Happy Compromise Farm Vegan Animal Sanctuary

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Happy Compromise Farm Vegan Animal Sanctuary

Imagine spending a few days on a beautiful farm filled with fresh air, beautiful landscape and the ability to just lay back and look at the stars!

happy compromise farm

This can be your reality when you visit Happy Compromise Farm formerly located in beautiful Umpqua Valley in Oregon.

In 2021 they relocated their animals and themselves to upstate NY!

I cannot imagine the amount of effort that took.

This small farm started in 2019 – so it is still a baby, but they are doing some great things to make the world a better place and I wanted to share their story!

The owners are Eryn and Oliver and they are two amazing people who wanted to make an impact in their little corner of the world. Their piece of heaven focuses on vegan, sustainable and low-waste farming practices.

Happy Compromise Farm Sanctuary

They also have a registered 501(c)(3) – The Sanctuary at Happy Compromise Farm which is home to 90+ rescued animals. Some of their friends include goats, alpacas, roosters and more.

These animals mostly came from the meat and dairy industries – so I am thrilled that they were saved and now live a life most of us would be jealous of!

They take pride in caring for these animals to ensure they live out their lives the best way they can and use them to help educate others about animal agriculture. Education is key to making change – and I love that they are using tours as a way to do this.

They do offer a “Selfies with Alpacas” tour that lasts for an hour and includes a tour of the farm and the opportunity to meet a few of the residents. A great event for the family that is fun and educational!

If a tour is not possible but you love what they are doing, you can also consider donating to them so they can continue their great work.

goat from Happy Compromise Farm
image credit: Happy Compromise Farm
goats on happy compromise farm
image credit: Happy Compromise Farm
alpaca on Happy Compromise Farm
image credit: Happy Compromise Farm

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Book A Stay At Happy Compromise Farm

One of the things I was most excited about was the opportunity to stay on the premises in their Yurt! A yurt – if you are not sure what one is (I had never heard of it before) – is considered a “portable shelter” and actually were believed to be founded thousands of years ago in Asia! It is a low-cost – and even better – offers a low carbon footprint which makes it a great option for the environmentally friendly farm.

The yurt located at Happy Compromise Farm is a fully enclosed, permanent structure that offers a large skylight so you can enjoy the stars all night long.

So what do you get when you book a stay?

Well, for one you are helping them care for their animals – which to us is priceless! They saved their residents from horrible experiences and possibly death – and by staying on the farm, you can be a part of helping the animals have an amazing – happy – healthy future. Priceless right? Staying in the yurt is what they consider “glamping” so if you are not up for a bit of roughing it – this may not be for you.

But, if the feeling of sleeping under the stars, using an outhouse and lack of a shower do not bother you – this may be the perfect mini-getaway

Imagine a night away from the world in a peaceful valley with the only noise you hear coming from your local animal friends – and the only outdoor light being the light from the stars. A perfect time to cozy up with the one you love and just enjoy the world – away from the craziness.

When you wake you can meet the farms residents up close with a tour – or enjoy the outdoor cedar sauna and then have some food from their full menu – all cooked by Oliver – who is also a professionally trained chef! All the food they make is created from scratch and much of it is grown right on the farm.

the yurt at Happy Compromise Farm
image credit: Happy Compromise Farm

Yurt features include:

  • 1 Queen bed – only 2 visitors at a time recommended
  • Do not recommend infants
  • No pets
  • No smoking
  • Self-check in with lockbox entry
  • No alcohol, drugs, parties or cigarettes
  • Take your trash with you please – we are a zero-waste farm. Compost bins are available.
  • Satellite and WiFi available but can get spotty at times – but hopefully you will stay off your phone
  • Elevated washbin with cold water access on the yurt deck
  • Electric heater and wood stove to keep you warm
  • Outhouse is a short walk from the yurt
  • Small kitchen area includes mini fridge, toaster oven and some basic kitchen essentials
  • Only vegetarian food prepared in the yurt please!

In looking at the reviews, they have a 4.98 star rating out of 5 on AirBNB so clearly they are doing it right! Visitors have called their experience “magical”, “peaceful” and “amazing to name a few. I can see that Oliver and Eryn go above and beyond to make their guests feel at home with little sentiments like fresh flowers – and even ice pops!

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The Ceramics & Soaps & Note cards

Another great way to support the farm and sanctuary is to buy their soaps and ceramics – which look AMAZING! I am a big fan of natural soaps and have not used store bought soaps in years because it always dried out my skin and I hated the chemicals that were used. I have used one vendor for many years – but do plan on making an order from Happy Compromise Farm as well!

They also have a collection of stunning note cards with images from the farm. All notecards are printed on sustainably sourced paper and come with recycled kraft envelopes.

The last thing they have which I LOVE is their ceramics offerings, which are created by Eryn. You can view the current available pieces at Lumerine Ceramics. All orders are made to order – and these are the same pieces you will find in the yurt – so if you fall in love, you know where to get them!

Be sure to follow them on Instagram – you won’t be sorry!

Lumerine Ceramic Mugs
image credit: Lumerine Ceramics

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