How An Animal Communicator Brought Me To Tears!

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How An Animal Communicator Brought Me To Tears!

I did it.

I hired an Animal Communicator – or as others my call them, an animal psychic! Call me crazy – call me weird – but boy it was fun and for some odd reason – I do feel more peaceful with my girls passing.

Communicating with pets after death is something I am sure most pet parents want to be able to do, but is it really possible?

It is important to note that this is an UNBIASED review of my experience with an animal communicator. I paid for her service because I wanted to experience what it was like to work with a dog communicator, I received nothing in return for writing this post.

What Is An Animal Communicator?

An animal communicator is a person who can understand an animal’s feelings, pain and experiences an animal has had. Other terms that they are commonly called are “animal psychics” or “animal mediums”. There are different types of animal communicators – some may only speak to animals that have passed while others speak with both deceased and live pets. Some do their readings in person while others – like my experience were done via the phone.

I know sounds crazy right?

Now, I would not call animal communication in general a scam, but I am sure there are a lot of people out there claiming to be dog or cat communicators…so while there are scammers out there who do it – I do want to believe that some pet communicators are in fact real.

That is why I am journaling this – so you can see my experience with a dog communicator I met at a pet industry trade show!

A Non-Believer

First, lets preface this with the fact I am a non-believer in the ability communicate with animals that have passed. Even so, I have been considering doing a reading since my dogs had passed because I felt lost not knowing how they are doing.

As some of my even more non-believing friends say – they are dead, there is nothing to know about how they are.

But I have always believed there was more than just this world — and my emotional being wanted to grasp on to something that may help me know more. I think this is something most pet parents can understand! I have read many books on after-life experiences and some of the stories are incredible and leave me feeling that this life is only a portion of what we will experience.

My Introduction To Terrie

Smiley Riley is one of my dogs that the pet medium reached out to
Our Smily Riley

I met Terrie of Terriepathic, at a pet show and could not pass up the opportunity to put her skills to the test! She was exhibiting at the show and running a special on an animal communication reading so I just could not pass it up.

She was so calming and there was just something about her that gave me a level of confidence in what she did.

She shared a story with me about the loss of her own pet, a gorgeous parrot named Daisy with whom she had her own spiritual communication after her passing.

Having lost 2 dogs in the course of just a few months – after over 14 years of friendship – was heartbreaking to say the least.

I wrote about my losses of Ginger and Riley and as most pet parents, think about them often. So after talking to Terrie – I was interested to learn more about this animal communicator/medium thing so decided to give it a shot.

The Process

The process I began to get my reading was pretty easy. I signed up and paid at the show – then a few days later she followed up with an email with some information she required to do the session, I completed that and sent it back.

As soon as I did that – I REMOVED both of my posts on this website about each of my girls that I linked to above!  I wanted to make sure there was no way she could see all the personal details I wrote about them. My Facebook page is also pretty tight to those that are not friends so she would not find much there either – and given they passed 1-2 years ago she would spend way too much time looking back anyway!

Then I waited.

Then the email came – “I am ready to tell you what your girls said”!

I was doing a happy dance all weekend waiting not so patiently to hear from my girls.

The Call – My Questions

When I submitted my paperwork it was recommended I ask 4-6 questions that she could ask my girls.

I will note those below with the response for each that she was able to get – as well as notes to clarify some interesting points about the responses.

1) Are my girls together in spirit?

They were for a VERY short time. Riley was in spirit until Ginger met her – but then they moved on to go back in body with other waiting vessels!

2) Are they mad at me for letting them go?

Absolutely positively not was the response on this one from both my girls!
(note: THIS IS WHERE THE TEARS STARTED FLOWING! I do not know why – but boy did this give me such a sense of relief! Having to make the difficult decision to put both down was heart wrenching, and I still second guess myself on this daily. Was there more that could have been done? Did I not try hard enough? I am sure some of you can relate! )

3) Were they suffering and I did not know it while they were still alive?

Ginger noted while not suffering – she was in a lot of pain in her lower back area.
(note: Ginger was having a lot of trouble walking in the days leading up to her passing – in fact the day we put her down, she fell over when trying to pee and could not stand on her own.)

