A Pretty Litter Review By A Finicky Cat & Her Human

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A Pretty Litter Review By A Finicky Cat & Her Human

Pretty Litter is a newer cat litter in a pretty saturated market that claims to monitor your cat’s health – but does it really work?

We are lovers of Tidy Scoop and have been using it for years — it took a few litter tests to find one that our cat loved as cats seem to be picky about these things, and for us Tidy Scoop seemed to be her favorite.

Overall it has been a good litter — but even though it claims to be “dust proof” we still get dust everywhere so that is always a frustration I have had. No matter what litter box I had the litter always got outside the box.

This is why we wanted to do this Pretty Litter review and see if SnoopyCat would like it. Also, with her getting older we thought it would be great to have the color change feature to indicate if there are any health issues going on.

Pretty Litter

What is Pretty Litter Exactly?

Pretty Litter is a unique cat litter that has a special technology that will allow you to see if your cat has any common health issues by showing a color change in their urine. Pretty Litters is made of a super-absorbent silica gel and can be used in any type of litter box from basic ones to Tuft and Paw and more.

The litter can trace some more common cat health issues like:

Alkaline – which can signal a urinary tract infection. If Alkaline is found in your cats urine, the color of the litter will turn a share of blue or green.

Blood – can mean your cat has bladder stones or inflammation. Blood in your felines urine will turn the litter red.

Acidity – shows issues with the kidneys such as metabolic acidosis. The litter will turn shades of orange if your cat is showing low pH levels.

If you notice any color changes then I recommend taking your cat in for a vet visit.

Ordering Pretty Litter

We do love the easy ordering they offer and the auto delivery which will make busy lives so much easier. This is how easy it is:

Let Pretty Litter know how many cats you have in your home.

Thats it. Just tell them that – submit your payment and you will be billed monthly and your litter will arrive on your doorstep every month. Shipping is FREE in the 48 contiguous states too!

What is Pretty Litter Made From?

Pretty Litter is made from silica gel beads which look a bit like sand, but are lightweight and super absorbent. This gel is combined with a proprietary formulation of indicators that gives a color change for urine issues that may be present.

Silica gels are made from sodium silicate and are clear to the eye and safe for your cat.

The litter is clump-free and more absorbent than more common clumping litters so you actually need less litter to do the same job.

Will My Cat Use The Litter?

Pretty Litter notes that most cats do actually acclimate to the litter fairly quickly, but because we know cats are finicky little creatures some do have a harder time with the change.

With Snoopy we had to actually place one of her poops from another box and place it in the new litter a few times before she actually realized what it was and began using it. This was a recommendation from the Pretty Litter team.

They also suggest possibly mixing old litter with the new on a 75% Pretty Litter and 25% original litter mix.

Because the texture of Pretty Litter is so different and there is essentially no smell – sometimes cats are not clear on what this strange item is in their box! Just give them some time and have some patience while they get used to the new litter.

What Snoopy Says About Pretty Litter

My girl Snoopy seems to like the new litter now and is using it with no problems. She likes not leaving a big mess on my bathroom floor anymore because she knows mom was frustrated always stepping on litter.

Because she is a lady she also likes how less stinky she is these days!

Her box is located in the bathroom in my bedroom and I have 2 different pet odor control candles burning – but man cats can be stinky because they do not always help! She is less embarrassed now because the litter does a great job with odor control!

So far there has been no color change with her urine, so we cannot account for whether that is working or not – but since I want my cat happy and healthy – I am glad the litter is not changing color!

Being able to monitor my cat’s health at home is a great comfort that this litter provides.


One of the things we hate is when you have to jump through hoops to cancel a subscription! Many companies make you call to do this – but Pretty Litter makes it easy.

Just login to your account and hit the cancel button! It’s that easy. We respect them for that.

Pretty Litter Benefits

For those that want a summary of what makes this litter great – here you go!

  • Free monthly delivery
  • Health monitoring by analyzing your cat’s urine
  • Use less litter = save you money
  • Odor control
  • Less dust and mess than traditional litters
  • Lighter in weight than common litters

Read Pretty Litter Reviews

So, the above is our take on the litter and Snoopy and I are pretty darn happy with it and will be keeping it for now. The decrease in my amount of sweeping cat litter from my floors was enough to convince me!

But we wanted to share thoughts from around the web so you can make your own decision. As with anything in life, there are some people who did not love it, but it does seem more did than not. This review is based on a 1 cat home and she is a small cat that does not urinate or poop that much.

Your experience of course may be different – but we do think it is worth trying! Below are some of the more recent good – and bad from around the web that we could find to help you decide for yourself.

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Pretty Litter Coupon – 10% Off

If you are ready to give them a try then we have a special offer for you! Pretty Litter is offering a 10% Off your first order!

Simply head on over to Pretty Litter and enter the coupon code AFF10 at checkout to get 10% off your first order.

If you have already tried it – let us know what you think!

Pretty Litter review

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