Pet Loss Cafe Debuts In Tokyo

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Pet Loss Cafe Debuts In Tokyo

Would you take an hour train ride to go to a coffee shop? Probably not. But would you make that trip if that coffee shop featured an environment where you could go to grieve or talk about the loss of your pet? Probably!

That is just what the DearPet Pet Loss Cafe is about – creating a space where pet loves can go to help ease the pain of the loss of a pet.

DearPet Pet Loss Cafe
image credit: DEARPET

The cafe offers several areas for grieving parents including the following.

Pet Loss Cafe

The cafe is the place to be to share stories with other pet lovers who can relate to what you are going through. If your family and friends do not understand the pain you are going through – the people in the care will!

The cafe is filled with coffee with adorable pet related designs and light fair you can enjoy while meeting new friends.

The cafe is meant to be a place where you can talk to strangers – shed a tear or cry out loud without others judging you. A place of complete comfort and serenity to help you come to terms with your loss.

A survey done by Ipet Insurance Co., shows that more than half of 894 people who lost a pet were engulfed with sadness and could not stop crying.

In addition to having come coffee and snacks, customers can fill out a form about the type of pet they lost and whether they want to chat with staff or be left alone. This ensures you can enjoy your time in the care that is the best for you.

Dearpet is the biggest manufacturer of pet alters in Japan and started the cafe after seeing a need from their customers. Many would come to purchase altar accessories and then a conversation would begin about the pet they lost – but the workers could not listen because they had other customers to tend to. So, the idea came to start a cafe where they could speak about their pets – with no interruptions!

Rainbow Bridge Room

A beautiful room that features floral accents and a stunning wall accent with a rainbow and images of happy animals. You can leave a message card and ring the rainbow bridge bell – both which can offer some level of comfort!

The cafe also offers a monthly festival that you can attend to pray or meditate and send messages to the sky in the hopes your beloved pet will hear you.

Rainbow Bridge Room Japanese Cafe
image credit: DEARPET

Diapet Library

Imagine a comforting space loaded with books about pet loss to help you mourn. A large collection of books from picture books with beautiful imagery to written books that tell positive stories – grab a chair, grab a book and relax while enjoying positive memories of your pet.

Diapet Pet Loss Library
image credit: DEARPET

The pet loss cafe offers a variety of other ways to help heal your heart including opportunities for children as well so it is definitely a family affair. The Diapet ceremony is definitely something worth checking out if you are there!

You can learn more about them online at:

The cafe is located in Shibyya-ku, Tokya.

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