Riley stated she was having a lot of trouble with her breathing and pain in her chest.
(note: Riley had Cushing’s disease where breathing issues and lung related issues are common. We were doing more frequent vet visits at the end of her life to monitor things, but I guess it was not enough. The day we put her to sleep, she collapsed in the kitchen with some very labored stressful breathing.)

4) Did they send Cleo to me? (Cleo is a pittie that found me on Facebook a few months after Ginger passed)

While they did not “send” Cleo to me – it turns out that Ginger chose Cleo’s body as a vessel for her spirit! She told Terrie that she loved us so much and was waiting for the opportunity to come back – and Cleo was it. ****** MIND BLOWN HERE – I NOTE WHY IN MY CLEO SECTION BELOW *********

Riley is now in a new body as well and is very happy where she is and has a good life. This warms my heart.

5) Do they do anything to let me know they are nearby?

Well, of course Ginger is with me all the time now!  Riley noted she sends me signs when I am outside – but she did not clarify what that sign is.
(note: After my reading I went outside with my girl Cleo to play some ball. I said out load “Riley if you are here with me and do send signs, send one now so I know it is you!” — be damn about 2 minutes later a little yellow Monarch butterfly flew right in front of me. Chance encounter or spiritual note? I do not know. But it is only April here – and Monarch butterflies are rare this time of year.)

6) Are they with the bunnies?

She noted that when they were in spirit phase – they were with our bunnies that also passed a year or two before. She said the dogs were very happy to see the bunnies, but they were only together a short time.

The Call – Her Added Notes

Ginger was one dog that the pet medium communicated with
Our Gingersnap

When we started the phone call there were a few things she stated that did kind of floor me! I am going to outline all her other call notes below.

THE GREETING – The first thing Terrie told me is how Ginger could not wait to talk to me! She said they were both very talkative, but it was Ginger that took that first step – like she was sitting there waiting for her to come to talk to her. She said Ginger could not wait to tell me how much she loved her family and what a happy dog she was.
(note: This I found funny because it was always Ginger that kind of led the way when it came to greetings. She was a people pleaser — and wanted to say hi first. Riley always kind of dragged up the rear! )

ABOUT GINGER – She stated Ginger had a complete and overwhelming essence of love for us. She said she was sweet, wanted to make sure everyone was OK and was sensitive. She told Terrie that the only time she was unhappy is when there was yelling or raising of voices.
(note: What is interesting here is the fact that she NAILED Ginger’s personality. For anyone who has met her – they will agree. The second interesting point here is that my husband and I went through a difficult time – and there was in fact a bit of yelling going on. I feel guilty now that it affected her that way. )

ABOUT RILEY – She stated that Riley was sassy, the leader of the 2 of them and loved the outdoors. She said she was a fun girl with a fun and free-spirited personality.
(note: Again – she NAILED it here. We actually used to call Riley our “pain in the ass” and noted she was always about her herself and was very much one that went by her own tune. Listening was not one of her better skills!)

The Cleo Story

Cleo - at the animal shelter

Terrie telling me that Ginger’s spirit is in Cleo’s body – really did amaze me, but did not surprise me! Cleo came across my Facebook stream August 4, 2016 – and you can see why I was drawn to her instantly in the picture that crossed my path. I was not really 100% ready for a new addition given I had just lost Ginger in March, but this girl had me.

She looked like the saddest dog in the world – she was filthy, had clearly been used for breeding and was about 20 pounds underweight. She was scared of the world.

I took a ride up to the shelter with the intension of pulling her to foster her back to health! I never wanted to keep her because I really wanted a senior dog and I knew she was younger than I really wanted.

Apparently something bigger out there had a different plan for me – and for her.

When I got to the shelter I met a TERRIFIED dog who had to be carried out to me. She would not walk on her own, kept her head down and just looked like she wanted to give up. It broke my heart.

Cleo - our foster fail.

When we got home – it took a while for her to come around but there were things we noticed within a day or 2 of her arriving that we just thought was super weird for a stray dog…and when the dog communicator mentioned Ginger “taking over” Cleo’s spirit – these are the reasons I became a believer:

  1. She never jumped on the couches – ever. Our dogs were never allowed on the couch.
  2. From night one – she slept with me in my bedroom on her own bed right by my bed. Our dogs were not allowed on the bed.
  3. When we would give her a cookie – which were kept in the kitchen – she would take the cookie and run into our family room and eat it on the carpet, just like Ginger and Riley always did.
  4. She found the food and water bowls before we even showed her <——- this we thought was incredibly weird!
  5. When she snuggles with me – she buries her head in my armpit, just like Ginger always did.
  6. From our first walk – she was able to walk off leash and would stay by my side. Not exaggerating here!

