Easy Kids Pet Activity Worksheet {Free Download}

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Easy Kids Pet Activity Worksheet {Free Download}

Getting our kids educated about animals is an important step in helping the next generation become our animal welfare advocates! This fun and easy kids pet activity worksheet is perfect for those little ones – roughly 2-5 years of age and will help them learn some basics about common pets.

This free downloadable activity offers a variety of activities that will help them learn important skills too from sounds to tracing which helps with hand and eye coordination.

The Kids Pet Activity Worksheet Includes

Pets & Their Homes. Let the kids have fun trying to match up the pet with the home they might live in.

Pet Pattern. Have them cut out the 4 animal squares at the bottom of the worksheet and place them on the worksheet to finish the pattern. They can also draw in the animal that finishes the pattern if they prefer!

Line Tracing. This will help with hand and eye coordination and help teach kids what a pet may eat.

Pet Sounds. Cut out the letters from the bottom of the worksheet and have your child sound out the sound each pet might make. Then they will place the first letter of the sound next to the pet.

Pet Counting. have them count the number of pets in each box and color the number that shows how many pets there are.

Coloring. There are 2 different coloring sheets filled with happy animals that they can color or paint. If they do – we would love to see them on our Facebook page so we can share their artwork with our friends!

My Pet Page. Let your kids tell the story of their pet! This is a perfect keep sake to go in their memory album so they can remember the joy their pet brought them as a child.

This workbook is the perfect rainy day activity that just might keep your kids busy enough for you to get some alone time!

Below is a sample from the pet activity workbook – the pet pattern page. Cute isn’t it?

So go ahead and click the download link above and get the kids settled in for a bit of fun!

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