Dog Rescues In South Carolina

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Dog Rescues In South Carolina

Are you looking to add a new family member to your home in South Carolina?

When you adopt a dog, you are giving that animal an important second chance at finding a comfortable home.

If you are in South Carolina, there is no shortage of great dog rescues where you can look for a new companion.

For those who need to give up there dog, many dog rescues allow you to surrender your dog for free to them.

This allows these dog rescues in South Carolina to help find them a forever home or foster home.

These are 12 South Carolina-based rescues that you should consider if you would like to adopt.

Dog Rescues In South Carolina

1. Richardson Rescue (York, SC)

This non-profit rescue in York, South Carolina is committed to rehoming unwanted or abused dogs as well as providing their community with education on proper dog care.

They can offer dog owners training advice for common issues like chewing and separation anxiety.

If you are thinking about adopting, you can see their available dogs here.

Make sure you fill out an application before you visit, and remember that visits are by appointment only.

If you have a dog and are looking to get your dog spayed or neutered, Richardson Rescue offers a low-cost spay and neuter program that can help you.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2. All 4 Paws (Pawleys Island, SC)

Established in 2011, All 4 Paws is a non-profit that has saved and helped thousands of dogs and cats. Many of the dogs that come to them have special needs, and they are dedicated to providing these dogs with what they need to thrive.

Take a look at the available dogs here You will also find their adoption application.

There is an adoption fee to pay when you adopt from this rescue. This fee covers all of your new friend’s basic vetting including spaying and neutering and microchipping.

All 4 Paws also runs a Spay and Neuter Initiative to help dogs owners in the area get their dogs fixed.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3. Charleston Animal Society (North Charleston, SC)

This is one of the oldest dog rescues that you will find in the country.

First established in 1874, the Charleston Animal Society has long been dedicated to helping abused and unwanted or neglected animals in the area.

Not only do the passionate workers at this rescue help to adopt animals out to loving homes, but they also help owners reunite with their lost pets and save animals in crisis.

One of their main goals is to reduce animal cruelty and provide education to their community on animal welfare and safety.

Are you thinking about adopting a dog from the Charleston Animal Society?

There will be an adoption fee that will help to cover basic medical and care costs for the dog.

Large breeds cost $95 to adopt, while small breeds, pure breeds, and puppies cost $125 to $250.

See all their available dogs here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4. Carolina Poodle Rescue (Pacolet, SC)

Poodles make incredible pets. If you are looking to adopt a Poodle, finding a rescue instead of a breeder can give a great dog the second chance they deserve.

The Carolina Poodle Rescue is a registered non-profit and aims to help Poodles and other breeds get the help, love, and rehabilitation they need.

If you are thinking about rescuing a dog from the Carolina Poodle Rescue, you should take a look at their adoption application.

There will be an adoption fee to help cover the costs of basic medical care like vaccinations and spaying and neutering.

The fee you pay will depend on the dog you decide to adopt.

See all of the available dogs at Carolina Poodle Rescue here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5. Lovable Paws Rescue (Hardeeville, SC)

Anyone in the Hardeeville, South Carolina area that is interested in adopting a dog should consider visiting this rescue.

This non-profit runs with the help of donations from their generous community.

Take a look at the dogs that are up for adoption here.

If you decide that one of these dogs could be the perfect addition to your family, you will want to fill out their adoption application.

If you are not ready for a long-term commitment like adoption but want to help dogs in need, then you might want to consider becoming a foster parent for Lovable Paws Rescue.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6. Kind Keeper Animal Rescue (North Myrtle Beach, SC)

The team at Kind Keeper Animal Rescue is passionate about rescuing dogs in need in their community.

With the help of their dedicated and caring volunteers, this rescue does everything they can to help the dogs that come to them.

They take in dogs that have been surrendered, as well as dogs that have been neglected or abused.

To adopt a dog from Kind Keeper Animal Rescue, take a look at their adoptable dogs.

