Dog Rescues In Oregon | 11 Rescues To Adopt A Dog From

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Dog Rescues In Oregon | 11 Rescues To Adopt A Dog From

If you are looking for a one of a kind pup, then it’s time to take a trip down to your local dog rescue.

There are thousands of dogs waiting for you at rescues and shelters across Oregon, each of which would be grateful to be your trusted companion.

Many of these dogs have an unstable past that led them to their current situation, and they need a dog lover like you to give them a chance.

To help you find the best rescue dog for your family, let’s discuss some of the best dog rescues across the state of Oregon

Below we will introduce you to dog rescues state-wide to hopefully assist you in finding a rescue near your home.

Dog Rescues In Oregon

Finding A Dog Rescue In Oregon

Up to 12,000 animals will enter Oregon animal shelters each year – just from the Oregon Humane Society.

These organizations give it their all to find each animal a forever home, and this can only happen with the support of animal lovers like you.

When you choose to adopt a furry friend in Oregon over buying, you are directly combating the homeless dog population in your state.

There is an endless list of animal advocates throughout Oregon, which means that there are an array of dog rescues located in each city.

If you have made the decision to welcome a very lucky pup into your lives, there will be plenty of dog rescues to choose from in Oregon.

1.) Oregon Dog Rescue – (Tualatin, OR)

The Oregon Dog Rescue is a no-kill shelter that was created by two dedicated animal rescuers.

After realizing just how much of a need there was for their impressive work, the two women joined forces and created this impressive shelter.

Each of their rescue pups in the shelter come from overcrowded shelters, high-kill shelters, and owners that can no longer keep their dogs.

Part of what makes the Oregon Dog Rescue so special is how their rescued pups spend their time while waiting for a home.

This rescue is dedicated to making sure their dogs enjoy their time at the shelter.

This means living in play rooms, interacting with volunteers and staff daily, and socializing with the many other furry friends under their roof.

The rescue suggests keeping up with their Petfinder and Facebook pages for a current list of adoptable dogs, and sending an email or message if you happen to fall in love with one of their pups.

Their adoption fees range from $295$650 based on your dog of interest, so we suggest reaching out to them for information on the dog you would like to adopt.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals – (Hillboro, OR)

Oregon Friends Of Shelter Animals is a foster-based animal rescue program.

This means that there are no animals on site, but rather they rely on fosters to house their many rescued pups.

Each and every foster is a volunteer, so this organization is filled with passionate animal lovers that want to make a difference.

They pull dogs from high-risk situations around the country each day, and have had success in rehoming 99% of their rescues.

Their standard adoption rate ranges from $280$400 based on the dog’s age, but each pup will be sterilized, fully vaccinated, microchipped, and heartworm tested.

The rescue asks you to fill out an adoption application once you find a dog you are interested in, and they will reach out to you to schedule a meeting with the foster family.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Puplandia Dog Rescue – (Aloha, OR)

Puplandia Dog Rescue is a volunteer-driven organization that teams up with other shelters and vets to help make a difference.

Puplandia takes in dogs that are deemed unadoptable, have been in high-kill shelters for extended periods, and those that have been surrendered by their family.

Each pup will go into a foster home to be evaluated and rehabilitated, allowing them to find the best forever family for their needs.

Since there is no facility that houses each rescue dog, the rescue will need to arrange a meeting with you and the foster family.

If your application is approved and you agree to the specific requirements, the foster family will invite you to meet the pup and discuss any additional details.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Senior Dog Rescue Of Oregon – (Corvallis, OR)

Senior Dog Rescue Of Oregon is a unique rescue that is dedicated to the senior homeless pups of their area.

They focus on dogs over the age of 6 years old, and offer them the second chance that they don’t always get in a shelter situation.

They take in senior dogs that have been surrendered to nearby shelters, their owners have died, and even those in dangerous situations.

Each dog will go into a skilled foster home until they find a forever home.

Once you fill out an adoption application and the rescue thinks you are a good fit, they will arrange a meet up at one of their adoption events.

You will then take the pup on a two week trail, which will allow everyone to determine if this is a good fit or not.

If all goes well, you will pay the $150$250 adoption fee.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) The Pixie Project – (Portland, OR)

The Pixie Project is a non-profit adoption center that not only finds forever homes for the many homeless dogs of their community, but educates the public on responsible animal care.

They offer a second chance to dogs in high-risk shelters around the state, especially those in rural communities.

By taking in these pups and bringing them to the Portland area, they can offer each dog further visibility and a higher likelihood of finding a forever home.

In addition to the support they offer homeless dogs, they also offer free veterinary services to low income or homeless citizens in their area.

This group does everything possible to keep the pet with their family, and proves just how much they care for both the people and animals of Portland.

The Pixie Project asks all adopters to first fill out an adoption form, and if all is approved, you can then move forward with meeting one of their dogs.

They will reach out to you within 72 hours to speak with you about any dogs of interest, and you can then move forward with bringing home a loving rescue dog.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Displaced Pet Rescue – (Northwest OR)

Displaced Pet Rescue is a dog rescue that focuses on finding homes for the petite pups of their community.

