Dog Rescues In Manitoba

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Dog Rescues In Manitoba

When you opt to adopt, you will find thousands of dogs in these dog rescues in Manitoba and across Canada just waiting to meet you.

As you choose a canine companion, factor in your lifestyle and the time and attention your new fur baby will need.

Dogs are a long-term commitment, so remember to choose a dog that compliments your lifestyle and one that you can afford.

If you are unsure which type of dog is best for you and your family, visit or contact any of these rescue facilities to talk to an adoption professional who can offer advice and match you with the pooch of your dreams.

Dog Rescues In Manitoba

1.) D’arcy’s Animal Rescue Center (Winnipeg, MB)

D’arcy’s Animal Rescue Center is a rescue facility dedicated to saving dogs and cats in need in Manitoba and neighbouring areas.

The shelter is committed to reducing dog overpopulation in the area by advocating for neutering to prevent unwanted puppies and rescuing:

  • Unclaimed dogs at Winnipeg Animal Services
  • Dogs in overcrowded kennels in Manitoba
  • Free-roaming dogs
  • Dogs in animal control services in Manitoba Vet Clinics
  • Surrendered dogs whose parents can no longer care for them

This animal rescue started as a cat rescue in 2001 before its registration as a charity organization in 2004.

D’arcy’s Animal Rescue Center offers all homeless dogs brought to the facility shelter, medical care, and rehoming services.

Darcy’s ARC is a for-life shelter and does not use euthanasia to control overpopulation.

However, this shelter does not take in dogs that display dangerous levels of aggression and those that pose a risk to potential adopters and the volunteers at the shelter.

If you would like to adopt a pooch from D’arcy’s ARC, visit the rescue shelter to get matched with a dog that suits your lifestyle.

You can find their available dogs for adoption listed here.

Adoption fees start from $250 to $400 which covers vaccination, neutering, medical treatment, deworming, flea treatment, and behavioural rehabilitation.

You can also support D’arcy’s ARC by donating, volunteering, fundraising, or fostering a dog.

Rescue and Adoption Details

2.) Pembina Valley Humane Society (Morden, MB)

This non-profit dog rescue serves 29 towns in and around southwestern Manitoba.

Pembina Valley Humane Society’s mission is to give all abandoned dogs and other animals shelter, and medical care, and rehome them with loving forever parents.

PVHS was founded by Michelle Budz, Pam Weiss, and Allan Titchkovsky.

The three took in dogs from nearby pounds that would otherwise be destroyed if left unclaimed.

This rescue organization does not discriminate and takes in dogs of all breeds and sizes.

In addition to promoting humane treatment for all animals, PVHS is also involved in community education teaching the community about responsible pet guardianship.

This dog rescue also works toward achieving sustainability.

To adopt a pooch from Pembina Valley Humane Society, make an appointment with the facility to meet prospective pets and make a formal application.

You can also visit their adoption page to see all the available dogs as you apply online.

Adoption fees start from:

  • $175 for senior dogs
  • $275 for adult dogs
  • $375 for puppies and small dogs

This adoption donation pays for vaccination, deworming, neutering, and microchipping.

Rescue and Adoption Details

3.) Parkland Humane Society (Dauphin, MB)

Parkland Humane Society is more than a rescue facility.

This animal welfare organization is dedicated to promoting responsible pet ownership in Dauphin, Manitoba.

The rescue organization is also a leader by example teaching the local community about the humane treatment of dogs and other animals.

The PHS also educates the community about the importance of neutering to reduce unwanted puppies.

The volunteers at this dog rescue act as a guide to the public fostering a better understanding of the animal/human bond and teaching about the benefits of neutering.

This non-profit organization works closely with local government units to rescue dogs in Manitoba, but it does not receive any government funding.

The facility relies on donations and volunteers to facilitate its rescue activities.

If you are thinking of giving a pooch a second chance at living with a loving family through PHS, fill out the online application form and provide three references.

Through this application form, the experienced volunteers at this facility will help you find the best dog for your lifestyle.

Adoption fees start from $330 – $450 and include up-to-date vaccination and neutering.

Should you adopt a young pup, Parkland Humane Society will give you a voucher to get them neutered when they are old enough.

Rescue and Adoption Details

4.) Before the Bridge Senior K9 Rescue (Stony Mountain, MB)

This dog charity in Stony Mountain is a registered charity that rescues senior homeless dogs that are abandoned, surrendered, or left in pounds.

Before The Bridge Senior K9 Rescue helps these dogs find permanent homes where they can live out the rest of their days with no fear of destruction.

The facility is volunteer-operated with an extensive foster care network.

Rescued dogs are placed in foster homes where their experienced carers can evaluate their medical and behavioural needs before they can be listed for adoption.

