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Need Help With Vet Bills? Meet Waggle!

Imagine having the opportunity to get some help with your vet bills!

The Waggle Foundation is a crowdfunding platform created just for pet parents and have a mission of ending what is called “economic euthanasia”. Struggling with vet bills is more common than you think, so if you are in a position where you need help – know that you are NOT alone!

I heard about Waggle a while ago – and as soon as I did, I was in love with their mission.

What is one of the most common reasons owners surrender their pets to shelters?
Because they do not have the money needed to pay for expensive medical care! This is where the Waggle Foundation wants to make a difference!

Well, Waggle wants to make life easier for those that may be dealing with expensive medical treatments to help their pets – which in turn can help alleviate the issue of surrendering animals for health issues – or requests for economic euthanasia!

Don’t forget to consider other options as well like Pawp pet insurance or any other insurance that specifically helps pets. Getting insurance can really help alleviate the stress of dealing with finances if your pet becomes ill or injured.

What Is Waggle?

Waggle is a unique pet only crowdfunding platform that can help pet owners get much needed help with their vet bills.

Just like other crowdfunding platforms your pet will have their own page on the Waggle website with all of their personal and medical details and an area where supporters can donate to your pets care and share their story.

How Does It Work?

You take your pet to the vet (hey, that rhymes!) – and then get your diagnosis. If the cost to treat the illness is too much for you to handle alone you can ask your vet about Waggle.

Then the veterinarian will submit your pet’s profile to the platform – Waggle sets it live – and then you can promote it as does Waggle to get people to donate.

You can view a current list of pets needing help on the Pets Who Need Support page.

Greta’s Story!

Waggle Crowdfunding - Vet Bill Help

Greta was one of the first dogs profiled on the platform and within days of her campaign going she was 100% funded and that money will be sent right to her veterinarian for her urgent care.

Greta’s owner is a senior citizen with a limited income who depends on Greta for companionship. Because she is a puppy – and puppies do crazy things, she had a scary incident with a rope toy that required medical care – without the care she received she may not have made it.

Waggle made all the difference for her owner!

Pretty cool right?

What If My Veterinarian Does Not Know About Waggle?

Easy peasy!

Just let them know about Waggle and ask that they join the program as a partner so your pet can be added.

The more we tell veterinarians about this platform, the more Waggle can help family pets!

They are accepting veterinarians from the US and Canada at this time.

How Much of the Donations Do Pet Owners Receive?

100% of the donations are submitted directly to your veterinarian for payment of your bill.

No money is sent to the pet owner, which is why we love this platform so much!

In a world where so many are doing crowdfunding for “fake” purposes, Waggle gives you a sense of security as to where your money is going. Every cent is sent to the veterinarian to pay a debt — making you feel more confident in making a donation.

Things Happen!

We wanted to clarify a few of the comments that were left on this post. Waggle did reach out to me and confirmed the issue is with the veterinarians not submitting invoices for a pets treatment.

Waggle cannot pay an invoice if it does not receive one!

In the comments below that is what happened. Waggle tried to reach the veterinarian to get an invoice, but got no response. After a time they did refund all donors for the pet that the fundraiser was for.

This is not a Waggle issue! You should be sure your veterinarian is in the program and that they will be proactive in getting Waggle the invoice once your pets’ treatment is complete.

In order for Waggle to pay your vet bill, they must receive an invoice from the vet! If no invoice is received, no payment will be made and all donors will be refunded.

Pet Updates

Another great feature is that the veterinarian and pet owner will be able to share post-treatment updates so you can see how the pets you supported are doing.

How Can Waggle Offer This Platform?

Because Waggle is committed to making sure 100% of every donation goes directly to a pets medical needs, they work with sponsors, veterinary partners and have an optional tip donation to offset their costs.

They do charge a small fee at donation time to offset a minimal amount of the costs needed to run the website – an additional “tip” is optional.

From building the website to maintaining it – promotion – advertising, this all has costs allocated and without their partners and small donations from users they would not be able to do this! If your organization is interested in partnering with them – definitely reach out – the more the merrier!

Can I Post My Personal Pet?

The general public is not able to include their pets on the platform. Your pet must be listed by a veterinarian that is currently partnered with Waggle, if your vet is not aware of Waggle – let them know so they can sign up and submit your pet!

So, What Do You Think?

Love it? Hate it? Cannot wait to use it?

Let us know what you think! Waggle is listening and wants to make this a wonderful resource for all pet owners! Be sure to follow them on social media and sign-up for their newsletter to get the latest updates on their platform!

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21 thoughts on “Need Help With Vet Bills? Meet Waggle!”

  1. Waggle is a horrible scam. They will not reimburse extra funds raised to the intended animal. No, they keep it for themselves.

    Do not use this organization. Write your own Go Fund Me.

    They do not care about animals. They take the money for themselves.

    Don’t be fooled! Do not use or support them!

    • Hi Phyllis, can you email me at hi@charitypaws.com with more details about what you encountered. I would love to research the issue as I would never want to recommend an organization that is not being ethical, but also want to hear their side. Thank you, Jill

    • Hi Phyllis,

      This is Waggle’s customer care team. We saw your comment posted here and we were very sad and surprised to read this as we worked with you extensively to help Danny.

