111 Beautiful Flower Names For Dogs

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111 Beautiful Flower Names For Dogs

I am a lover of all things nature and flowers are top on the list of course.

It got me thinking what kind of flower names for dogs are out there?

If you are looking for girl dog names, then flowers are a top pick!

I have never named any of my pets with a floral name, but wish I had because there are some beautiful options out there.

While you may have heard the same ones over and over like Rose, Lily or Daisy, there are so many other floral name options to consider.

Oh, and I know what you are thinking these names will only be for girl dogs.

But, guess what, there are quite a few names that can be used for both girls and boys.

This list of flower dog names is just that – JUST flower names and nothing but flower names.

You won’t find Brutus or Lady on this list, only flowers with their traditional names.

Flower Name For A Dog

Flower Names For Dogs

Overwhelming right?

There are so many amazing names out there for your rescue dog.

I have added M/F/U next to each name to offer a recommendation as to whether it would work for a male dog, female dog or if it is a unisex name.

  • Alyssum (F)
  • Amaryllis (F)
  • Anemone (F)
  • Aster (U)
  • Azalea (F)
  • Begonia (F)
  • Bellflower (F)
  • Bergenia (F)
  • Blossom (F)
  • Bluebell (F)
  • Bluebonnet (F)
  • Bouvardia (U)
  • Buddleja (U)
  • Buttercup (F)
  • Calla (F)
  • Canna (M)
  • Camellia (F)
  • Carnation (U)
  • Clarkia (U)
  • Clematis (M)
  • Clover (U)
  • Cosmos (M)
  • Crocus (M)
  • Daffodil (F)
  • Dahlia (F)
  • Daisy (F)
  • Dandelion (F)
  • Daphne (F)
  • Dianella (F)
  • Dietes (M)
  • Erica (F)
  • Fleur (F)
  • Forsythia (F)
  • Freesia (F)
  • Fuschia (F)
  • Gardenia (F)
  • Geranium (U)
  • Gaura (U)
  • Gerbera (U)
  • Goldenrod (U)
  • Heather (F)
  • Hebe (M)
  • Hibiscus (U)
  • Holly (F)
  • Honesty (U)
  • Honeysuckle (F)
  • Hyacinth (F)
  • Hydrangea (F)
  • Iberis (U)
  • Ilex (U)
  • Ipomoea (U)
  • Iris (F)
  • Ixia (U)
  • Ixora (U)
  • Jaborosa (U)
  • Jasmine (F)
  • Jonquil (M)
  • Kalmia (U)
  • Lantana (F)
  • Lavatera (F)
  • Lavender (F)
  • Lilac (F)
  • Lily (F)
  • Linaria (U)
  • Lobelia (U)
  • Lotus (M)
  • Lunaria (U)
  • Lupine (F)
  • Magnolia (F)
  • Mallow (U)
  • Marigold (U)
  • Mimosa (U)
  • Moonflower (U)
  • Muscari (U)
  • Nemesia(U)
  • Nepeta (U)
  • Nigella (F)
  • Nolana (U)
  • Nymphea (U)
  • Oleander (U)
  • Orchid (F)
  • Pansy (F)
  • Peony (F)
  • Petunia (F)
  • Phlox (U)
  • Pointsettia (U)
  • Poppy (U)
  • Posey (F)
  • Primrose (F)
  • Primula (U)
  • Quince (U)
  • Rose (F)
  • Scilla (U)
  • Silene (U)
  • Snapdragon (M)
  • Snowdrop (U)
  • Snowflake (U)
  • Solidago (M)
  • Sun Drop (U)
  • Sunflower (U)
  • Sweet Pea (F)
  • Syringa (U)
  • Tithonia (U)
  • Trillium (M)
  • Tulip (F)
  • Ursinia (U)
  • Verbena (U)
  • Viola (F)
  • Violet (F)
  • Wisteria (F)
  • Zinnia (F)

Within many of these types of flowers there are other classifications within them that can actually bring additional naming opportunities.

But, I thought would be way too much for one post.

What To Consider With A Floral Dog Name

Naming a dog is not always easy.

You want the name to be something you can live with for the foreseeable future.

It should somehow resemble their personality and appearance and have some meaning.

  • If you are a gardener – then choosing a floral name of your favorite flower is perfect.
  • If your dog is spunky and strong-willed, then a name like Fleur may not work, but what about Gaura! That sounds a bit stronger and can work for a male or female dog.
  • What if you got a pup that is laid back, sweet and sensitive? Then a name like Freesia or Primrose may be better suited.
  • Their appearance can also lead the direction of the name you choose. If you have a white dog you may go with Dahlia or Calla. A beige dog – maybe Goldenrod or Zinnia.

Whatever you decide to go with, just make sure you call it out loud a few times to make sure it sounds good and that you can imagine yourself using it for years to come.

Other Dog Name Guides

Do you have a dog with a flower name?

Have one that is not on this list?

Please share your pooch’s name with our community so we have even more ideas.

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