Cheerios Bird Feeder Craft To Bring All The Birds To Your Yard

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Cheerios Bird Feeder Craft To Bring All The Birds To Your Yard

Inspire your child’s love of birds with this fun and easy to make Cheerios bird feeder.

Not only will this homemade bird feeder bring all the birds to the yard, it is a great way to help your little ones build those hand-eye coordination skills!

All of the items for this homemade bird feeder activity are safe and this activity is recommended for 3-7 year olds.

Please be sure to stay nearby though and if they are too young, just give them a hand with the cutting of the ribbon.

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Cheerios Bird Feeder Details


  • Wooden ornament – any shape
  • Birdseed – we recommend looking at what type of birds are common to your area and find the seed that would bring the most birds to your yard
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dried Fruit
  • Cereal Rings – we used Cheerios for this activity
  • Ribbon
  • Scissors
ingredients for the cheerio bird feeder


Decide where you will hang your bird feeder once it is finished

Cut the ribbon to desired length based on where you are hanging it

Cover the wooden ornament with a light layer of peanut butter

putting peanut butter on ornament

Add dry fruit and push to adhere to peanut butter

Add the cereal rings and push to adhere to peanut butter

adding ingredients to the ornament

Sprinkle the whole ornament with birdseed and lightly press to adhere to the ornament

finished cheerios bird feeder

Hang your bird feeder and get out those binoculars

Let your kids make a mess with this one.

Allow them to be creative and don’t be upset if you notice a lot of the “supplies” for this craft go missing – after all the ingredients are healthy – and yummy – and irresistible to not just birds!

cheerios bird feeder

Cheerios Bird Feeder

Yield: 1 Bird Feeder
Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 35 minutes

The Cheerios ornamental bird feeder is a fun craft that will help nurture your child's love of birds.


  • Wooden Ornament
  • Birdseed
  • Peanut Butter
  • Dried Fruit
  • Cereal Rings
  • Ribbon


  • Scissor


  1. Decide on the location where you will hang your ornament
  2. Cut ribbon to desired hanging length and tie ribbon to ornament to hang
  3. Cover ornaments in a light, even layer of peanut butter
  4. Arrange dried fruit and cereal rings in desired festive design
  5. Sprinkle birdseed on ornament 
  6. Hang outside and watch the birds enjoy   
hanging cheerios bird feeder

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