They only take in dogs that are under 10 pounds or considered a tiny breed, as they believe that these dogs need specialized care to find a home that fits their needs.

Displaced Pet Rescue takes in small dogs from surrounding kill shelters, high risk situations, and those who have been surrendered by their owners.

They understand that life happens, and they want to be a safety net for the pets and owners of their community when needed.

Each adopter will need to fill out an adoption application and leave a veterinary reference before adopting.

If all goes well during the application process, they will arrange a meeting with your pup of interest.

Adoption fees range from $150$450 based on the dog, so you will need to get specific fee information from the rescue itself.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Lancaster Four Dog Rescue – (Portland, OR)

The Lancaster Four Dog Rescue is a volunteer-run organization that aims to keep dogs out of kill shelters.

They not only allow pet owners to surrender their animals to their care when they have no other choice, but they also pull dogs from high-risk shelters frequently.

They also offer public education on overpopulation and infectious disease control, as they realize that the only way to make a difference is to educate the public on responsible animal care.

Their standard adoption fees range from $250$500 based on the dog of interest, and each pup will be fully vetted at the time of adoption.

They ask you to fill out an online application if you see a pup you love on their website, and they will be in contact with you shortly.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Family Dogs New Life Shelter – (Portland, OR)

Family Dogs New Life Shelter works to offer every dog a second chance at a new life.

They rescue dogs of all breeds and all backgrounds, as long as they need the help they can offer.

This rescue often takes in dogs that are not doing well in a shelter setting, those who are at risk of being put to sleep, and those surrendered to the rescue directly.

They do everything possible to find the perfect home for each pup that enters their care. 

This rescue tries to offer their dogs as stress free of an experience as possible, which is why they avoid housing their dogs in runs.

Each dog lives freely in a play area with other dogs, allowing them to socialize each day and expel their pent up energy.

Though they play with other dogs freely throughout the day, each pup goes into their own sleeping area to promote crate training going forward.

Each dog has their own detailed bio and adorable photo in their adoptable dog section.

The adoption fee is listed at the end of each dog’s bio, but it appears to range from $250$550.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) A New Leash On Life Rescue – (Eugene, OR)

A New Leash On Life Rescue is an organization that was created in memory of a treasured dog named Ruby.

Jane and Mark Gilbert wanted to honor Ruby’s life in a big way, so they dedicated their lives to helping the many homeless and at risk pups of their community.

Not only do they find homes for the many dogs that need them, but they also give back to their community in many ways.

The organization donates food and supplies to food banks, churches, veterans, and the homeless community.

Facebook appears to be the best place to keep up with their adoptable dogs, so we suggest scanning their Facebook page if you are interested in adopting any of their furry friends.

You can then send them an email if any pups catch your eye, and they can arrange a meet up in the near future.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Greenhill Humane Society – (Eugene, OR)

Greenhill Humane Society has implemented an array of programs to help the many animals and people of Eugene and the surrounding areas.

They focus on finding homes for adoptable dogs, offering crisis care boarding for dogs in domestic violence homes or during medical emergencies, free sterilization programs, and so much more.

As you can see, this organization goes above and beyond to help everyone.

The adoption fees are not listed on their page, but we know their fee includes sterilization, vaccines, a heartworm test, and microchipping.

There is a detailed bio and photo of each adoptable dog on their website, so we suggest reaching out to the Humane Society directly if you see a dog you are interested in.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Animal Aid Inc. – (Portland, OR)

Animal Aid Inc. is a non-profit and no-kill animal shelter that takes in the many homeless pups that deserve a second chance at life.

While their adoptable cats live on site at their shelter, they recognize that dogs need more space and enrichment to thrive.

Because of this, each adoptable dog is in a foster home waiting for their forever home.

They also offer post-adoption support and a lifelong return policy for each dog adopted, as they want to ensure the best future possible for their rescued pups.

Because each dog is in a foster home, you will need to first fill out an adoption form before setting an appointment with the foster parent.

If your application is approved, the rescue will reach out to you and arrange a meet up.

They state that they don’t have a set adoption fee for their animals, but they ask you to leave a donation that goes toward their continued work.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Looking To Adopt A Dog In Oregon

Find A Dog Rescue In Oregon To Adopt A Dog From

As you can see, there are incredible dog rescues across Oregon that may house the forever furry friend you have always wanted.

Each canine friend in the rescues listed above had an uncertain past that led them to their current situation.

Rescue dogs are forever loyal and loving for this reason, and would be so grateful for the chance at being your beloved companion moving forward.

We urge you to reach out to any of the rescues above if they are near you, and take a look at the many adoptable pups in their care.

You are sure to fall in love with one of the faces you see, and you can be one step closer to welcoming them into your home.

Final Thoughts On Dog Rescues In Oregon

Adoption is the way to go when you are ready to welcome a furry friend into your family.

These pups will jump at the chance to be your loyal companion, and will reward your decision to adopt with an abundance of love.

You will not regret your decision to adopt a canine friend in Oregon.

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