The above are the more prevalent traits we thought were such strong reminders of our Gingersnap! You can see Cleo as she is now – her first Easter with us as our FOSTER FAIL!

She is a member of our family now – because we just felt there was something so incredibly special about her – and according to Terrie, we were right! I loved my girls immensely – but have such a different and stronger relationship with Cleo.

I have said many times Cleo is my “soul dog” – now it all makes sense.

Animal Spirits – What I Learned

Because of this revelation about Ginger choosing Cleo’s body as a vessel – I asked if spirits can always choose where they want to go. She said Ginger specifically chose Cleo because she wanted so badly to come back to us because of her overwhelming love for us. Spirits can choose where they want to go if that physical vessel has a spirit that is willing to leave!

So if the spirit that was in Cleo did not want to go – Ginger could not have entered.

I asked about Riley – and if we got another dog would Riley try to inhabit that dog’s body? Terrie said she COULD, but it would be unlikely because Riley is happy where she is.

I asked why dogs choose certain vessels? She said because sometimes they have a “mission”. So for example Riley may have saw something the family she is with needed that she could help them with – and she would not want to leave until that mission is accomplished.

I find this all incredibly interesting and do plan on reading more studies and research on this – for people and animals!

Real or Scam?

I have to say overall I am pretty impressed with what happened with this. While I definitely do not think this is a scam — I am not 100% convinced just yet that it is truly real either. But I am skeptic by nature and torn between what I WANT to believe versus the reality of what may or may not be true.

There were definitely a lot of details that give me a lot of reason to believe in these medium abilities!

Our next attempt at animal communication!

I will be doing another session soon with Terrie to see if we can get some help with Cleo. I do not want to elaborate here on her specific issues, but stay tuned for a part 2 post.

Have You Tried A Psychic or Medium To Communicate With Your Pet?

We would LOVE to hear your stories or experiences with this! Are you a believer or think this is all just a big giant scam?

Imagine Being Able To Communicate With Your Pet!

If you knew their thoughts book from Terrie

Terrie came out with a book about how you can improve your relationship with your dog to better understand their wants and needs. I was able to get a copy from Terrie and have to say it is definitely inspiring and will allow you to see people – and pets in a different way.

If animal communication is a topic you are curious about then “If You Knew Their Thoughts” is a great read!

You can visit her Terrie’s website at:

Pet Medium Brought Me To Tears

Jill Caren CharityPaws

Jill Caren

Jill is an avid animal lover who spends her time helping animal rescues by photographing homeless pets and through her work on CharityPaws.

She is currently owned by Cleo, an American Pit Bull Terrier and Snoopy Cat. Her inspiration comes from her girls Ginger and Riley (RIP) – pit mix sisters who were loved family members for almost 15 years.

You can find her on LinkedIn and Instagram.

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78 thoughts on “How An Animal Communicator Brought Me To Tears!”

  1. Hi,
    I just found this post while scrolling about animal communicators!
    My husband and I just lost our furbaby last Thurs and we are devastated beyond measure!
    Im so desperate to know that Jake is okay and just want to know how he feels ( for assurance) because, we took him to the animal hospital as he was very sick . We were in constant touch with doctors and they kept reporting that he was stable. Too many details, anyway, I called to pick him and transfers for a higher level of care and she said, he just quit breathing!

  2. I had an experience with an animal communicator who”talked” to one of my horses that convinced me 100% because following the conversation, the mare changed her bad habit! During the conversation which was long-distance, the communicator was able to give details about the mare and what kind of riding we did (endurance) that was right on. She had no way to know.

