White Dog Names

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White Dog Names

Naming a new pet is not always easy, especially if the whole family is trying to make the decision together!

I am hoping this list of white dogs names will help you find a name for your white dog that everyone will love.

Oh, and if you happen to adopt a boy and a girl dog you can check out our brother + sister pet name ideas.

Choosing A Name For A White Dog

Of course you can go with the traditional names like snow or marshmallow, but why be boring?

There are so many great names out there that are unique and some are even funny so why not dare to be different.

Also, what if your dog is not all white?

Maybe they have a black foot or ear or even some spots.

Then those names may not fit as well and you may opt for something more fitting like domino or patches.

This is the ultimate list of just white dog names.

No other names are on this list like other websites!

Everything here has some kind of white meaning making these the perfect naming options for your white dog.

Food Based White Dog Names

  • Spuds – because taters are white
  • Peppermint – for a popular white minty treat
  • Vanilla – because who does not love ice cream
  • Sugar – sweet and white, a perfect combination
  • Salt – not so sweet but oh so white
  • Coconut – another sweet treat that is white
  • Mozzarella – a perfect white cheese and Italian inspired dog name
  • Mushroom – white mushrooms are a common food but not a common name
  • Tofu – white until you add things to it, kind of like white dogs after walking in mud
  • Milkshake – a fun name for those that love a Vanilla milkshake
  • Brie – a flavorful and fancy white cheese
  • Chowder – if you are a lover of white clam chowder – this is the name for you

White Dog Names Inspired By Gems or Minerals

  • Opal – shades of white make this a great fit for shades of white
  • Pearl – a perfect white gem for a perfect white dog name
  • Topaz – transparent white makes this elegant gem a perfect fit
  • Crystal – not always white, but transparent making it a great option
  • Alabaster – white rock often used for carving
  • Ivory – white material from tusks of animals

White Dog Names Inspired By Nature

  • Snow/Snowflake – white and fluffy
  • Blizzard – crazy windy, white and cold this is a great name for an active dog
  • Glacier – white glaciers stand strong and tall
  • Avalanche – falling snow but pure as white
  • Cloud – high in the sky and white as can be
  • Moon – also high in the sky but only in the dark of nite
  • Swan – stunning and white a unique name option
  • Iggy (short for igloo) – all white and perfect for cold weather dogs
  • Angel – because really – that is what dogs are
  • Bolt – lightening bolts are typically white making this a unique name option
  • Dove – beautiful, graceful and white
  • Polar – big, strong and majestic are the polar bears

White Flower Dog Names

  • Camellia – a sweet fragrant flower that has a white hybrid
  • Tulip – white tulips are said to convey a message of worthiness or forgiveness
  • Lily or Calla – Calla Lilies are white and represent beauty and rebirth.
  • Snowdrop – a sweet honey scent and a symbol of home and purity.
  • Iris – the name is from the greek Goddess Iris and represents purity and innocence.
  • Periwinkle – the white periwinkle represents everlasting love and memories.
  • Magnolia – white magnolias are a symbol of purity and dignity.
  • Daisy – white is the most common color and represent innocence, purity and love.
  • Jasmine – cultural ties to Indonesia and Philippines and means love, beauty and good luck.
  • Dahlia – white dahlias are associated with purity and focus.
  • Phlox – flowers that love the sun and can symbolize sweet dreams.

White Dog Names From Household Items

  • Powder – baby powder is soft and white, like lots of puppies
  • Cotton – soft and white and snuggly
  • Cream – thick and white for coffee and tea
  • Floss – well, it is white and a unique name

Other Random White Dog Names

  • Ghost – I have never seen a ghost any other color than white have you?
  • Albie (short for albino) – albino stands for all things white
  • Bianca – the Italian meaning of white
  • Blanche – the French meaning of white
  • Lace – since it is commonly found in white, this delicate material is a great name option
  • Frosty – a childhood favorite that white snowman with a big cob pipe

Dog Names For Dogs Mixed With Color

  • Domino – black and white polka dots for spotted or black and white pups
  • Panda – great choice for those black and white pups
  • Snoopy – the most famous black and white dog ever
  • Oreo – dark on the outside and white on the inside
  • Freckles – great for dogs that are mostly white with splotches of other colors

I know I just threw a whole lot of names at you!

Take your time and go through and say them out load, imagine calling your dog with the name and see how it feels.

Hopefully, one will “click” and feel like the perfect fit!

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So, what did you think?

Anything inspiring here for you for naming your own dog?

Have a white dog with a name that is not on this list?

Do tell in the comments below.

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