose Bleeds In Dogs, Why Is My Dog Bleeding From His Nose?

There is nothing more shocking than looking over at your furry friend, only to discover a stream of blood trickling from their nose. While we know we can get nosebleeds from common irritants like allergies or dry skin, it is not as straightforward for our canine companions. So why is your dog bleeding from the … Read more

How To Treat Parvo At Home

How To Treat Parvo At Home

If your dog is with suspected canine parvovirus, then it can be a worrying time. You might be tempted to see if you can treat your dog yourself at home, especially if you have concerns about your vet bill. How do you treat parvo at home if you cannot afford the vet? For most people, … Read more

Kennel Nose In Dogs

Kennel Nose In Dogs – What Is It?

Have you ever picked up your dog from a weekend at the boarding facility, only to discover that their nose is red and raw? The scrapes on their face can have you wondering what happened during your time away, causing an immediate worry to wash over you. Though their irritated nose can be daunting, the … Read more

Where To Euthanize A Dog For Free

Where To Euthanize A Dog For Free

Euthanasia is a service that is performed in almost every animal hospital across the world. Though this service can be easily found, it does come with a cost. Many clinics will try to accommodate all budgets, but some owners will find themselves needing a free euthanasia. No matter the reason you are in need of … Read more

Dog Vomit Smells Like Poop

My Dog’s Vomit Smells Like Poop

Dog vomit is unpleasant at the best of times, but even worse when it smells like poop. You should pay attention to the fact it smells extra bad as it could be a sign of something serious going on. Let’s look at some of the most common reasons why your dog’s vomit might smell like … Read more

How Long Should A Dog With Parvo Be Isolated

How Long Should A Dog With Parvo Be Isolated?

Canine parvovirus, or parvo, as it is better known, is a viral disease that has the potential to affect all dogs. It spreads easily and primarily strikes the gastrointestinal system and causes severe symptoms that are oftentimes deadly. There is no cure for parvo, as it is a virus and the dog’s own immune system … Read more

Why Is My Dogs Head Hot

Why Is My Dog’s Head Hot?

There are many reasons why a dog’s head can feel hot, and it can be concerning when you are unsure what caused it. Some of the most common culprits include fever, heatstroke, vaccination, stress, allergies and inflammation. There are also circumstances in which your pet’s head can feel hot that are not a cause for … Read more

Best Dog Rescues In Washington State

11 Best Dog Rescues In Washington State

Are you considering adopting a dog? Both small and large dog rescues can be found across the state. If you are located in Washington State then finding a dog rescue to adopt from should be a top priority. There are many dog rescues to choose from who are located across the state. Continue reading for … Read more

Why Is My Dog Dry Heaving

Why Is My Dog Dry Heaving?

It can be worrying if your dog keeps dry heaving as they often seem so uncomfortable and sick while it’s happening. There are many different reasons why your dog might be doing this though, some more serious than others. We will explore dry heaving in detail in this article as well as when you should … Read more

How Often Should Puppies Poop

How Often Do Puppies Poop? More Than Adult Dogs

When you welcome a new puppy into your home, you are likely watching them closely for any sign of concern. A puppy’s poop habits are a wonderful peek into their current state of health, so an understanding of how often they should poop is essential. So how many times a day should your puppy poop? … Read more

Nasal Cancer In Dogs And When To Euthanize

Nasal Cancer In Dogs When To Euthanize

If your dog has been diagnosed with any form of nasal cancer, you are likely researching every aspect of their condition. Though it’s important to understand the options in extending your pup’s life, it’s also essential to understand when it may be time to say goodbye. Nasal tumors are known to be incredibly invasive cases, … Read more

Blepharitis In Dogs

Eyelid Inflammation (Blepharitis) In Dogs

Have you noticed that your dog’s eye is red and swollen? If the skin and eyelids are looking puffy and sore, rather than the eyeball itself, then he could be suffering from a condition known as blepharitis. It can be worrying to see your dog looking so uncomfortable and sorry for himself, so you probably … Read more

Dog Shampoos For Itchy Skin

The 8 Best Dog Shampoos For Itchy Skin

If you are in a hurry and just want to find out what the most popular dog shampoo for itchy skins are, then we recommend TropiClean Oatmeal Medicated Shampoo for Pets as the best dog shampoo. Some dogs itch and scratch until their skin turns red and dry. It’s clearly not healthy for them and … Read more

Gray Pit Bull With Blue Eyes

Grey Pitbull With Blue Eyes: Everything You Should Know

Blue eyes seem to be the color that everyone loves in dogs. This is especially true of the grey pitbull with blue eyes. When I see a rescue with a litter of pitties with gray fur and blue-eyes there is usually a line of adopters waiting to scoop one up. Yes, that is great news … Read more

Dramamine Dosage For Dogs

Dramamine Dosage For Dogs

It can be tempting to give your dog some of your own medication, especially if they seem nauseous. Dramamine is a drug that many people keep at home, especially if you regularly suffer from motion sickness. So what is the Dramamine dosage for dogs, or how much can you give them? Is it safe to … Read more

Is Lemongrass Safe For Dogs

Is Lemongrass Safe For Dogs?

When planning your garden, you might be wondering whether certain plants are safe to use around your pets or not. In this article we will explore lemongrass, a versatile ornamental grass that is used in cooking and aromatherapy, as well as decorating many family yards. What Is Lemongrass? Lemongrass plants (Cymbopogon citratus) are also known … Read more

The 3-3-3 Rule To Help Your Adopted Rescue Dog

The 3-3-3 Rule To Help Your Adopted Rescue Dog

If you are adopting a rescue dog and you have done some research on how to get the best start for your life together, chances are you have come by the 3-3-3 rule for adopted dogs. When adopting a dog, you can’t expect your new best friend to adjust to a new home just like … Read more

How To Foster A Dog

How To Foster A Dog

If you love doggies, fostering a dog is one of the most rewarding things you can do. Offering shelter for an abandoned dog, bonding with them, and building a relationship of love and trust will provide you with experiences you will treasure for years to come. Of course, you will be making one shelter dog … Read more