Why Does My Rescue Dog Sit On Me?

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Why Does My Rescue Dog Sit On Me?

Dogs are our best friends and love to be close to us! Sometimes our dogs like to sit on us, and there are a few reasons for that! If you are wondering “why does my dog sit on me” – well now you have some reasons!

It could be when you are indoors or outdoors, there may be sofas and beds around – places you would think are more comfortable than you, but yet there they are full on sitting on your back or belly.

Dogs are filled with different behaviors like your dog dragging butt on the carpet or digging in the yard – but usually there are reasons for these behaviors and your job as a parent is to figure out what they are trying to tell you.

So let’s get started and talk about why your dog might choose to sit on you instead of anywhere else.

Why Does My Dog Sit On Me?

Below are some common reasons your pooch may decide to hold you hostage by sitting on you! It is important to read your dogs body language to help narrow down the reason they are sitting on you.

Is their tail wagging?

Are they keeping their body stiff?

Do they seem to be focused on everything around you – like in protection mode?

In most cases a dog my choose to plop their butts on you just because they love you – but there are some other reasons and it is important to know what they are!


We know how social they are – and sitting on you may be the one way they can get your attention. They may just be looking for a quick rub or snuggle – and then jump off and go back to what they were doing.


Dogs who are displaying dominant behavior can show it in a variety of ways – which can include sitting on their owners. While some dogs may be barkers or growlers there are those that will use sitting to show dominance over you – but let it be known experts say this is rare.

If your dog is older and they just start doing this behavior then it may not be dominant behavior and may be another reason entirely like they are trying to tell you something!

Giving You Some Love

This may be the most common reason for your dog choosing sit on you – the love you and just want to show it how they can! When sitting on you to show their love, this may include other behaviors such as licking and wagging their tails because they are just so excited!


You may be surprised to know that studies have found that dogs can in fact feel jealousy and that can be another reason they are sitting on you. When you are spending too much time on something else like petting other dogs or reading a book you may find your dog making way to your lap to change your attention to them.

If you have adopted your dog recently and you notice this issue, then you may want to take a look at our training a rescue dog tips.

Needs Security

For dogs that are more timid and shy – sitting on you may be a huge source of comfort for them. With my own velcro dog as I call her – I know as soon as I am on the couch she is on my lap. I know it comforts her being close and I am “her person” that makes her love life – so I let her stay.

If you have a dog that has some history of abuse – laying on you can be the one thing that brings them a sense of comfort and security.

Offering You Comfort

You may notice if you are sick, stressed or injured your dog may want to sit on you. Dogs have an amazing ability to be in tune with us and understand when we are just not feeling right.

This may be their way of showing they love you and care about you and want you to to feel better. They may want to offer you some comfort in an effort to help you feel better.


If you spend a lot of time snuggling and coddling your dog as a pup – then it is highly possible that you created this behavior without you realizing it! When they are puppies we often snuggle them and bring them on our laps forgetting that in a short time they may be larger and heavier! This is a behavior that can easily be changed thought with some basic training.

Final Thoughts

If you are the type that just does not like your dog sitting right on you – no matter the reason, you may have to work on some training efforts to get your pooch to stop the behavior. Try and change their behaviors in a positive way so that sitting on you turns into sitting next you.

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