French Bulldog Rescues In California

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French Bulldog Rescues In California

French bulldogs make for good pets. They are loving and do not require vigorous exercise, which is why they are considered one of the most popular AKC breeds.

However, finding a french bulldog rescue in California to adopt from can be more difficult than it looks. At CharityPaws we never advocate buying from a breeder or puppy mill, but instead to adopt from a rescue.

Adopting from french bulldog rescues in California can also be a rewarding experience. These rescues look for and save french bulldogs that have been abandoned or neglected by owners who can no longer handle the responsibility.

French Bulldog Rescues In California

Where to Find French Bulldogs Rescues In California

As much as getting a french bulldog from a rescue is a good idea, starting your search might be confusing, especially if you do not know where to find these rescues.

We have created a list of some of the best dog rescues in California where you can find some of these furry friends to adopt.

1.) Southern California Bulldog Rescue (Santa Ana, CA)

Southern California Bulldog Rescue

The Southern California Bulldog Rescue is located in Santa Ana California, and is one of the most popular bulldog rescues in California.

Its mission is to save as many homeless French Bulldogs as possible. They search for, save and rehabilitate Frenchies. After rehabilitation, they place their dogs in suitable forever homes.

They accept bulldogs from public shelters, high-kill rescues, and owners who can no longer handle the responsibility of owning a French Bulldog and wish to surrender. They have been rescuing and rehoming bulldogs for the past ten years, and in those ten years, they have placed more than 1,000 French Bulldogs in new forever homes.

If you want to help them continue caring for this breed, you can support them through donations.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

To adopt a dog from this rescue, you need to apply through their website and reply to the acknowledgment email. A volunteer will screen applicants and push the approved applications to another volunteer who is charged with contacting you and scheduling a home visit. 

During the home visit, all family members and existing pets should be available during this visit. The volunteer also checks how secure your home is. The end goal is to see if your application will be approved.

Once your application is approved, the rescue will contact fosters taking care of their dogs to see if there is one that matches your needs. This might take some time. They also host adoption events that allow approved families to meet the bulldogs.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Norcal French Bulldog Rescue

NorCal French Bulldog Rescue In California

Norcal French Bulldog Rescue is a non-profit that consists of volunteers dedicated to the well-being of bulldogs in the Northern California area. Together these volunteers rescue and rehome about 25 French Bulldogs each year.

Their rescue objectives include taking in French Bulldogs that are owner surrenders and providing them with necessary medical treatment and training while awaiting adoption. They do this to ensure that each bulldog has a fair chance at successful placement in a new home.

As a French Bulldog rescue, they only take purebred French Bulldogs. They won’t accept Frenchies that are mixed.

NorCal French Bulldog Rescue also ensures that each dog gets the best home by carefully screening all the applications they get for each dog. Because of their dedication to the French Bulldog breed, this rescue program also goes out of its way to provide the public with proper education on how to responsibly care for this breed.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

Before adopting a dog from this French Bulldog rescue, prospective adopters have to meet certain criteria:

  • Your yard must be fenced, and if you have a pool, it should be fenced too. If you have an in-ground pool that is NOT fenced, they will not accept your adoption application.
  • You must be within California – they do not ship out of state.

Once you meet their criteria, the adoption process is straightforward. All you have to do is fill out the online adoption application and submit it.

A volunteer will review your application, and if approved, you will be contacted to take further action and bring your new pup home.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) OC Animal Care (Tustin, CA)

OC Animal Care In California

OC Animal care is a non-profit organization with a mission to provide temporary shelter and medical care for abandoned and unwanted pets. They rehabilitate these rescued Frenchies and provide them with the opportunity of getting adopted.

This rescue saves more than 20,000 animals, including dogs and cats, every year, and they are one of the largest pet welfare organizations on the West Coast. The sheer number of animals they rescue each year makes it more probable to find a French Bulldog at this rescue.

They are a non-profit rescue program, so donations or support from willing persons are greatly appreciated.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

To get a dog from this rescue, you first need to go through their list of adoptable dogs to see if you they have a French Bulldog that matches your needs.

If they have a bulldog, you will need to give them a call, as adoptions are done by appointment only. The staff observes this visit and will decide if the pet in question is the right one for you. You must come with, at most, five people the dog will be around regularly.

If your adoption is approved, you will be directed to the adoption counselor, where you will finalize the adoption process.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Orange County Humane Society (Huntington Beach, CA)

OC Humane Society Rescue In California

The Orange County Humane Society is a rescue that has taken on the mission of providing lost pets and unwanted animals with a safe haven. Located in Garden Grove/Huntington Beach California, this rescue has been rescuing and rehoming pets from commercial breeding kennels, high-kill shelters, and owner surrenders.

They hope every animal in their care finds its way into a permanent and loving home. To help increase the chances of this happening, this rescue will treat, shelter and feed displaced French Bulldogs and ensure that only healthy and happy dogs are put up for adoption.

They also promote the responsible care of bulldogs by educating the local community and providing educational resources on their website.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

You have to go to their shelter and fill out a pre-adoption application. This application will be reviewed and approved. They make sure to screen all applications thoroughly.

