Gunda: A Film With No Words That Says So Much

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Gunda: A Film With No Words That Says So Much

A stunning black and white documentary about the every day life of a pig named “Gunda”.

Animal advocates use many resources to help educate people about why eating animals is a bad idea – but films are some of the most common. Not long ago there was 10 Billion Lives, a documentary about the animal farming industry.

Today, there is Gunda – a masterful piece about a pig just living her life down on the farm.

This film seemingly immerses you silently into their world and allows you to see it from their point of view. The creative camera angles give you an up close experience and never from a dominant point of view – but from down low at their level which adds to the feels you get when watching it.

There are no words, no narrative – just some subtle natural background noises and Gunda doing what pigs do. Close your eyes for a moment and listen to the sounds of rushing water, pigs squealing and the wind blowing.

Feels awesome right?

Some of the beauty of this film is in the relationship the piglets have with Gunda. Watching her babies run free and seeing them suckle on her teats makes you feel like you are right there and reminds you of how “human like” they are.

Ninety minutes of the purest farm life you can imagine will take you away to another world. Watch Gunda and her family interact with their Norwegian farmstead friends including a herd of cows and even a chicken with one leg.

What makes this documentary different than others that want to send a message?

It does not show the dark side of the pig for food industry. It does not show the suffering and pain. It shows the beauty of these animals, the intelligence they possess and the wonderfully beautiful lives they can live if we let them.

The hope for the film is that viewers will see these animals as “living beings” – and not food which in turn will help lessen the demand for them in our food system.

Gunda is an all black-and-white-film and you will not find a human in the film!

The documentary was directed by Victor Kossakovsky, a Russian-born filmmaker who has dedicated over 20 years to getting this message out. His goal is to help those who watch it, better understand how their actions impact our world.

Kossakovsky told GQ magazine that he did not want the film to be a sanctimonious effort, but wanted to send a message about how alike all sentient beings are.

Let me put it nicely. I’m fed up with humans. Why are we so blind? I don’t understand. Everyone has a dog at home and everyone loves them and knows they respect us, love us, understand us.

Victor Kossakovsky

Producers include Joaquin Phoenix, Anita Rehoff Larsen, Joslyn Barnes, Susan Rockefeller and Tone Grøttjord-Glenne.

The movie opened in theaters on April 16, 2021 and there is a listing of where Gunda is playing here. If you are a teacher or animal advocate your can also request to do a private screening.

Gunda has been nominated for many awards for the amazing story and cinematography including the Oscars.

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