    • Hi Liz! Thanks for sharing this. I have not tried that side of animal communicating yet – but I should since my dog can use some help! This is amazing! Jill

  3. Hi Jill,

    I really enjoyed this post, as I’ve been there… my skeptical self consulted a pet psychic, Anita Curtis, back in 2001 after my best friend since childhood – my cat, Kibby – passed away at 15. Anita was so unbelievably accurate at helping me (from thousands of miles away, no less) to find Kibby again. She even offered a free follow-up call in case I thought I’d found my baby girl again. When she got on the line with me and immediately said, emphatically, “Kibby saw you last night at the Petco and wondered why you didn’t take her home. She says you’re prejudiced because she’s a boy now. Were you in a white turtleneck sweater and jeans?”

    FLOORED. I’d had no communication about this with Anita, nor had I told the little old foster mom Leah anything about my consult. Now, unless Leah was somehow running an elaborate cross-country scam, I’m certain Anita was the real deal. Long story short, Desi Kibbisattva and I enjoyed another 18 years together, until he passed from what was basically old age. Just like Kibby, he was energetic and having fun until less than a week before his body was done.

    33 years total with the same cat, in two different bodies. From the time I was 10 years old.

    Here’s the twist: after my second cross-country move with Desi (just like Kibby, he liked adventure, so he was great in a car), I was getting the sense that he was bored and frustrated while I was at work. I’d made the stupid mistake of letting my ex have custody of his littermate brother, who we’d adopted from Leah along with Desi. My vet – best cat vet in Houston, the name of her practice is even “The Cat Doctor” – recommended I find him a kitten that he might be able to boss around and show the ropes to. (My vet is as much a lifelong cat “psychologist” as she is a solely physical doctor.) So, I took Desi into the Houston Humane Society in a giant cat tent, brought them all in one by one, and the only one he didn’t actively despise was the little tabby baby who would come home with me a week later and who I’d name Janice.

    The two of them were The Odd Couple. No matter how many slap fights or shouting matches they’d get into, no matter how many toys they’d steal from each other, or angry stares, or general comedy (neither would ever hurt the other), they grudgingly loved each other. Never cuddled, but never were more or less than six inches apart. They were yin and yang: Janice the overly lovey sunshine, Desi the “surly bad boy” (just like Kibby, who was so delightfully cranky and mouthy even when she was happy).

    When Janice had an unexpected stroke at only nine years old, Desi was definitely bereft. He would only make it another year before he too passed, and he needed so much more companionship than his independent self ever had before. His buddy was gone. I’d always thought things would work out the other way around… that Desi, being eight years older and developing incontinence issues (and looking as elderly as he was, despite his exceptional appetite and best efforts at grooming), would be the first to go, and Jans would get the solo attention she really wanted for the subsequent few years. But life doesn’t always work out as expected.

    So, guess who showed up in my apartment courtyard on May 3rd? Followed me upstairs. Walked in and never left. Tabby kitten, seemingly feral, but wanted copious belly rubs, knew immediately where the favored toys were, knew her way around the house, and had impeccable litter box habits – plus a ton of familiar quirks that, as a combo, are incredibly unique to Janice (obsession with watching the toilet flush, need to play with a tiny stream of water coming out of the bathroom faucet, gazing at herself in a large mirror for hours, having to kick a precise mini-pile of litter out of the box before using it, dug out THE SAME SQUEAKY MOUSE from the bottom of a basket of 40 toys, cries “Mamaa!” into my ear at exactly 8:40 every morning, and tries to steal almonds, steamed broccoli, and focaccia bread. I need no more convincing).

    So, now I’m wondering what she did with her brother! The chances of him showing up under the same circumstances are slim to none, as I live in a busy urban neighborhood in a city full of 4+ million people. Janice 2.0, now known as Gilda, has been a blessing and a fluke. So, I’m trying to find a pet psychic who can just point me at my Desi Kibbisattva. I know he’s out there, I just need the specifics, as there are so many cats that aren’t my baby that people are trying to convince me are my baby. I’ve met them. They are not my cat.

    Any recommendations are welcome. I’m sorry this was so long and that I probably sound like a crazy person. Just trying to round up another happy ending for what I hope will be many more years.