They have certain conditions to be met, like a written letter of consent from the right authority if you rent/lease your place of residence.

After reviewing the application, they inform prospective adopters of a meet and greet. All household members, including any pets you might have, must be present at the meet and greet. This ensures that the dog you are adopting gets along with them.

If your adoption is approved, you will be asked to pay an adoption fee that varies depending on the dog’s age.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) 4Life Rescue (Orange County, CA)

4Life Animal Rescue In California

This is another animal rescue in Orange County dedicated to rescuing abandoned pets in California and the surrounding area.

They have been functioning for ten years, and in those years, they have provided loving forever homes for hundreds of dogs. While they are not specific to bulldogs, they have been known to put up a few Frenchies for adoption.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

This rescue works mostly with the owners of animals who want to put them up for adoption. Your application will be made directly to the owner of the pet you wish to adopt.

4Life Animal Rescue changed to be a networking rescue group – connecting those who need to rehome their dog to those who would liek to adopt a dog.

You can view all of the available dogs for adoption here.

Once you find a dog you would like, submit your application to the owner. Your application may also be reviewed by the rescue staff, and they will also take it on themselves to run a background check into the lives of everyone adopting.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Ace Of Hearts (Beverly Hills, CA)

Ace of Hearts Rescue In California

The mission of this 501(c)(3) non-profit organization is to save as many dogs as possible from getting euthanized. They target high-kill animal shelters and pets that have lost a family. They are located in Los Angeles and have a physical site from which they operate.

This rescue is in the memory of a dog named Ace, who was Kari Whitman’s dog, the rescue’s founder. She also saved this animal from the clutches of euthanasia, and since then, she has gone ahead to save the lives of many dogs that have been abandoned.

How To Get A Dog From This Rescue?

This rescue has a 4-step adoption procedure. The first step is to complete an adoption application and submit it. This can be done online or at their physical site.

If they approve the application and think you are a good match for the dog, they will notify you to see if you want to meet the dog. If, after this appointment, you are still interested in getting the French Bulldog, the rescue will deliver the dog to you after you have paid the adoption fee. You will also need to sign a contract agreement between you and Ace of Hearts.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Save A Bow Wow Rescue (La Habra, CA)

Save A Bow Wow Rescue In California

Save A Bow Wow Rescue is a rescue with a unique approach. Their goal is to provide cage-free boarding for all the dogs in their care.

Save A Bow Wow finds and rescues dogs, and with the help of their amazing foster families, they provide these dogs with love and care until they are adopted. On their website, they have a few French Bulldogs up for adoption.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

Their process is quite simple. You only need to visit their list of available dogs and pick the one you like. Click on that dog and get to know them better.

If you decide to adopt the dog, fill out the adoption application form on their website, and the rescue will contact you if you match.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) French Bulldog Rescue Network

French Bulldog Rescue Network

French Bulldog Rescue Network is a 501(c)(3) rescue founded in 2001. Although this rescue is not based in California, they usually have French Bulldogs available at foster homes in California that need to be rehomed.

They rescue, rehabilitate, and rehome French Bulldogs across every state in the country. They focus on rescuing bulldogs from owner surrenders, breeding kennels, high-kill shelters, and even private rescue groups.

They do not have physical locations, so they depend on fosters to take care of the dogs until they are ready for adoption. On their list of available dogs, you will find French Bulldogs in foster homes in California.

If you do not see one available in California, keep checking back as their list is updated frequently. If you happen to find a French Bulldog in a nearby state, you will have to travel to finalize the adoption as they do not ship dogs.

How Do I Get A French Bulldog From This Rescue?

To get a French Bulldog from this rescue, go through their list of available dogs and find one that might be a good match for you. Apply to adopt this bulldog by clicking on the adoption link on their page.

Even if the dog you want is not fostered in California, this rescue allows long-distance applications, so you can still apply for them, but keep in mind that you will need to travel to pick up the pup.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Why Do French Bulldogs End Up In Rescues

The American Kennel Club has ranked the French Bulldog as the 2nd most popular breed, right behind Labrador Retrievers. People love this breed because of how cute they are, how small they are, how easy they are to care for.

What people do not know is improper breeding can lead to many health issues for a French Bulldog. The medical bills can really start to add up. Many owners can no longer care for their dog and will need to give them up or find a new home for them.

The easiest way to surrender a dog is with a breed specific dog rescue. These dog rescues focus on finding new homes and usually have many contacts as well as many interested people already on their list.

Final Thoughts On Adopting From French Bulldog Rescues In California

Find A French Bulldog Rescue In California To Adopt

Adopting rescued Frenchies from a California French Bulldog rescue is a good thing for you and the dog you adopt. Our goal is that you are able to find a pup to adopt quickly, because the sooner you are able to save a dog’s life, the sooner another dog can be saved.

Dog rescues in California are usually at capacity until a dog is adopted. Once that dog finds a home, it opens up a spot for another dog to be rescued as well as frees up resources for that rescue.

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