Our Mission Is To Educate, Build Awareness and Fundraise For Animal Welfare Groups.

Our lifestyle apparel line is specially created to inspire conversation, encourage education and raise funds for various animal organizations all over the world.

When Jill Caren entered the world of animal welfare she found the challenges these groups faced incredibly overwhelming. The general public is not aware of the benefits of spay and neuter – resulting in too many homeless animals, they purchase animals – resulting in too many “backyard” breeders, many do not even know that rescues and shelters exist. To have to care for animals, educate the public and stand up for animal rights is exhausting and costly.

By offering a unique apparel brand geared towards animal lovers who want to make the world a better place for animals – we hope to help create important conversations wherever you wear one. Whether at a restaurant, the park or even a football game – maybe,, just maybe one shirt can have an impact to change one persons mind about adoption, neutering or a multitude of other animal welfare issues.

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