    • Amanda I LOVE this story! Thank you so much for sharing this — it makes me even more of a believer in this type of thing. Tabby Kitten definitely sounds like she had a mission to find you….I would definitely keep an eye out for her brother! I would think you will definitely know him when you see him. But when I spoke to the animal communicator she did tell me my one dog Riley was not coming back to me — she needed to go help another family. So there is a very strong possibility Desi moved on…..which is not a bad thing. He is out there making another family very happy! 🙂

  4. What happened to the soul that left its body for Cleo? It’s so very sad that it was suffering and could have maybe had a chance at love with you if it had stayed put.
    Couldn’t Ginger have taken a puppy’s body at birth then grown a few months or years through her journey back to you knowing you wanted an older dog? I don’t understand how a soul can just give up or be taken like that.
    I want more than anything for my 3 soul dogs to be back with me. I lost one in 2013, the next in 2018 and the 3rd April 22 2021. We were such a happy family and I miss them so much.

    • Ginger was the soul that went into Cleo. Keep in mind Cleo was a dog I did not want…I was not ready for a new dog after losing my two. But, there I was at the shelter bringing her home. So Ginger found a place to do with Cleo’s body. Not sure what would happen to the soul that Cleo had, I never thought to ask that! I am sorry about your babies… is the hardest thing ever, and the pain never goes away. But I do have to say – having Cleo did help heal my heart……

  5. My angel Roxy who was 19 years old passed away 2 days ago. I have deep regrets the way she passed, I wish she didn’t have to suffer. The pain I feel is unbearable and I so badly want to know if she’s okay and if she forgives me and knows how much I love her. I can’t stop crying I miss her so much.

    • I am so sorry Jennifer! That is the hardest part of being a pet parent. I had a similar issue with my girl Riley where I feel I let her suffer a bit too long. But in the end I remind myself she was loved and cared for and had almost 15 amazing years. Just keep that in your mind – Roxy knows she was loved. Hugs for your loss.

  6. Jill,
    I found your article 3 days after the love of my life, my 15.5 Shih Tzu died unexpectedly in our bed. I contacted Terrie immediately and truthfully, Terrie saved my life. She is amazing, stayed with me throughout my baby’s reincarnation and beyond. I now have my Shih Tzu love’s soul in a beautiful 6 month old puppy. The reincarnation journey with Terrie and my pup’s spirit/soul took 2 & 3/4 months. I thank you for this article and so very happy to have found Terrie.

    • OMG I am so glad to hear this Patricia! While I am so sorry to hear about your baby, I am glad she was able to bring you the same comfort I received after losing my girls. Best wishes for a happy life with your newest baby. Jill

  7. hey Jill! we lost our baby dog yesterday and we are devastated. he was our child. i hope one day we can have a reading to know how he is doing and if there’s anything he wants us know. we miss him so so much already it hurts. i just want to know he’s happy.

    • Jordan, I am so sorry! There is nothing I can say to make it better – but the pain will subside. Focus on the happy times – and remember, he would NOT want you to be sad…..{hugs}! Jill

  8. Thanks so much for this article Jill and thank you so much for saving sweet shelter pitties. We have two shelter cats who are so loving and seven years ago, saved a dog and cat friendly pittie at a high kill who was out of time despite receiving the top grade on her behavior assessment. She became a soulmate to our cats and taught me so much how sweet these dogs are in reality. Beautiful story and thank you for giving me some solace as I worry always about all the animals , and wildlife who suffer while on this plane…to know their souls find peace and continue makes sense to me and always has, but it’s great to read the confirmation. all my best

    • Hi Linda! Thank you for your kind words and for saving shelter animals! Every days o many healthy happy animals are euthanized, so every one that makes it out is a huge win! Doing this animal communicator session was truly eye opening for sure — and definitely brought me a lot of peace! I recommend this for everyone! Jill

      • im so torn between my desperate need to have my baby back in a reincarnated form (a kitten) and saving an older less adoptable cat from the shelter. I have been curious if the spirit can enter an older cat or if it has to be a kitten. My Fireball was 17 years old and I thought of him as my son. every single day and im so distraught. the pain is unlike anything ive ever felt. its like i NEED him back. I dont really see why I cant do both,but my fiance isnt big on having multiple cats. plus the disappointment that would happen if i “want to believe” he came back and then i feel its an entirely new cat. might i resent/not love the cat? well I love all cats,but we are talking about a deep soul bond here. no replacements. this is such a difficult subject. ive been so ready to drop money on a psychic,that I dont really have but technically I can spare im so close but dont know who to choose..will i hurt even more if a cat looks like Fireball? an orange male. there was no love in my entire life like that one. so I fear there never will be again. I fear forgetting him too. its been 2 weeks, i think due to some trauma im going through,such deep grief, i feel far from him sometimes. the absolute love of my life. its all killing me. I have not been the same person since he left. he was my everything. during mostly single years, divorce, moves ,and I have no children. my love for him is IMMENSE. one day here, next day not. HOW does one adjust to that?

