Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania | 12 Rescues To Adopt From In PA

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Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania | 12 Rescues To Adopt From In PA

In America, only 1 in 10 puppies finds a loving forever home1. You can help make a difference in the lives of many dogs in shelters and kill pounds across the country by giving a dog a second chance.

The dog rescues listed below collaborate with local shelters, pounds, and animal welfare organizations to help dogs in need find forever homes. While the majority of these rescues find homes, some of the dogs are too sick or have severe behavioral challenges which make it impossible to rehome them.

You can support these facilities through donations or volunteering as a caregiver. The facilities are always looking for volunteers to help walk, feed, and exercise the dogs or even give them some much-needed TLC by spending time with them at the shelters.

If you are ready to open your heart and your home to a new furry family member, visit one of these dog rescues in Pennsylvania to get started.

Keep in mind that some of these facilities require references and a home visit to determine whether you and your family are a good match for the pup.

Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania

1.) Pennsylvania PSPCA (Philadelphia, PA)

Pennsylvania SPCA Dog Rescue

Although not associated with any SPCAs across the country, Pennsylvania PSPCA promotes animal welfare. This society is dedicated to protecting dogs and other animals from cruelty and improving their quality of life through its rescue and rehoming services.

The facility helps rescue needy dogs through its four locations in Lancaster, Philadelphia, Danville, and Main Line Animal Rescue. Pennsylvania PSPCA also has a Humane Law Enforcement Department spanning over 18 counties across the state.

To adopt a pooch from this facility, visit the Pennsylvania PSPCA social media account to see updated profiles of dogs for adoption. You can also visit any of the four adoption centers above where the staff and volunteers can help you find a canine companion to match your lifestyle.

All the dogs listed for adoption are vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. They are also treated for fleas and worms and assessed for behavioral problems. Adoption fees start from $300.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) All 4 Paws (Chester Springs, PA)

All 4 Paws Rescue In Pennsylvania

This non-profit facility in Malvern offers rescue, rehabilitation, and rehoming services to dogs and other animals in need. The foster-based rescue has a strict no-kill policy that has seen many dogs get their last chance at a life free from fear of destruction.

Since it was founded, All 4 Paws has saved over 13,000 animals in need including dogs of all breeds and ages. At this facility, many purebreds, puppies, and family pets find refuge from commercial breeding facilities and shelters that would otherwise destroy them if left unclaimed.

All 4 Paws has extensive countrywide networks that allow its rescues to live with loving families where they can be assessed and prepared for life with their forever families.

All 4 Paws ensures all dogs in foster care get medical care, food, and other necessities with the help of donations from dog-lovers and well-wishers.

If you would like to get an additional furry, four-legged family member, you must fill out an adoption application detailing your experience with pets, your family, and your lifestyle.

Prospective pet parents also need to provide personal and vet references. The adoption process takes 4-7 days and costs $450 (exclusive of tax).

All 4 Paws also provides neutering, vaccination, heartworm tests, deworming, and microchips for all its dogs before adoption.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Speranza Animal Rescue (Mechanicsburg, PA)

Speranza Animal Rescue In Pennsylvania

This dog rescue in Cumberland county is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of severely abused and neglected dogs and other needy animals. The non-profit facility run by volunteers is an all-breed rescue with a focus on bully breeds such as Pit Bulls who are often overlooked.

Speranza Animal Rescue also helps pet parents who would like to surrender their beloved dog as well as dogs listed for euthanasia in local kill shelters. The facility also takes in dogs with behavioral problems as well as those in need of veterinary care regardless of medical costs.

If a dog cannot be adopted due to medical or behavioral issues, they become a lifelong resident on the 17.5-acre Speranza Animal Care farm. All dogs at this facility are neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before adoption.

Adopting from Speranza begins with filling out an adoption application. A representative will review the application and contact the veterinarian and personal references listed. The representative will then contact you to discuss which dogs would be a good match for your lifestyle.

The facility will also arrange a meet and greet to ensure that the whole family gets along. Adoption costs start from $250$300.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Paws Along The River (Warren, PA)

Paws Along The River Humane Society In Pennsylvania

Paws Along The River is a humane society in Warren. The open-admission shelter does not turn away adoptable pets in need and rescues problem dogs and those considered unadoptable due to illness or behavioral problems. The facility does not place time limits on any of its rescues and offers all dogs who cannot be adopted life-long residency.

Paws does not euthanize any dogs that suffer from medical or behavioral issues as long as they can be treated and live a quality life. The facility also offers help to parents who may be facing problems that might lead to rehoming their pets.

At this animal shelter, all dogs are evaluated for health and behavioral problems, vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before adoption.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from Paws, fill out the pre-adoption questionnaire and a representative will reach out to you when there is an available match. Prospective pet parents are required to provide 5 photos of entire rooms in their home as well as outdoor spaces where the pet is allowed.