The facility also helps pet parents who can no longer care for their dog and allows for them to surrender to the facility.

There are numerous benefits of adopting a senior dog.

Many of these aged canines were beloved pets during their younger years.

Once adopted they make loyal companions.

Unlike younger pups, senior dogs are calm with less energy making them perfect for homes with young children.

Another benefit of choosing to adopt a senior canine is that they are easy to train because they have a better attention span than their younger counterparts.

Should you choose to adopt a senior pooch with BTBSK9 Rescue, fill out the online adoption form and the facility will get back to you within 48 hours.

You can also browse their Facebook page to see all the senior canines available for adoption.

Each dog that comes to the BTBSK9 Rescue is treated with love and dignity.

Dogs are also treated for any medical issues, vaccinated, neutered, and microchipped before adoption.

You can support Before The Bridge Senior K9 Rescue by donating, buying items from the wishlist, or donating your time and skills as a foster parent.

Rescue and Adoption Details

5.) Brandon humane Society (Brandon, MB)

Brandon Humane Society is a no-kill dog rescue that offers shelter to homeless dogs and cats.

The shelter in Brandon gives a voice to all the helpless dogs and ensures that they are united with loving families that can give them the care they deserve.

This rescue was founded by Eleanor Kidd who started her animal welfare activities in the 1920s.

She later formed the Brandon Humane Society in 1946.

Over the years, the volunteers at this facility have upheld Eleanor’s mission to rescue and rehome as many dogs as possible.

Dogs that cannot be rehomed for any reason are kept safe at the no-kill shelter.

If you are ready to adopt through the Brandon Humane Society, email the facility to set up a viewing appointment.

After the meet and greet, you will be required to fill out an application form before the adoption is finalized.

Adoption fees start from $450 which is the cost of neutering, vaccination, and veterinary treatments.

You can also support this dog rescue in Manitoba by donating or volunteering as a foster carer.

Rescue and Adoption Details

6.) Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue (New Bothwell, MB)

Find a furry friend at Manitoba Great Pyrenees Rescue.

The Pyrenees makes a wonderful family pet and if you are looking to adopt one, this dog rescue is here to help.

The facility in Winnipeg welcomes dogs of all breeds and sizes, but specializes in rescuing the Great Pyrenees and placing them with responsible guardians.

The non-profit dog rescue organization is privately run and collaborates with foster homes and dog-loving volunteers to rescue needy dogs within the locality.

The facility also offers fantastic resources for new parents through its website.

Whether you are a new or experienced pet parent, the team offers you well-researched resources to answer all your questions.

These resources include information on:

  • Positive reinforcement training
  • Understanding canine behaviour
  • Agility training
  • Obedience training
  • Behavioural rehabilitation
  • Canine nutrition

If you would like to adopt one of the adorable pups at this organization, visit their adoptables page to see all the dogs available.

Adoption fees start from $345 which includes vaccines, neutering, microchipping, deworming, and any other medical treatments.

Dogs with lifelong medical conditions have lower adoption fees.

Rescue and Adoption Details

7.) Funds Fur Friends (Brandon, MB)

This nationally registered charity in Brandon run by volunteers was founded in 2001.

Funds Fur Friends dog rescue operates a foster-based system with the end goal of placing their pups in furever homes.

Shahna Rice started this rescue organization when she took in two Cocker Spaniels from an overcrowded shelter.

She vetted the dogs for medical and behavioural problems and later helped them find permanent adoptive parents.

Over the next few years, Shahna’s friends and coworkers were inspired to open their homes as foster parents which started the Funds Fur Friends network.

The dog rescue network has continued to grow and has saved over 1,200 animals in honour of Shahna’s legacy.

Adoption applications at this dog rescue take 3-5 days to process.

You will be required to provide references and indicate which dog you would like to adopt from the adoption page.

You are also allowed to submit applications for multiple dogs.

Adoption fees start from:

  • $150 for senior dogs
  • $250 for adult dogs
  • $300 for puppies

The adoption fee includes neutering, vaccinations, heartworm test, deworming and flea treatment, and a microchip or an identity tattoo.

Rescue and Adoption Details

8.) Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter (Winnipeg, MB)

Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter is a registered no-kill, non-profit animal shelter.

At this facility, dogs that have been rescued from pounds and high-kill shelters can stay as long as they need until they can find suitable forever parents.

The volunteers at this facility strive to uphold each dog’s right to life.

They place no time limits on adoption giving the dogs a secure shelter free from the fear of destruction.

The Winnipeg Pet Rescue Shelter is committed to creating a community that recognizes dogs’ rights to loving care.

The award-winning shelter offers an adoption counselor to all prospective parents to help you fill in the application forms.

The counselors can also introduce you to several residents and allow you to interact with them under supervision to ensure that you are the right match.