        • Hi Susan, I am sorry for your loss, and I wish I can say something magical to make you feel better. Just know that the pain will subside, but never really go away. But I am sure Fireball would not want you to feel like this. Please do not spend money you do not have on a psychic, just focus on yourself and find something that can help you deal with the pain…….I promise…it will get better. Jill

          • I said he was my “everything”. in the above comment on April 10th,a common word and we all use it usually to describe our soulmate pets that passed…
            my mom said “get a kitten” on my birthday,April 13th, and i said NO WAY. its too soon…I thought maybe in 6-8 months I might think about it..
            but as you could see I was asking about reincarnation. my fiance was nice enough to put a “30” on my birthday cake. I didnt know he’d do that! I turned 47. but he was doing that because I said I felt 30 again, the year I got Fireball… it was like a spiritual happening. a tough one! but real.
            I blew out the candles and wished the only thing my heart knew how to..for Fireball back.
            the next day.. I went on facebook… and an orange male kitten was born, on my birthday! it kind of clicked for me and i set out to adopt him , and I did,
            they named him “Everything”
            I keep saying Fireball is my Everything
            i also get him in mid June
            same time I got Fireball in 2004.
            now, I do not claim to KNOW. but it was enough of signs for me…to love this kitty
            to be lead to him
            but today just like everyday,im in the deepest heart pain ive ever known. the loss is too big for me
            the LOVE is too big for me
            signs of LOVE even, are too big for me.
            im is crushing. its so much.
            its EVERYTHING.

  9. We are saying goodbye to our Reese tomorrow. We are very sad. I hope she was happy with us, and is ok with us letting her go.We had her 14 years. The last year has been difficult

    • I am so sorry Dawn. I know how hard it is, but take solace in knowing you gave her a wonderful life – and just on your comment, I would guess she was very happy with you. Try to focus on all those happy memories……sending my thoughts to your family.

  10. I would like to know about my little dog called cindy was lost and if she was happy where she was she will be in spirit world now just to put my mind at rest

  11. I want to have a reading with the a final communicator. I
    was very impressed reading about your exoerience…How to contact her?

    • Hi Robert! I have not even had a chance to schedule it yet – but definitely plan on it! Hoping she can help with issues with my girl. Hopefully in December I will get this done! Please let us know how your call goes – definitely love to hear feedback! Jill

  12. HI. My dogs passed away last year, I miss them so much. The link of Terrie that you posted doens’t work. Can you pass me her contact please ?

    • Sorry about your loss Jay. The link is working for us — I do not have her direct contact information – you have to go through her website.

      • I just looked on Facebook she has a page. Thank you Jill for telling us about your experience it brought me hope and understanding of the journey of our furbabies.

  13. Hey everyone.
    I cant figure out how to copy the link on my mobile but Sky Heartstrong is legit she is amazing. She is in the UK i think but im in Australia and we Skype for sessions. She is the real deal and is reasonably priced also. My testimony is on her page. If you type her name to Google her page pops up as “sky and the animals” also read Penelope Smith’s books all of them they are mind opening and i havent looked back since. Xx

  14. It is with great sadness that I have to tell you all, Terri passed away July of 2018.
    Hopefully, we believe that she will come back.

    • Thanks Susan, this post was about a different Terrie – I have never worked with Terri Diener, but am sorry to hear of her passing.