Adoption fees start from $200 for adult dogs and $250 for puppies. All adoptions include neutering, deworming, vaccination, temperament testing, grooming, and a free 12 to 15 day trial.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Main Line Animal Rescue (Chester Springs, PA)

Main Line Animal Rescue In Pennsylvania

If you are considering opening your heart to a new canine companion, Main Line Animal Rescue is here to help. This animal rescue accepts more animals in need than any other similar organization in the area.

MLAR rescues and rehabilitates malnourished, frail, traumatized, and physically abused dogs and other animals. At the shelter, these dogs are nurtured, nourished, and nursed back to health. The facility also offers programs such as Shy Dog Class, Home School, and Petiquette which help in rehabilitation and supports the physical and emotional health of all rescues.

Main Line is also involved in advocacy of animal rights and educating the community about the benefits of adoption. The facility also advocated for the welfare and humane treatment of all animals.

Some of their programs include rehabilitation of animals and combating puppy mills.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this facility, complete the online application form and a member of MLAR will reach out to you to make an appointment. Parents must also allow a home visit before adoption.

Before adoption, all dogs at MLAR receive medical examinations by a vet, vaccinations, microchipping, and neutering. Adopted dogs also go home with a collar. MLAR offers all parents post-adoption support through experienced volunteers and members of staff.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Wet Nose Rescue (Philadelphia, PA)

Wet Nose Rescue In Pennsylvania

This all-breed rescue facility in Southampton Philadelphia was founded in 2008 to help dogs in need and abandoned puppies. At Wet Nose, dogs are housed in foster homes where they can be socialized to live with their future forever families.

Wet Nose Rescue is a sanctuary for dogs that would otherwise be destroyed or subjected to poor living conditions. With over 14 years of experience, the facility has a wide base of foster families and is well-known for making forever matches.

To adopt a canine companion from Wet Nose, visit the adoption page to see all the available adoptables and fill out the application form. Adoption fees start from $250$300. This fee covers neutering, vaccination, and a microchip.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Animal Rescue Inc. (New Freedom, PA)

Animal Rescue Inc In Pennsylvania

This animal rescue facility offers refuge to homeless dogs and cats. Founded in 1976, Animal Rescue Inc is home to hundreds of dogs. The facility has a strict no-kill policy and gives lifelong residency to animals who cannot be adopted due to behavioral or medical needs.

Animal Rescue Inc also offers free and discounted vet care and neutering services to pet parents with financial constraints. Through the Crisis Intervention Program, ARI provides care and assistance to elderly and infirm pet parents keeping the human-animal bond intact.

You can help ARI achieve its goal of alleviating animal suffering and abuse by volunteering, donating, or adopting a pooch. To adopt a dog, visit the facility’s adoption page to view all the dogs waiting to meet their forever families.

Once your application is received, the processing committee will review it and follow up with a background check. Prospective pet parents must also allow a home check before adoption.

Adoption fees start from:

  • $110 for senior dogs
  • $220 for adult canines
  • $350 for puppies

All dogs at Animal Rescue Inc. receive vaccinations, deworming, neutering, and a microchip before adoption. The facility accepts adoption applications from West of Lancaster, North of Baltimore, South of Harrisburg, and East of Gettysburg.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Columbia Animal Shelter (Columbia, PA)

Columbia Animal Shelter In Pennsylvania

This rescue facility is dedicated to helping needy and at-risk dogs and other companion animals in Columbia. The facility also educates local pet parents about animal welfare and promotes the humane treatment of all animals.

In addition to rescuing dogs, Columbia Animal Shelter also helps pet parents who would like to surrender or rehome their beloved pets. This shelter is committed to ensuring that all its rescues go to loving forever homes.

If you are interested in adopting a dog from Columbia Animal Shelter, fill out the online application form through their website. Once your application is approved, the facility will schedule a meet-and-greet for your family to meet their new canine companion.

Adoption fees start from $150 for senior dogs and $250 for puppies. Columbia Animal Shelter offers all its rescues vaccinations, neutering, and microchips before adoption.

Dogs are also treated for medical and behavioral problems before rehoming.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Canine Rescue of Central PA (Dillsburg, PA)

Canine Rescue Of Central PA

This volunteer-run dog rescue was founded in 2002 to help pups in need. The facility aims to help furry friends find sanctuary, shelter, and loving forever homes.

Canine Rescue also works collaboratively with other shelters in the area and shares its resources to address the rapidly growing problem of homeless dogs.

This shelter is 100% non-profit and relies on well-wishers and dog lovers in Pennsylvania to support its rescue and rehoming efforts. The facility welcomes you to join the team as a volunteer or as a fundraising committee member.