You will be required to make an adoption donation of $450 for a vet health check, neutering, vaccination, deworming, ear tattoo, and 6 weeks of pet insurance.

Rescue and Adoption Details

9.) Cupcakes Pommy and Friends Rescue (Winnipeg, MB)

Cupcakes Pommy and Friends is a rescue and rehabilitation organization based on the foster care system.

The basic principles of this dog rescue are respect for all, kindness to all animals, and a non-oppressive approach toward animal welfare.

Although Cupcakes Pommy and Friends Rescue does not have a shelter, it has managed to save and rehome hundreds of needy dogs through its network of foster homes and volunteers.

This facility relies solely on well wishers and fundraising efforts.

You can also help facilitate the good work through financial donations or buying items from Cupcake Creations.

To adopt from Cupcakes Pommy and Friends Rescue, fill out the online application form or attend one of their adoption fairs where you can meet your new best friend.

All dogs must meet medical clearance before they can be released to their adoptive parents.

Rescue and Adoption Details

10.) Manitoba Underdogs Rescue (Winnipeg, MB)

This registered charity in Manitoba rescues, rehabilitates, and rehomes stray and unwanted dogs left in pounds and high-kill shelters.

The non-profit organization seeks out loving homes with families that can offer permanent care to its rescues.

Manitoba Underdogs Rescue cares for up to 80 dogs at a time.

These dogs are cared for by loving foster families who monitor them closely taking note of any behavioural and obedience issues.

Each month, Manitoba Underdogs Rescue helps up to 25 dogs find new loving families.

Since opening its doors, the volunteers at this facility have successfully rehomed over 3,500 dogs.

This facility depends on donations and fundraisers to ensure all its rescues get medical treatment, food and other necessities.

If you would like to adopt from this facility, visit the adoptables page to see all the available pups.

Adoption fees start from:

  • $300 for seniors
  • $375 for adult dogs
  • $400 for adolescents
  • $450 for puppies

This fee covers vaccines, neutering, microchipping, deworming, treatment for fleas, and any health exams your canine companion might need.

Rescue and Adoption Details

11.) Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue (Winnipeg, MB)

Manitoba Mutts Dog Rescue opened its doors in 2011.

The volunteer-run dog rescue facility in Winnipeg was founded by Rebecca Norman and Sarah Robinson.

At this facility, abandoned, surrendered, abused, and unwanted dogs and cats find shelter and tender loving care from volunteers.

This dog rescue facility was founded to offer relief to dogs in distress and provide maintenance, rehabilitation and health care to displaced animals in Manitoba.

Manitoba Mutts Rescue also promotes animal welfare through protection, advocacy, and education.

The facility offers all adoptive parents a one-month trial during which you can return your pooch if you and your family are not a good match for them.

After the trial month, this dog rescue will reimburse 50% of your adoption fee.

The dog-loving volunteers at Manitoba Mutts encourage prospective parents to join the foster program as a first step before adoption.

Adoption fees start at:

  • $150 for older dogs
  • $400 for adults
  • $500 for puppies and small breed adults

Visit the website to see all of the available adoptables

Rescue and Adoption Details

12.) Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue

The German Shepherd is an intelligent dog that loves to work.

This makes it the ideal canine for active families that love to spend time outdoors.

Many of the German Shepherds rescued by the volunteers at this facility are often found in deplorable conditions, chained up and left alone with no means to work off excess energy resulting in excessive aggression.

Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue seeks to solve this problem by helping these dogs find loving families with active lifestyles.

Founded by Barb Nemshon in 2006, this dog rescue has helped hundreds of German Shepherds find permanent homes.

The facility welcomes fosters as well as parents seeking to adopt their pups permanently.

To adopt a dog from this rescue, fill out the online application form and email it to the adoption coordinator at Manitoba All Shepherd Rescue.

You can also visit the site to see all the happy rescues who have settled with their new forever families.

Rescue and Adoption Details

Ready To Adopt From One Of These Dog Rescues In Manitoba?

Find A Dog Rescue In Manitoba To Adopt From

Dog overpopulation is a worldwide crisis.

These dog rescues in Manitoba give a helping hand to the community and stray dogs by attempting to take as many strays into care as they can.

However, for every dog rescued countless more are put down.

By adopting a dog from any of these rescues, you can save a dog’s life.

Adoption also allows these rescues to take in more dogs by freeing up the available slots.

Although overpopulation is still a growing problem in some parts of Manitoba, these rescues are working hard to educate dog parents about the benefits of neutering.

If left unneutered, dog overpopulation can quickly grow out of control.

You can also play your part by participating in community education, fundraisers, or donating towards neutering clinics.

Visit or contact any of these dog rescues in Manitoba to find out how you can adopt a pooch and save countless others.

Other Dog Rescue Locations In Canada To Check Out

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