Animal And Their Babies Worksheets {10 Page Free PDF}

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Animal And Their Babies Worksheets {10 Page Free PDF}

Kids and animals just go together like peanut butter and jelly! Let your little ones learn more about animals and their babies with these fun worksheets.

This 10-page animals and their babies worksheets are filled with adorable animal cuteness and activities to help your toddlers learn more about animals. Helping children learn more about animals can really help them grow into the animal advocates of the future!

At the toddler age, mom and dad are everything. So this is a great time to help them understand the role animals play in parenting their babies too! There are a lot of resources out there to educate them about the important role parent animals play, but these animals and their babies worksheets are a great first step!

Below are a description of all the sheets included in the downloadable PDF.

Line Matching Animals And Their Babies

Have the kids create a line that will match the momma animal with their baby. Have them use a pencil, just in case they need to erase!

mom animals and their babies line matching activity worksheet

Mom And Babies Cutout Worksheet Activity

Adorable illustrated animals from household pets to farm animals make this an educational activity that the kids will really enjoy. Cut out the pieces (or if they are old enough, have them do it) and place them scattered around and let them find the matching animals.

The sheets include the following animals:

  • Cow/Calf
  • Lamb/Sheep
  • Horse/Foal
  • Hen/Chick
  • Pig/Piglet
  • Dog/Puppy
  • Cat/Kitten
  • Duck/Duckling
  • Deer/Fawn
  • Rabbit/Bunny
  • Frog/Tadpole
  • Tiger/Cub
animals and their babies matching game worksheet

Label It Sheets

The label it sheets feature adorable illustrated animals and their body parts helping children to learn how to identify the parts. There is also handwriting applications to allow them to trace and learn to write the animals names.

The sheets included have the following animals:

  • Cat/Chicken
  • Duck/Cow
  • Rabbit/Frog
  • Tiger/Bird
  • Pig/Dog
animals with their babies label it worksheet

These activities will keep the kids busy – and help them learn in a fun way!

You might want to help them cut out the matching game cards and scatter them around the floor and let them figure out which animals are the babies of the momma animals!

This PDF would be great for daycares, parties and more.

If using at a party – see who can match the babies with their mommas first and give out small prizes!

Recommended for children ages 2-5 years old.

The PDF is a 10 page download. Just click the button below for instant access and to print at home.

animals and their babies worksheets

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