You can also support the facility through donations or by sponsoring an animal.

The Canine Rescue adoption process is tailored to produce a permanent match. Potential parents are required to submit an application for review and spend some time at the facility with their canine companions.

Adoption fees start from $318. All dogs at Canine Rescue are vaccinated and neutered before adoption. They are also treated for heartworm and other medical problems.

The facility does not rehome dogs to areas further than an hour’s drive from the shelter.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) TLC Rescue (Philadelphia, PA)

To Love a Canine Rescue In Pennsylvania

To Love a Canine is a non-profit foster-based shelter based in Philadelphia. This dog rescue is focused on helping stray, abandoned, and surrendered animals find loving forever families and prevent unnecessary destruction.

TLC is a valuable resource for dog owners struggling to provide sufficient care to their beloved pets. The shelter also provides education on responsible pet ownership to the local community.

At this facility, the human-canine bond is prioritized to ensure stressed and depressed rescues thrive with plenty of love and care. Through the foster families, TLC dogs receive house training and basic manners to ensure a smooth transition to their forever homes.

Dogs are also evaluated and assessed to understand their personality and temperament which makes it easier to match them with suitable families. Once adopted, the facility offers pet parents support through associate trainers.

To adopt a dog from TLC, submit an expression of interest through the online application form. All applications are carefully assessed by the applications team before approval.

The team will speak to your references including veterinarians, landlords, and personal associates listed to ensure that you and the pooch are a good match.

Adoption fees start from $400 for adult dogs and $450 for puppies. Parents are also required to pay an additional $225 for neutering.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Home At Last Dog Rescue (North Wales, PA)

Home At Last Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania

Operated by a group of volunteer dog-lovers, Home At Last Dog Rescue is a facility dedicated to saving the lives of canines in high-kill shelters. This rescue also helps owner-surrendered pets find loving new families. If you find yourself not able to take care of your dog, this rescue will help you rehome them.

This dog rescue does not have a shelter and operates a foster-based system where pets enjoy a homely setting before they are permanently adopted. Dogs are carefully observed while in foster care to determine their medical and behavioral needs before they can be permanently rehomed.

Home At Last also works closely with overcrowded shelters to provide foster homes to dogs that would otherwise be euthanized. In doing so, the facility hopes to reduce the purchase of pets from puppy mills and pet stores.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from this rescue, fill out the online adoption application form. The facility conducts home checks to determine whether your home is suitable for the dog before adoption can be completed.

Adoption fees start from $375 and go up to $650 for benefactor dogs. This fee covers medical and behavioral treatment, neutering, deworming, microchipping, vaccination, and surgeries.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) La Mancha (Coatesville, PA)

LaMancha Animal Rescue In Pennsylvania

La Mancha is a 45-acre facility that offers refuge to dogs, cats, and other pets. The qualified public charity has been in operation since 2005 and has helped hundreds of dogs and other animals find their forever families.

This rescue is staffed mainly by volunteers and dog-lovers who walk, exercise and feed the dogs. They also spend time with the rescues and give them lots of love and care which makes it easier for the dogs to settle with their forever families.

La Mancha is focused on rescuing dogs that seem harder to place and those that would have a hard time getting adopted in public rescue shelters. Through this policy, the facility has saved hundreds of dogs from unnecessary death and given many more permanent residency on the farm.

You can visit the La Mancha website to view the available adoptables and fill in an online adoption form to express interest in any of the listed pups. If you cannot find a dog suitable to your lifestyle on the La Mancha site, visit any of the partner sites listed on the page to see more options.

All dogs are treated for medical and behavioral problems before they can be adopted. The dogs are also vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped. Adoption donations start from $50 for senior canines, $300 for adults, and $400 for puppies.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Final Thoughts On Adopting From Dog Rescues In Pennsylvania

Find A Dog Rescue In Pennsylvania To Adopt From

Adopting a dog from a rescue facility goes a long way toward helping needy canines across Pennsylvania. However, it is a lifelong responsibility. As you prepare to bring your dog home, make sure you have set up a space where your loved fur baby will feel safe and comfortable.

Invest in a few toys, water and food bowls, and dog-proofing your home. You will need to spend the first few days bonding with your dog so make arrangements to have enough time to interact with your new pet as they settle into your home.

House train your new pup immediately after they get home. Some of the rescues listed above offer training for puppies as part of the adoption requirements. Remember to be patient with your new best friend as it could take weeks or months before they are fully settled into your home.

Read about the 3-3-3 rule for rescue dogs to understand what the first 3 days, 3 weeks and 3 months will be like.

All of these preparations should give you a good start to a long, happy life together.


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