  15. I came across your post by chance. I recently lost my beloved cat which I had since she was like 3 months old. I was devastated. She passed away at the hospital as she was feeling really weak just before we took her to the hospital for an examination and the doctors recommended we should leave her overnight to get an IV drip to replenish her fluids (she was extremely dehydrated and did not eat for 2 days). That night she passed away. And it was actually very spiritual for me. Cuz I was totally fine after dropping her off and even met up with friends for dinner knowing she’s in good hands. But that night after I got home around midnight or so I was suddenly overwhelmed with sadness I started to bawl my head off worrying about my little girl. Then suddenly I was so overcome with tiredness that I feel asleep almost immediately. Next morning the vet called saying she passed on over the night. I was feeling so guilty for leaving her at the hospital thinking if she passed at least she should have passed in my arms where she belongs. Not all alone in the hospital. I quickly found an animal communicator and 4 days after she left the communicator helped me talk to my girl. She was a strong girl and wanted to leave alone as she did not want to disturb the rest of the family. (I have another 2 cats, a dog and 2 guinea pigs). The animal communicator did put me more at ease as I know she’s in a better place now. No more suffering. My dog misses her a lot and actually the first few days after she left all my fur kids were really not themselves at all. They were all grieving in their own ways.

    I do believe in animal communicator. I don’t yet quite understand how it all works. But my communicator certainly helped me over my mourning phase.

    • Hi Patryk, I am so sorry for your loss. Sounds like your girl was a super strong soul who loved you tremendously to not want you to be there for her time to go. I am glad your communicator gave you some comfort. After going through this myself – I do belief some do have a true gift. Keep her memory alive…….and embrace your other pets.

    • Hi there,

      Would it be possible to share the communicators details?

      My kitten passed away.. A car killed him. I would love to have this experience.

      Thank you in advance ❤️

  16. Hi, as someone who has seen a soul taking over a body temporarily (I can see souls, it doesn’t happen all the time, I want to work to see them all the time, I can see their energy and what people really look like) I will have to point out something – the features CHANGE to the person who takes over the body and it’s instant.
    The soul writes the body.

    My dog reincarnated once with me, we both want to be together forever, she did not change the breed and the behaviour is identical, she showed me she loved the name she had, and we started from where we left of the previous life.

    Reincarnation occurred shortly after death, but I kept in mind the soul is linked to the new life at the moment of fertilization (the blast of light observed by science is that, the soul being linked to the new life forming).

  17. I’ve used animal communicators since 2002. It’s really amazing what I have learned from my cats. It has also allowed me to be more attuned to them. I will now ask my cat when he is feeling ill, where his trouble spots are so I know how to treat him or what to tell the vet. Animals are spot on about these things. It’s so wonderful that humans are coming of age and more accepting of animal communication.

  18. I had a very interesting experience with an animal communicator named Beatrice Lydecker back in the mid-’70’s in Southern California. She came to a horse training facility I was employed at when I was 16/17 years old. She did readings on various horses and I can vouch for her being legitimate.
    I later on spoke to an understudy of Beatrices and didn’t believe her skills and observations were as authentic as Beatrices (in her defense, she was still learning), but funny enough, she mentioned that I was an animal communicator. Interesting because since I was a baby, animals always gravitated to me, and I always had, and still do enjoy the company of animals much more than people. Going forward from those early years I have continued to spend my life as a horse and dog trainer, a behavorist, a communicator, and a rescuer.
    It sounds like you had good readings and I do truly believe our loved ones whom have crossed-over, both people and animals, are always with us. I speak with my departed animals all the time and yes, they do send signs that they are with me, and also happy where they are and waiting for me to join them.

    • Thanks for sharing Laura – what an interesting history! I definitely believe they are with us – I always felt there is more than just “this life”. I am glad you found your gift and have been able to a career around it! Must be so awesome to do what you love so much! Jill

  19. I would also love to hear the follow-up story whenever it happens. You have inspired me to communicate with my own dog who passed away a week ago and left us devastated. <3 to all of you

    • Thanks for the reminder Julia! I need to get that second one scheduled! I am so sorry about your baby. Sending you thoughts —- just remember, they are ALWAYS with us. {{{hugs}}}

  20. It’s wonderful to hear all these positive stories about how animal communicators have helped people’s pets, and of course help the people understand the pets better. Animals have a much better awareness of their world than we believe and they deserve to be treated accordingly. Of course some animal communicators are better than others but I think most people turn into believers once they have heard things from their pets that only they know about.

  21. Hi, I’m rewriting this comment as I don’t see the last one I wrote. I a man interested in knowing how this turns out further for you and Cleo, and I a man looking for an communicator as my beloved pet has passed on this past week and I a man devastated.???? I will looking at her Link. Thank you

    • Hi Shirley! Thanks for the comment, we keep them in pending until we review for spam! 🙂 We have not done the 2nd call yet, but will post when we do! I am so sorry for your loss….we know how hard it is. Our thoughts are with you.