If you see a dog that you are interested in you will need to fill out the application and arrange for a meet and greet.

You need to be at least 23 years old to adopt a dog from this rescue.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7. Final Victory Rescue (Columbia, SC)

Although this is a newer rescue, established in 2017.

Final Victory Rescue has already provided countless invaluable services to the Columbia, South Carolina community.

Final Victory Rescue aims to help reduce overcrowding in shelters by pulling dogs out of these shelters and offering them the chance to find the perfect forever home.

You can see the dogs that are up for adoption here.

If you are thinking about adopting one of these dogs, you can fill out an online application form.

After filling out the form, the team at Final Victory Rescue will get in touch with you within a week to arrange for you to meet the dog and finalize the adoption process.

The basic adoption fee is $385.

If the dog has been transported from out of state, the fee is $625.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8. Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary (Hollywood, SC)

This non-profit no-kill rescue is located on 30 acres of beautiful land.

Here, dogs get the chance to run around on the property where they can go swimming in the pond or find comfort with the heat lamps and hay.

Anyone interested in adopting a dog should take a look at the dogs Hallie Hill Animal Sanctuary has available.

Many of the animals at the sanctuary are older or have special needs.

The team here always informs adopters about their dogs’ health concerns, so there should never be any surprises for you to worry about.

When you find a dog you are interested in meeting, fill out the adoption application.

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9. Palmetto Animal League (Okatie, SC)

Since their establishment in 2010, Palmetto Animal League has helped countless animals and families.

Previously, they were entirely foster-based, but they have since moved into their Adoption Center which around 150 cats and dogs call their temporary home.

Along with adopting out animals, the Palmetto Animal League offers a medical clinic where clients can come to get veterinary care.

To adopt a dog, first see all the dogs they currently have available.

All dogs receive basic vet care like vaccinations before they are up for adoption.

The $110 adoption fee for adult dogs and the $150 fee for puppies cover these costs.

Senior dogs are adoptable for free.

Fill out an application form if you are interested in adopting.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10. Eunoia Rescue (Charleston, SC)

Potential adopters looking for a dog in Charleston, South Carolina should consider visiting Eunoia Rescue.

This rescue relies on foster homes to house their animals.

They pull their dogs from shelters, helping to prevent them from getting euthanized and offering them the second chance they need.

If you would like to adopt, you will need to fill out an adoption application.

There is a $350 to $800 fee for adoption.

This fee covers important medical care that the dog receives before it is up for adoption.

Make sure you take a look at the available dogs here.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11. Pawmetto Lifeline (Columbia, SC)

This dog rescue has saved thousands of animals from being euthanized.

They work hard to pull dogs from shelters and offer important medical services and education to their community.

If you would like to adopt a dog from Pawmetto Lifelines, you can see all of their dogs as well as their adoption application here.

There will be an adoption fee to pay which will cover basic vetting like vaccinations and microchipping.

They offer an array of additional services like a medical clinic, free microchipping for Pitbulls, and a mobile and on-site vaccination clinic.

Rescue and Adoption Details

12. Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue (York, SC)

You will find this dog rescue on a comfortable 13-acre farm.

The dogs that come to Chapman’s Dachshund Rescue are well cared for and provided with important vet care before they go up for adoption.

Are you thinking about rescuing a Dachshund?

You can see all of the dogs available as well as the adoption application here.

You will have to submit an application before you visit the facility to adopt.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Summary Of Dog Rescues In South Carolina

Top Dog Rescue Shelters In South Carolina

If you are looking to adopt a dog, choosing a dog rescue in your area can help you provide a dog in need with the second chance they deserve.

There are lots of great rescues in South Carolina where you can save a dog from being euthanized.

If you are not ready for the commitment of adoption, many of these rescues are looking for foster homes.

Fostering a dog is a fantastic way to support your local rescues and doesn’t require a life changing commitment of taking in one of these dogs forever.

You should also consider donating or volunteering if you want to find other ways to help the dogs in your community.

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