      As you know, Waggle only pays that money directly to the pet’s veterinary provider. That way donors are assured their money is going straight to helping the dog or cat! This is very different from regular crowdfunding platforms and is an important part of what we do: provide safety and security for our donors and sponsors.

      Waggle requires the animal hospital to send us the invoice so we can verify it is real. We worked with you and your veterinarian but we were never provided with the proof we needed. So we immediately contacted everyone that gave to your campaign.

      At Waggle we provide 100% transparency. We want donors to know that we make sure their money goes directly to the cause.

      We have helped thousands of pet owners and rescues raise money to help pay for their pets’ medical care. We invite anyone who has questions to check out our website, especially our success story section:

      For more info on how waggle works, please visit http://www.waggle.org and our Resource Center:

      The Waggle Support Team

  2. I read the article you have written on Waggle.org, and wanted to let you know that we used the crowdfunding for our cat back in Nov – Dec 2020. We have as of yet to receive the funds from the campaign nor has our Vet clinic. The people who donated were charge extremely large processing fees also. Please do not recommend this site to others as it has not been reliable or helpful. I am looking into small claims court at this point to collect the money for our cat’s surgery.

    • Hi Kim,

      Thank you so much for bringing this to our attention. We have not heard any other negative things to date and hope this is just a miscommunication of some sort. Please if you see this, please let us know if this is resolved in an amicable fashion! Hope your cat is doing well though! Jill

    • Hi Kim,

      Unfortunately we were unable to send the funds raised to your veterinarian. Despite multiple hours of assistance by our team to help you one-on-one and calls made by us to your veterinarian, we never received the required treatment invoice so we promptly contacted every donor to let them know their generous donations were secure and would be refunded.

      You’ll recall that our staff helped you reach your goal of $1,150. Sir Cadbury was 100% funded – mostly from a grant provided by our team at the Waggle Foundation. Our grants have helped thousands of pets as you can see here: https://www.waggle.org/success-stories.

      While we are sorry to hear you could not obtain the invoice from your veterinary provider, know that we will continue to help other pets in crisis and their families in financial need.

      The Waggle Support Team

  3. Hi my name is Eddie to see that my dog is 13 weeks old his name is Chase he’s sick I don’t know if it’s parvo or what it is all I know is he’s throwing up white foam stuff with blood inside of it is that we are not eating he’s not drinking nothing and just happened like 2 days ago started a half of a half way in our trip to return home to Washington from California I can’t afford the vet bill and I don’t know what to do if anybody has any ideas or can help please let me know

    • Hi Eddie,
      Unfortunately a vet visit is probably the only thing you can do, especially since he is a puppy there could be many things wrong. Not sure if you saw this post? https://charitypaws.com/cant-afford-vet/ – which may have some resources as well. There is also an option to chat with a vet which may be more affordable for now and maybe they can offer other options as well. Hope your baby is A-OK! Jill

  4. My baby Teddy has cancer. It goes from his nose down. Trying to go through the eye to the brain. He is a 10 year old Pit Bull in well health other then this. We need help with the vet bill chemo and meds. He is at UF animal hospital in Orlando. You please if I can get any help. I’m his grandmother my daughter owns him but he loves grandma too. I love him I can’t lose him. I’m 68 and he is my happy support.

  5. Hi I only see reviews for 2018, are you still helping pets/vets with medical promotions/fundraising?

    • Hi – we do not specifically help animals, Waggle does and they are still actively helping animals so you should talk to them and your vet about your needs!

  6. My mom is on disability and her beloved puppy “scrappy” is very sick. I think it may be heartworms.. We’ve tried everything and this is our last hope. I’ve never asked for a handout but seeing my mom so upset is breaking my heart. She is a great mother and lil scrappy is brought so much joy to her life when nothing else would..

    • Hi Marc, sorry to hear about Scrappy – please check with your vet to see if they are part of the Waggle program so you can get a fundraiser going to see if he can get the care he needs! Wishing you and your mom and Scrappy the best. Jill

  7. This is an amazing platform!! Our family was in need and they helped us raise $2,000!! The more we shared our campaign on social media, the more positive feedback we got and the more people helped us. We spoke with the team at Waggle and they were so kind to us and helpful. There are some really great people out there doing great things. And important for all the donors out there, with Waggle you know the funds raised is going to the right place! To the vet! With the GFMs, you have no idea where the money is going!

    • Hi Kevin! I am so glad you had an amazing experience. The Waggle team is awesome – truly compassionate people. I hope they help a LOT more animals and parents in the future!

  8. What a great idea for a platforme. There are so many pets and pet owners needing our help, I’m sure this site will be of great help.

  9. What a wonderful program this is. I remember way back when, when Nissy had to have his bionic knee implant… The only thing on the peeps’ minds was gettin’ Nissy back to health. Had they not been able to afford to do so, I can’t imagine what would have happened. But the thing is, so many peeps can’t. It’s great when other peeps are able to help out. We cats are family, you know? PURRS.

  10. I had never heard of this platform. Love that it’s set up to pay veterinarians directly. I will share, for sure!


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