  22. Like this, I was introduced to an animal communicator at a horse training seminar given by Frank Bell (the most amazing trainer!!! I never believed in this stuff until I agreed to an ‘example’ from the communicator. I had a 5 yr old nearly purebred Arabian (1/16 pinto….her half brothers are on the commercial)….I had some small issues with her…she hadn’t hit her growth spurt yet and I was always apologizing to her for riding her for small periods of time. The communicator knew absolutely nothing about us, and I had never told anyone but my horse about my apologies. So we had our conversation…my horse mentioned that she preferred one saddle to the other, that my new trailer had a squeak in it that irritated her (I took it to the dealer, it was only a few months old…and he found something loose in the braking system). I asked the communicator if she had anything else for me, and my horse said to tell me to stop apologizing for riding her, I was no problem for her to carry. That was a shocker because that was only between my horse and I. So two years later she was at Tommy Garlands for show training and they were having a difficult time getting her to understand that to go into a canter, she merely had to lift, round, and canter instead of the super fast jiggy trot she thought she had to do. The communicator told her what we wanted, a immediately she did it. The trainer was pretty freaked out as he was on her when she and I were ‘talking’. After that, they soon started showing her, and she won everything she entered once she knew what her job was. She won championships right and left. I don’t understand this stuff….but that’s my experience.

    • Wow Gee that is a great story! Thank you for sharing…….makes you think that there really is so much more to animals!

  23. Thank you for this story, I want to try the animal communication service and so I need to find a genuine one. I live in Russia and am quite poor, so I cant throw away my money on some scam.
    Can you tell please, how much did the session from Terrie cost?

    • Hi Alina, I totally understand your concern – but we do not like to disclose costs in case her fees are different than when I had my session done. I would email Terrie and ask for her current pricing, there is no obligation for you to use her if it is too much for you.

  24. I lost my fur baby recently and wondering if he is around me. very skeptic about this whole thing but still want to take a chance.

    • Ria I am so sorry about your loss! Believe me I am not sure you could get more skeptical than me – but the things she knew was just too detailed. I always like to believe there is something “more” than just this world — and this whole experience has me more interested in the whole afterlife. I cannot say I am yet a 100% believer in this type of thing, but I am a whole lot closer to believing! I highly recommend trying it — just do your due diligence before you hire one, there are of course more bad communicators than good!

  25. We lost our baby girl on July 30. We had a pet communicator come to our house for an hour and hal session. If was amazing and profound! I have never done anything like this before and like you, was a true skeptic. It was only because our intense relationship with Lucy that we did this. The PC relayed at least 20 items from Lucy that were absolutely impossible for her to know. I recorded the entire session and am awed when I replay it. To give you an example, she said “Did you like change out her water, or her dish or the way you gave her water? “. The reality is that about a month before she passed I decided that Lucy should not have chlorinated water so I bought 2 gallon containers of spring water for Lucy. When my wife erroneously Dulles her bowl with tap water I emphasized, in the presence of Lucy, how important it was to only give Lucy from the spring water containers. Next she reported that Lucy was telling her that she was kind of famous dog because she appeared in a publication. The reality is that some 8 years prior Lucy was the centerfold, two years in a row, for the PAWS calendar. We are meeting again with the PC this week.

  26. How can I get in contact with the animal communicator you worked with? Does she only speak to animals that have passed or to those who are alive as well?

    • Hi Jessica, her link is in the post to her website — and she speaks to both! I am planning to do a reading for my rescue girl Cleo soon.

    • Hi Alice! I have not had a chance to book one yet – but hope to get some time before the summer is out. I will definitely do an update! Jill

      • Interesting story. If ginger has taken over Cleo’s spirit though I just wish she would’nt cause issues for you.

        • Well the communicator did say that the spirits look for “new vessels” but may still hold on to old memories. I am looking forward to my next reading with her to see if we can help Cleo be a happier girl!

          • Hi I would love to be able to see part two of this as I’ve just lost me kitty and I am devastated. I’m looking for an animal communicator to find out things. ????Please keep me informed.